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Anna Nicole's Doc Challenges Search Warrants

10/17/2007 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna Nicole Smith's former psychiatrist, were in a Los Angeles County courtroom challenging the validity of a search warrant used in last Friday's raid on her Studio City home.

The home of Dr. Erosovich was one of several locations raided by state officials as part of an investigation into doctors who prescribed medications to the former Playmate who died in Florida on February 8th.

Erosovich's lawyers challenged the search warrant as "overly broad" and requested the return of some of the good doctor's personal items, including CDs and DVDs that had been seized in the raid.

Erosovich's attorneys also made arrangements to view all of the seized materials. We've learned the judge may appoint a Special Master to the case. This person ensures there was no "inappropriate seizure," and analyzes the material seized to determine what is protected by doctor/patient privilege and what is not.

In addition, the judge signed several additional search warrants -- what those are for, we don't know. They'll be back in court December 5.

Several agencies conducted searches last week in connection with the Medical Board of California's investigation into whether Anna Nicole was overprescribed medication.



Warrants Served in Anna Nicole's Death

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They started their investigation in March. Moe was interviewed in March , but so where a lot of others. I still don't trust Moe. But I think he knows what might be coming. Especially saying he has received threatening letters from Howie and L. Wood. Larry was also threatening people on the phone.

2571 days ago


#98: What comes between search warrants and arrest warrants? Probable cause! Doh!

2571 days ago


stop disrespecting the hopes and dreams your parents dreamed for you.

2571 days ago


112, you keep hlding onto those soggy straws.
we love it.

2571 days ago



Should say 113 - you keep hlding onto those soggy straws.
we love it.

2571 days ago


How crude of those people who make cold & nasty remarks about Anna Nicole. It is past time to go after all those people who gave her anything to exploit her for money & prestige....
way past time.

2571 days ago



2571 days ago

can't wait    

Does TMZ hate women, Dr E looks like Witch and Anna looks like a horse in these photos

2571 days ago


by B Jay Johnson

The big story in Hollywood these days is the Anna Nicole Smith murder investigation. Things are really heating up.

Investigators raided Smith's former home and the homes and offices of two of Smith's doctors.

As you well know, Smith died of a purported accidental drug overdose back in February. The operative word here is "accidental." California Attorney General Jerry Brown says he has more than enough reason to suspect Smith's death was not an accident.

I commend Brown for his straight-forwardness and no-nonsense attitude. So many people have written off Anna Nicole's memory, saying she got what she deserved. But Brown thinks otherwise. The former California governor is playing hardball with this one and I expect him to right up until the end of the investigation.

Let's face it. We all know by Anna Nicole Smith's onactions and behavior that she was a troubled soul. Could it be she was also a trusting soul - too much of a trusting soul?

Seems to me Anna Nicole relied for too heavily on the direction and influences of other people, especially her close friend and attorney Howard Stern.

To me, it seems awfully peculiar that the lives of Anna Nicole and her son Daniel both came to tragic ends just months apart.

All that money - that big fat fortune suddenly landed in the lap of Larry Birkhead. See where I'm going with this.

It seems terribly suspicious that the two people with the power and the money both died of alleged "accidental" overdoses. That just doesn't cut it with me.

If Anna Nicole needed the people who surrounded her so desperately, then where were they when she needed them most. They were supposed to protect her. That definitely didn't happen.

So let me just come out and say what I'm eluding to. I belive foul play was involved in both Anna Nicole Smith's death and the death of her son Daniel.

I'm not ready to name suspects just yet. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who the players are. And what a fitting word - because I truly believe they were playing Anna Nicole Smith.

Was Anna Nicole Smith a role model for little girls Absolutely not. Was she the smartest playboy playmate to ever grace the Playboy Mansion? Most likely not. Was she in control of her life? Positively Not. Did she pay the price - most certainly she did. She paid the ultimate price.

I can't help but feel sorrow when I recall the videos played on national television on which Anna Nicole was totally incoherent and could barely complete a sentence. Those surrounding her whose alleged responsibility was to protect her and make sure she was safe and secure failed her. The question is did they fail her because she couldn't be helped or did they fail her because of lust, greed and deception?

Oh, the webs we weave. What a weave of deception that prevailed in the tragic life of Anna Nicole Smith.

