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Anna Nicole's Doc Challenges Search Warrants

10/17/2007 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna Nicole Smith's former psychiatrist, were in a Los Angeles County courtroom challenging the validity of a search warrant used in last Friday's raid on her Studio City home.

The home of Dr. Erosovich was one of several locations raided by state officials as part of an investigation into doctors who prescribed medications to the former Playmate who died in Florida on February 8th.

Erosovich's lawyers challenged the search warrant as "overly broad" and requested the return of some of the good doctor's personal items, including CDs and DVDs that had been seized in the raid.

Erosovich's attorneys also made arrangements to view all of the seized materials. We've learned the judge may appoint a Special Master to the case. This person ensures there was no "inappropriate seizure," and analyzes the material seized to determine what is protected by doctor/patient privilege and what is not.

In addition, the judge signed several additional search warrants -- what those are for, we don't know. They'll be back in court December 5.

Several agencies conducted searches last week in connection with the Medical Board of California's investigation into whether Anna Nicole was overprescribed medication.



Warrants Served in Anna Nicole's Death

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104. uuuhhooohh-

Wonder if they are looking to see if Eroshevich ever actually treated Anna . Not necessarily the contents of the file but if there is even a file on Anna's "treatment". Or was Eroshevich writing scripts for her "friends"?

Posted at 2:14AM on Oct 18th 2007 by Give me a break!

VERY good question...They likely THOUGHT they were out of the woods on this...can't see Stern doing LKL unless he did...we'll know more soon...really SOON, I hope...the NEXT WARRANT should prove to be interesting...SEE WHICH direction we head in THEN, folks!! Don't forget...Probate hearing today at 8:30 am...Don't expect Howie to keep Executor Status!!...HOPEFULLY it should be taken away SOON...GOTTA get the goods on RALE...He's second in line, if you all recall...LOL...THAT will feel REALLY GOOD!!!...THEN see how tied in to all of this Larry is!!!....THEN Guardianship may be up for grabs...WE could be here for AWHILE yet, Folks...Get comfy...I think were in for QUITE the Show!!!



2560 days ago


Howard & Co. is FINALLY going to Pay for what he put Virgie thru.

Larry's also going to know what it's like to have his child taken away from him.

And hopefully they will BOTH, along with a few others, live happily ever after

in a COLD, DAMP Jail Cell for the Deaths of Daniel and his mother.

We will all be Singing Hallaluyah !!!

Rejoicing, we will do.


Posted at 11:27PM on Oct 17th 2007 by tweety

YES!!!....Sounds GOOD to ME!!!...Can't WAIT till the World SEES these PLAYERS for WHO WE know THEY ARE...The depth of the CONSPIRACY may SURPRISE MANY!!!...Poor Anna and Daniel...and little orphan a PIT with the SNAKES...IMO

2560 days ago


With friends like Eroshevich, who needs enemies?

2560 days ago


Between those crooked Doctors and that LOSER Howard K. Stern, they all are responsible for the death of this woman. They all had close contact with her. Howard helped supply her drugs... He and those Doctors knew she had a big problem. Yet they did NOTHING. The whole world knew she had a problem. I hope they all go to jail. It is where they belong. I was NOT a fan of Anna. I was well aware of the type of image she displayed. She was a very sad case.

2560 days ago


The cash cow baby must be worth ZILLIONS after she inherits money of

the DEAD:

(1) Anna Nicole
(2) BILLIONAIRE son-in-law PIERCE of Anna Nicole
(3) Billionaire husband of Anna Nicole (J Howard)
(4) Heir to the zillions SON Daniel

WAS ANNA GIVEN TOO MUCH DRUGS by her care-takers?

2560 days ago


Doc's license should have been on an emergency suspension long ago. What gives California?

2560 days ago


OK people, Anna Nichole's gone to whever she went, downwards I would imagine, and Howard should be put away and investigated for his role in this whole mess. I don't know what the whole hate thing against Larry is going on, I think he's kind of cute. I know a lot of guys who highlight their hair, and I know they're not gay. Just because Larrys' hair is highlighted doesn't mean anything other than he probably wanted his hair lighter than it was. My biggest quetsion is WHY, OH WHY are some of you coming down on Dani-Lynn. My God, she is an inicent baby who was born into this mess and it's not her fault that her mother was a whore, and sure doesn't mean that she will be. The person that said that the baby would be the same when she turned 18 is mean and vendictive. That poor baby does not deserve having these terrible things written about her. If you want to come down on Howard or Anna Nichole, fine, but the way I look at it is this. Larry IS THE LEGAL FATHER of this baby, he could have just skipped out and not taken responsibility for her. I don't think the money had much to do with this because he new the attention this money situation would cause and not everyone wants to be in the middle of that. I feel very strongly that he loves this baby doll and that he will do everything in his power to love and take care of her in every way possible. I feel in my heart, that Larry is NOT GOING TO TURN THIS BABY INTO A STRIPPER when she turns 18!! Have a heart people she's a beautiful little baby girl who DESERVES to be loved and cared for and I pray that God will look after and watch over Dani-Lynn for the rest of her life. Thank God for Larry who came in and had the decency to take HIS BABY GIRL to a loving home.

2560 days ago


What is MURDER by NEGLECT - can that be when a victim HIRES someone to take care of her and keep her safe and then gives her deadly amount of drugs that kill her?

2560 days ago

snow angels    


Challenging the validity of the Search Warrants! Who the hell do these people think they are? Above the Law?

