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Hef's Playthings: Dressed Like the Girls Next Door

10/17/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, those aren't Midwest soccer moms on their way to a PTA bake sale, it's two out of three members of Hugh Hefner's harem, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison! From Playmates to play dates!

The dowdy duo went shopping for Halloween items on Tuesday, dressed in their non-sexiest best mom-jeans and sweats! Forget the Playboy pool, they're ready for the carpool!

Just because you are in an exclusive, loving relationship with three people doesn't mean you gotta stop caring about what you look like!


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2525 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Bridg lookin like my Aunt Martha.......
while this is the best pic I've ever seen of Holly. Just sayin'.

2525 days ago

Frojan Man    

I think they look quite adorable, like actual girls next door. Especially Holly. Now if only I didn't already know how stupid they are.

2525 days ago


excuse me, TMZ...they look like normal, I guess I should thank you for the compliment if you think they look like soccer moms...

2525 days ago


Dont you people get it??? They are pretending to be in love with an 80 year old man waiting for the day he dies because they believe they will be in his will. I mean whats another 10 years of "sleeping" with an 80 year old and living in a mansion? It will all be worth it once he dies right? Well if Heff is smart he will leave them only what they already have-no morals. But you all must be stupid to think they really love him, even Holy. They are gold diggers looking for fame and an easy way out of life. I hope their parents are proud.

2525 days ago


you haters. Holly is beautiful like Gwen Stefani, with or without makeup. And Bridge has brains, so don't bag on her!

2525 days ago


Is it just me, or does Bridget look preggers?

2525 days ago


Pat you're the fool!!! If you knew anything about these "girls" you would know that Bridget
akready has two college degrees and working towards a third. Also she is working on her masters in one of thge first two! Whose stupid know?? Hef is old and ugly , these girls are living large and having fun with each other.

2525 days ago

Pearly Whites    

Whores usually don't get this much attention.

2525 days ago

Love Em    

So adorable... I love these girls!!!

2525 days ago

s c o r n    

Just wait and see how fast these sluts get kicked to the curb when ol' Hef dies.

And how shallow is some decrepit, impotent shriveled up prune like Hefner walking around thinking he's 30 again? How pathetic. Then again, he has an image to maintain for his floundering company.

All three of these dumpster snatch broads probably have an IQ score of less than 60. They are as stupid as it gets. Their parents must be so proud that their slut daughters became official hefner prostitutes.

2525 days ago


Number 14 your crazy as a bat.

If you honestly think all 3 of those girls are sleeping with Hugh, your insane. Only one of them is, hence why you only see HOLLY all comfy in his bed. The other 2 have thier own rooms.

The "3 girlfriends" act is just that. A publicity stunt for ratings.

Holly is 28 or 29. She's a natural beauty. She's got a face that is pretty in makeup or not. She would be pretty in any era.

The other one, is not pretty, she just looks that way (in makeup)

the other one missing from the picture (kendra), is pretty as well, but in a redneck trailer trash sorta way. Sorta like the girl next door look, but rough around the edges.

PS, women's morals are down the tubes. Or haven't you figured that out yet? I mean, we are seeing kids having middle school sex, porn "stars" (use stars loosely) people becoming celebrities. There is nothing taboo anymore.

2525 days ago


You don't have to like their lifestyle, but assuming their "undereducated" is pretty funny.. OH You mean undereducated like the majority of TMZ readers? Someone already covered Bridget's education and when Holly speaks, she cretainly comes across as more intelligent than most of the people who post here (I know, its difficult to worry about grammar when the post consists of "SLUTS" and a hundred periods). And for the record, they look normal.. If they walked around like they were in playboy all the time the people who hate them would drop dead. Actually... That's not a bad idea :P

2525 days ago


i love the show, especially bridget, shes all natural and has what those other playboy chicks dont have, BRAINS!! Holly is a joke i mean she seems serious when she says she wants to have hefs child, COME ON, hes about to expire any day now and she wants his child, everyone together now, GOLD DIGGER

2525 days ago


What is the comment "don't care what they look like"? That's bull, these woman are obviously pretty enough to keep a show on cable. They may not be dolls without make up but few are; did any stoogies really think they would look the same. Why can't they have a break without make up. I wear make up everyday to work but when I'm working in the yard or at the grocery I don't doll up. Ppl really expect too much from entertainment if they expect someone to get dolled up when taking a dump.

2525 days ago
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