In the coming months, the plot will thicken. The characters of this tragedy will take center stage. And, alas, it is my hope that investigators will get to the bottom of it all and those who betrayed Anna Nicole will be revealed

2571 days ago


121 Dont Forget abut Daniel

....and did you notice they replaced Jerry Brown's photo with something less flattering?

thank God for intelligence and knowing when some are trying to use unfair propaganda the best way they could. If that isnt an attempt of obvious heavyhandedness i dont know what else is. Look for the doctors pic to be changed and anna's remains the same... just watch.

2571 days ago


where were the people for anna?
the creep who bullied her wouldnt allow ANYONE who cared for her near her.
he had an agenda to keep he an addict so when she died at this hands it would automatically be thought of as an overdose.

if it wasnt for the creep there would have been help for anna.
story after after story tells of trying to make contact with anna and being given the brush off while she was held-medicated every four hours and the friends' attempts shooed off, as "she's sleeping. she cant come to the phone right now." or "she doesnt want to see you." or just THUNK! (phone hung up on caling party).....

her own son had problems getting through to her, and resorted to the help of a private investigator. that's how bad it became. HOWARD WILL FRY IN HELL.

2571 days ago

Behind the HardRock    

102. A significant chill will have set upon the Medical community in CA and many thousands of chronic pain/depression/anxiety patients will be forced to wait for a handful of specialists to treat their problems. Primary Care Physicians cannot afford the legal costs of fighting over-zealous governments.

Posted at 12:26AM on Oct 18th 2007 by Only swim in the Ocean
105. These drug addicted celebrities are making it harder for people like us who really need the pain meds. Anna should have had 3 cervical surgeries,suffered drop foot, and front leg paralysis, RDS with continual severe neuropathy, and then I would have felt sorry for her and her depressive state. The type of drugs she was on does not afford you a life of partying and drinking, just relief from pain. I just don't get it, why in the world would anyone want to take these drugs for "recreational" purposes. I hate them and if I could flush them down the toilet and my pain would go away I wouldn't hesitate. If you are in severe pain you do not act like Anna Nicole did on these meds. Thank you Jerry Brown maybe you can save some lives and at the same time make them available to people who really need them.

Posted at 2:16AM on Oct 18th 2007 by slytone1

This may or may not have been in response to Swim's twisted reasoning, but it makes the point quite simply yet powerfully.

2571 days ago


all he had to do was take a dna test and be on his merry way.
instead hes looking like a deer in headlights

2571 days ago

All alone in paradise    

But they take implants out during the Autopsy to weigh them, and I don't know if they replace them.

Posted at 9:50PM on Oct 17th 2007 by The bodies where not cremated

For immediate release:

Lawyers for Stern issued an order yesterday afternoon demanding that ANS' implants be returned immediately, as they are part of the estate and important family heirlooms.

Dr. Joshua Singlelump, Medical Examiner for Broward County Florida, indicated this morning he would be "pleased as a vodka blush" to return the implants to the appropriate parties, elaborating:

"I will need to conduct an autopsy on Fuzzy, the Czech elephant, who died last night in the Broward Zoo. I can use the room."

In the meantime, Hollywood gossip columnists are reporting that prominent and controversial doc'umentary film director Michael Moore is seeking the rights to use the image of ANS's implants in his next motion picture: "Saline Down the River: Revenge of the Killer Implants."

"It promises to be titillating," says Moore.

Attempts to reach Stern for comment were unsuccessful.

2571 days ago


This was a sad and traggic happening,,I cant belive the heartlessness of some of you people!,,lets open your closets to the world and see what kind of skeletons you have!! with your judgemental attitudes..A woman has died and left behind a baby that will never know her mother,maybe some need to think about what Anna had to go through as a child and stop with all the stupid heartless comments.This was a tragedy for ALL involved.I dont agree with her choices that she made,but some dont agree with choices I make either,, anyone with eyes and a brain could see that Anna was emotionally in alot of pain all the time..She wasnt a monster,she just made ALOT of bad choices and it costed her the highest price a human can pay..Her life!! I really dont think thats the life she wanted,she just didnt know how to get out from under that dark cloud,and yes this Dr. should be investigated,because she wasnt doing her job,,she was just making money!! she found a money train and she rode it out to the end!!!! she didnt help Anna,,but she did help end her life! she should have been trying to get her emotional help instead of keeping her drugged up! Thats what her job was,,to help not make things worse

2571 days ago
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