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O.J. Allegedly Wanted Firepower In Vegas

10/17/2007 7:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The AP is reporting that O.J. Simpson wanted armed men with him when he confronted two sports memorabilia dealers last month in Las Vegas, according to a co-defendant who pleaded guilty and has agreed to testify for the prosecution in the armed robbery case.

"O.J. said 'Hey, just bring some firearms,"' Walter Alexander told police in a transcript of his tape-recorded statement obtained by The Associated Press.

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Can't help but wonder if any of the people who thinks Fred Goldan should just let it all go are parents who love a child. It's not about money or stuff..His precious son was slaughtered in a way thats not even humane to an animal. A less rational parent might do far more to the murderer than just try to take possession of items he won in a court of law and make it his lifes work to keep Simpson from enjoying the care-free, conscience-free life he has been living. Fred and Kim and family, God bless you. OJ...I pray you never are allowed out into society again. No parent deserves to suffer as you have made the Goldmans and Browns suffer...not to mention your own children.

2475 days ago


You know...I really don't think OJ did anything wrong. I think everyone is trying to hate on the Black man. That is sooo Racist!

2562 days ago


2562 days ago


Racist! Racist! Racist!, No one forced him to violate the law, You break the law you go to jail.
There needs to be a new protest other than Racist-its lost all power from over use.

2562 days ago

Yeah right us a favor and go to a jail where you belong.

2562 days ago

just a thought    

Agreed with #1 - I mean what self respecting thug says 'Hey, just bring some firearms"..

I mean I wasnt there and dont really care but isnt funny how all these guys rolled on the juie so quick and that more and more (including the plantiff) are coming out with arrest/police records of some sort..?

The whole thing seems like a set up

Orchestrated by the Goldmans perhaps..?

2562 days ago


if he doesn't go to jail this time then the court systems are CORRUPT!

2562 days ago


You know... as sure as I am that OJs guilty as hell and that there WERE guns in that room - I don't buy that he ever uttered the phrase, "just bring some firearms."

I mean - how often do you use the word "firearms" in casual conversation? Try... never? No, you use the word "guns" like a normal person.

2562 days ago


OJ YOU need to be LOCKED up!!! You are not above theLAW!!! I pray you go away for a long long time!!!!

2562 days ago


keep ur chin up OJ. Watch out for the witch hunt.

2562 days ago


I'm going to wtach this OJ thing unfold on my new 42" LCD I'm gonna win from

2562 days ago


"You know...I really don't think OJ did anything wrong. I think everyone is trying to hate on the Black man. That is sooo Racist!"


2562 days ago


I'm with some of the other comments, who the hell in friend-friend conversation says the word 'firearms' over guns? LOL...

oh yeah man bring my FIREARMS!

wow...i still think OJ did it tho..haha =)

2562 days ago


#5 What PLANET are you from??? OJ a self respecting some respect for the Goldman's they have class.....OJ KILLED HIS SON HE GOT AWAY WITH MURDER!!!!!

However as much as I would LOVE to see OJ pay for his crimes.....I believe he was setup in the Vegas has nothing to do with what color his skin is people......He broke the LAW.....plain and simple.....

2562 days ago

I don't get the whole Paris thing    

O.J. is a low life human being!!! He needs to have his ass in jail and I hope he gets it while he's showering!! He is disgusting!!! And you people who like playing the race card are as pathetic as him!!!!

2562 days ago
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