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Lohan's New Boytoy -- Their Special CONnection

10/17/2007 6:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's new rehabbarific boyfriend has a lot in common with Lindz -- he's been busted for DUI and drugs! Isn't it lovely that they're recovering together! Good for them!
Riley Giles, Lindsay Lohan
TMZ obtained this mugshot of Riley Giles, who was pinched by the Summit County Sheriff in Utah for possession of a controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery or subterfuge -- in layman's terms, he forged prescriptions for the drug Xanax. Summit County Sheriffs tell TMZ he was picked up by officers in March of 2006. Oh, and by the way, Riley spent 10 days in the slammer for DUI too. Matches are made in the most unusual places!

Looks like we've locked up Hollywood's next "it" couple.


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well, she knows how to take recovery seriously!

i thought a relationship with someone going through rehab could get you kicked out of rehab. one of them will bring the other back down.

2570 days ago


Man, he's gained a lot of weight since he gave up the drugs. Barely looks like the same guy.

LL was the best thing to ever happen to his fiance. Maybe try to find a guy who hasn't done time.

2570 days ago

Dr. M    

i was hoping Lindsay had learned some humility and gratitude -

Maybe next time -

her recent decision to date a fellow rehaber shows no growth what-so-ever

ur starting to make me sad Lindsay -

Get back to work / Do not go clubbing / sleep / take ur vitamins / drink ur water -


Next time it is gonna be a helluva lot worse - (sentencing)

Shalom Aleichem
Dr. M

2570 days ago

Laughin' in Malibu    

Yeah, TMZ, it IS nice that they're recovering together. There is a higher success rate for rehabbers if they have a support group and/or relationship with the same goals in mind. Maybe if they were given a littlemore public support than sarcasm, they might just have an easier timewith their recovery.

2570 days ago

wa wa waa    

Doesn't she like blonde/blue eyed guys? She really goes for the dark her Dad..hmm..let's ask fat head Dr. Phil about this one..

2570 days ago


That's dumbass BLOW-han for you; not a brain in her head. She's shown slut-ney spears-like judgement; in other words, NONE. She's in rehab, and the guy she hooks up with (which, by the way, is a MAJOR no-no in the 1st year after rehab) is a rehabbing drug addicted FELON? What a moron; she's as dumb as a bag of doorknobs...

2570 days ago

Jack Schitt    

#2 you are right on!1 plus You Never I mean Never start a relationship with someone in their early recovery. Both of them are gonna hit rock bottom Again you heard it here

2570 days ago

Dear Ms. Lohan,
My name is Big. I got popped for weed this one time. Will you be my girlfriend? Check Yes, No or Maybe

2570 days ago


Gee, I didn't know K-fed had a twin! Seems like many fed-ex deliveries are gonna make millions with the hollywhores! Sad! These girls don't understand what they're doing to their lives! In the mean time the no name soon to be "ex's" are raking in the millions!


2570 days ago


Lindsay,Lindsay,Lindsay still not thinking clearly. It's just a bedbuddy .How convenient.

2570 days ago


He totally looks likes Martin Bryant. He is a mass murderer. Look up The Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania, Australia.

2570 days ago


who the hell guys need to get a life....these kids have way to much money and dont know what to do with it .....if she meets a guy in rehab let them have fun two months it will be thing you know he will be a top model its all about lindsay. She is good at what she does a waste of space sometimes but good,,,,she has the face and acting

2570 days ago


# 6 anon
Sorry but once your busted it's no longer a private matter but public information, That goes for Riley and everyone one else.
Many have faced humiliation in their worlds after a bust, Not anyone's fault a celebrity's world is a little broader, The results are the same for everyone, It's out there.

Don't worry though he wont have to worry about his face plastered on TMZ for long. Besides he needs to learn all the consequences of his choices. He has chosen to be with a celebrity/drug addict.
Welcome to TMZ Riley!

2570 days ago


#31 kimbermom
"There is a higher success rate for rehabbers if they have a support group and/or relationship with the same goals in mind."

You clearly do not understand nor have a clue. That is not even correct in so far as hooking up with a fellow addict in rehab! You added the part about the relationship to fit your complaint.
And TMZ has no influence what so ever in Lohan's choice to use again or not, That is just silly.

2570 days ago


You can take the alcohol out the girl....
You can mebbe take the drugs out the girl....
But, ain't nuttin' but x-perience gonna take the STUPID out the girl.
If you're so determined to learn the hard way, Lindsay - knock-yerself-out!
Rehab-Beau looks about as dumb as a box of rocks, too.

2570 days ago
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