GO, JERRY BROWN!!! Finally the correct JURISDICTION!!! GO GET 'EM, JERRY!!!

2560 days ago

Cat Kil    

I liked Larry the beginning.
Until he proved to be dishonest & as money hungry as HK$ & Co.
Larry has done nothing but pimp that baby since they day he was found to be the daddy.
Look how many magazine covers, tv shows, ET & Insider "Exclusives" & that tacky birthday party for a one year old he has exposed Dannielynn to.
And the talk of him signing for a reality tv show...Daddy Duty.
Are you ignorant?
He has been after the money from the start & had many of us, including myself fooled.
At least I am smart enough to wake up but it seems you haven't.

I agree DannieLynn is an innocent baby & needs protected from all of this mess.
But it sure doesn't look like Larry has done a great job of that now has he?
Hell, I am surprised he didn't change her name to Dollarlynn when he had her last name changed from $tern to Birkhead.
But I guess that would be too obvious wouldn't it?

Check out my website w/ photos of the Anna Nicole Smith Saga.

2560 days ago


The Reputation Doctor Says Howard K. Stern Should Lose His Legal License in California

In my opinion, Howard K. Stern should lose his legal license to practice law in the State of California. Said another way, he should be Nifonged! I have been saying this now for over six months and I have also said so in several TV news interviews. The State Bar of California's Disciplinary Committee should have started an investigation months ago into Mr. Stern's professional misconduct, especially in regarding to having many of Anna Nicole Smith's prescriptions in his name, personally instructing doctors to use false names and personally ordered the drugs from doctors in this way, not Anna. This is obviously illegal and unethical! As an attorney, he is in bigger trouble than if he was an average citizen doing so. Why? Because he is held to a higher standard regarding his knowledge of the law in California. He knew it was illegal to do so and, in my opinion, he should be punished for his crimes and lose his license to practice law in California.

For those reading this who think I am being too harsh, think of this. There is one fact that is true throughout this case. Howard K. Stern did all the ordering of Anna's medication/drugs. He has been quoted as saying he would do anything for Anna, including run threw a wall for her. As an attorney, his judgment was compromised because of his inappropriate and unethical relationship with Anna. She was his only client. In my opinion, he made many inappropriate and illegal decisions regarding her drug use. He also hired the "nurse" who injected Anna. Remember the serious infection on her hip/butt from those drug injections were also a contributor to her death. Ironically, when Anna didn't want to go to the hospital emergency room for the infection and more, Howard K. Stern did not force her to go to save her life. They both thought the media finding out was worse than potentially saving her life. Talk about an inappropriate decision as both a friend and attorney!

Stern may also be called on the carpet regarding his potential role in the death of Anna's son, Daniel. Remember, Daniel took some pills the day he died and Stern may have given him those pills and allegedly flushed some of pills down the toilet as police came.

The state Bar of California must review the many illegal and inappropriate decisions Howard K. Stern made for his client, his only client, Anna Nicole Smith and her son. Many attorneys get into trouble when they have too many clients and are careless. Howard K. Stern had one client, a client he was totally obsessed with, which blurred his judgment and allowed him to make illegal and unethical decisions. In my opinion, both Howard K. Stern and the State Bar of California have reputation problems. However, the State Bar of California can turn its reputation around by investigating Howard K. Stern as soon as possible. Howard has more explaining to do.

I predict the State Bar of California will be pressured by public opinion into reviewing Howard K. Stern's conduct as Anna's attorney. I predict he may follow in the footsteps of D.A. Nifong, from the infamous Duke case, and lose his license to practice law. The State of California's Attorney General and Medical Board are both doing the right thing in the court of law and the court of public opinion in seeking to prosecute those who prescribed drugs to Anna Nicole Smith. The State Bar of California must now investigate Howard K. Stern for his role as Anna's attorney and drug provider to uphold justice in the court of law and the court of public opinion. If the State Bar of California does not do so, it is saying to all attorneys in California and all those watching, hearing and reading the news that Howard K. Stern's legal services for Anna Nicole Smith were all ethical and legal. We all know this is a lie from the pit of hell. Howard K. Stern must be held responsible for his decisions.

Transparency and accountability must rule and be an example for all. This case will continue to play out in the court of law and the court of public opinion and several reputations, both individual and organizational, will continue to be in crisis.

Remember, do the right thing when your reputation is in crisis and seek the counsel of an experienced reputation management expert. It will be a major challenge, but ultimately the rewards of repairing your reputation will be great. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!

Is he saying Lin Wood is not a good PR man? LOL, Maybe Howard is not repairable.

2560 days ago




2560 days ago

Time WILL Tell    

BamaCat--------I love the picture you have up of Virgie, Dannielynn, and the dog, and Anna and Daniel, fadded in the background. It is beautiful !

2560 days ago


One stupid drug ho is dead, now it's Britney's turn.

2560 days ago


this story is over TMZ..!!!! nobody but you cares!! find some real news!
or just take pictures of your blonde boy..& put em up..yum
seriously....this is nonsense....this woman did nothing in life, is doing
less now....her kid & her baby daddy need to be left alone. Howard too.
anyone who gave this chick an aspirin was already an idiot..she's been
an abuser forever!! if they didnt "see" that ....very odd...cause Im guessing Ray Charles coulda seen THAT!!!!! duh
Nobody cared cause they were all as low class as Anna.
There's more of "them" then there are of us (metaphorically) and they're not all in the "funny farm"...

2560 days ago
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