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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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Mad as Heck    

I just read the contract.

M&M had no right to snatch the dog. The contract says that if Ellen breached that provision, M&M would have to go to court and if successful, Ellen would have had to pay the legal expenses plus $500. The contract does not allow for M&M to steal the dog.

Iggy belongs to Ellen and since you cannot give away stolen property, M&M has simply embroiled another innocent family in this mess.


2561 days ago


I was on Ellen's side when this first came to the media forefront as LATE BREAKING NEWS......ELLEN BREAKS DOWN!! I thought what's the big deal, give the puppy back to the family..........but then last night on The O'Reilly Factor, guess who appeared on the show? None other than the Mutts & Moms attorney. HA! How enlightening. Believing this attorney, who seemed credible and visibly passionate about this case, stated that had it not been for Ellen's big CELEB-HEAD status, refusing to go along with "procedure", procedure being .....have the hairdresser fill out an application and we can move on from there, the family would have the puppy. But because she blatenly refused this, and the hairdresser refused to do this, they adopted the dog out to another "prodcedure" willing family. The dog Iggy is happy in her new home. And the only taste left in my mouth was yet another celebrity who thought they were above the rules because of said celebrity status, and this time it backfired in her face. Who'd of thought Ellen would behave in such a way.........of course I'm sure she didn't think that attorney was going on The O'Reilly Factor for the tell-all truth.

2561 days ago


For those giving out the address of Marina Baktis; bad idea (although public record).

What you should do is call the local Altadena Animal Control Department to see if the dogs Marina hordes on her property are OK! Have you seen her property, it's deplorable!

2561 days ago


To Sunnygirl: The hairdresser's family did complete an application for adoption! Marina Baktis got the home address of the famiily from the application and told them she was going to do a home inspection. She lied to gain entry to the home and immediately scooped up the dog and continued to keep possession of Iggy until the police showed up, and Animal Control, the microchip was scanned and Iggy left with Marina (had Marina transfered the microchip info as she indicated she did (another lie), Iggy would still be home). That's the story! Do you actually believe an attorney, named FINK, is going to tell you the truth? LOL OH, and O'Reilly -- Are you kidding me!

2561 days ago


Ellen, Portia and the family claim they were told the visit was an inspection, but there's nothing to back that up...only the opposite! They knew the rules, having already been through previous adoptions, including from the same rescue, and Portia even signed a contract. They were also told the dog has to be returned and refused, it wasn't news to them. Last, but not least, they made sure TMZ was present...for the drama that was about to unfold. They knew what was going on, without doubt. Besides, when Ellen gave up the dog, he automatically became the rescue's again. You can't steal what belongs to you from someone who has no rights to it.

2561 days ago


The contract states what will happen regarding the microchip. Which is, nothing...unless the adopter wants to *add* their information to it. They knew, they've adopted at least twice from that rescue and there is a signed contract stating it as well. So, the only lie about the chip is from ELLEN.

2561 days ago


To Wake-Up: Are you serious? Mutts and Moms are a suspended Calif. corporation. They cannot conduct business in the State of California or enter into contracts period. Second, I believe a 12 year old whose interview is not rehersed when she states that the family completed the adoption application online ("it was longer than my school application.") , and Marina lied that she was going to be at their home for an inspection ONLY and for that REASON and only that REASON she was given entry to the home -- which, by the way, is a HELL OF A LOT better than her own. Marina's house looks like they're testing missels on site!

Marina and her cronies have over stepped human decency period! Because they've chosen to conduct business in such a cold and heartless fashion, legitimate, caring and compassionate animal rescue organizations are going to suffer. Ellen had nothing to do with that -- Marina's hate filled actions have ruined it for the rest of those that have a heart and only wish to rescue animals.

2561 days ago


To Wake-up: Again, are you serious? You cannot unilaterally change the info on a microchip without permission from the previous owner! That's the safety net attached to the microchip product, or what's the purpose of microchipping your pet? If some dog-knapper can take my dog then change the owner's info with merely a phone call then why microchip? I have two dogs that are microchipped, so I'm familiar with the process. You're simply mind boggling --

2561 days ago


If the contract is in the corporation's name, that might bring some grief, but you don't have to be a corporation to have one. Pet purchase, breeding, etc contracts happen all the time, it's not uncommon. I have contracts myself, legally binding.

The girl also said her mother was going to hit the woman, but her father stopped her. Obviously, they're quick to become violent (in front of the kids too, pathetic) and Brussels Griffons don't handle that well. They're very sensitive dogs and can become biters in that environment.

2561 days ago


Gayle, are you serious? Two chips make you a microchip expert? Hardly. It doesn't mattter though, because the contract allowed for it. That is called permission to most people.

2561 days ago


To Wake-up: LOL you continue to amaze me! I can tell you that if anyone entered my house UNDER FALSE PRETENSE, then proceeded to upset MY CHILDREN, snatch MY DOG and treat me with disrepect, so much so the police need to be called -- well, dear, I'd be upset too. Any mother would be!

As for contractual law -- I'll side with my 21 years on the subject.

The bottom line -- Iggy went from a beautiful home to a cage because Marina Baktis had to be a nasty control freak. She broke the hearts of two little girls --- what's next, pulling the wings off of butterflies?

2561 days ago


Ellen has a habit of adopting dogs and giving them up after a few weeks when she realizes they need to be cared for unlike her cats. This is not the first or even the third or fourth to be cast aside, much like her real estate. Her sells her houses after owning them for as little as 6 months, and moves on to another. Never happy, always looking for more. GREED! I'm starting to believe she is a fake, just out for the money.

2561 days ago

PO'd pet parent    

You steal a dog from a twelve year old in violation of your own "contract" and get death threats... duh... no sympathy here. In the state of California there is no such thing as leasing a dog or cat. You buy a dog or cat. The only reason these questionable provisions have been allowed to exist in these rescue's contracts is because no one has challenged them yet in court. Now's as good a time as any and it's a long time coming. As well intentioned as some of these contracts seem they go way to far in dictating what other people do with their property. When you accept money for property without further payment being required that is a sale. To take it back property without permission or refund is theft no matter what illegal contract is signed. If I ever adopt again and the animal is already chipped, I will take it to my vet to have the rescue's chip removed and my own Avid put in ASAP to avoid psycho control freaks with God complexes interferring with my private property and family member. I've already had one bad experience with a now bankrupt rescue's foster. The foster had clearly abused my cat and wanted to renig on her contract with the rescue and sell it to her neighbor for $600 instead of the $250 donation and then called me daily to "check" on the cat to see if I wanted to give it back even though she was not supposed to contact me because she was not a formal member of the rescue. Rescues need regulation if they want to operate as if they were as important as government agencies that actually have the juristiction that rescues believe they have since they wrote a contract. There's some real kooks out there.

2561 days ago


Whats wrong with you morons,

Ellen ADMITTED she was wrong ... she KNOWS its about the kid who lost the dog , NOT ABOUT HER .. she just feels responsible as she should .

lay off her, my goodness ,

i know this is TMZ, but it doesnt mean we HAVE to pick on everyone ... notice TMZ has not gone after ellen, because she is decent , just reporting the REAL news ...

stop creating your own lame gossip .

Talking about Paris being a Whore, atleast thats something that is true and we can all agree on .

2561 days ago


Aww Ellen. She's not crazy, she's not being a baby, she's just a very caring person and animal lover. If you were as passionate for something as Ellen is for animals think how hard it would be to hide your feelings if something bad happened....

She deserves a break after all this drama. Damn Mutts&Moms people.

2561 days ago
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