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John Mayer: Watch Connoisseur

10/17/2007 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For reasons beyond comprehension, while leaving his 30th birthday in New York City last night, John Mayer wanted to talk about O.J. Simpson's watch.

Mayer apparently followed the O.J. Rolex story on TMZ (the Goldmans saw a picture of O.J. wearing a Rolex in a photo on TMZ, and wanted the watch as part of the judgment against him). As Mayer went on about the timepiece, and even blogged about it on his site, he missed one key element -- the watch was a fake!

Just another example of how you need to read your TMZ every day to keep up with the news!


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Merry Christmas    

John needs to go hug a tree. He bores me.

2531 days ago


Duh?! Are you not understanding that he is trying to say (without SAYING) that OJ is once again LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2531 days ago


I think this guy got some bad drugs from his dude. Give John his money back!!!

2531 days ago


By the way... John if your reading this...... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Loved the video!!! Glad it "made it"

2531 days ago


"while leaving his 30th birthday" ... TMZ, TMZ, TMZ ... how about "while leaving his 30th birthday party (dinner, etc.)"

Happy birthday John!

2531 days ago

Matt Damon    

Matt Damon

2531 days ago


Was the watch in the picture a fake, or was the substitution he turned over to the court in it's place a fake?

2531 days ago


Exactly what I was thinking sandman! How does anyone know where the ACTUAL watch in the photo is?! There was plenty of time for a switcharoo--especially when you have second by second reporting on TMZ!

2531 days ago


No way he gave them the real watch.

By the way, Mayer really is a watch junkie.
He met Artie Lange backstage during Conan or Letterman and knew exactly what kind of watch Artie was wearing.
He knew the exact price of it too.

2531 days ago


Sandman brings up a good point TMZ - why not do an indepth expose' on how OJ switched the real for a fake when he had to turn it over. Do a watch comparison.. have an expert say whether or not the one in the TMZ photo is real or fake.

2531 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

matt lauer

2531 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Damon Wayans

2531 days ago


Wasn't the original watch in the original picture that the goldmans saw, wasn't the watchface Red? Didn't the guy who set up OJ (the so-called friend / with friends like that who needs enemies) doesn't he wear a fancy watch? Did the watch OJ turned in; did it have a Red face or a Blue one, and lets take another look at his friends watch:)

2531 days ago


I don't know anything about Mayer other than I like some of his music and he used to date Jennifer Love Hewitt? Ok don't get me started other than I have a Burning Desire to bang the likeness of JLH, and I just can't fathom any guy giving that up, but what's with the watch fetish? I've never heard of that kind of thing? And then there's Tom Cruise who used to bang Nicole Kidman? Any man who could walk away from that 'Pink Redheaded Goddess has got to be equal to the rumors (GAY!!!) Yah I'd give that up, when they pried her from my cold dead dreams! Thank you...

2531 days ago

The Marian Movement    

I guess Mayer is a diver – the fish eating bird variety known in the UK as a loon.

Dear John needs to check his ID. It doesn’t say James Bond. James wears the Omega Seamaster. Without any doubt – I know Omega is not John. The villains always wanted to be James. My fav Bond movie was Live and Let Die. The Rolex saved the day. Good to wear if you need to escape from a pool of man eating sharks. I had nightmares about that scene all through my childhood….and being locked in a room and not being able to get out by a mean man with a fake white light around him….wonder why?

I wear Tag. A feminine model. Stop trying to sit in someone else's seat Johnny.

2531 days ago
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