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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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Marina Baktis did the wrong thing, by acting as if she was going to cooperate and screen the new family, then snatching the dog. Her intentions seem more about control than in the welfare of the animals she "rescues". She most likely wanted to get another $600 adoption donation. She clearly should not be in this line of work.

After seeing this, i doubt i will ever adopt from a rescue organization again, especially if it means my pet will forever be owned by the agency. i would rather buy from a reputable breeder who won't come knocking on my door trying to interfere in my life and grab my pet if i don't let them have total control over my life.

Bad Marina Baktis, bad!

2526 days ago


Your ignorance is truly unbelievable, Gayle. There is no excuse for becoming physically violent in front of your children, unless your or your childrens lives are in danger and it's a matter of self-defense. Anything short of that is an anger problem that is best dealt with professionally.

You, apparently, haven't been taught the basics of contracts. They don't require a corporation, sorry.

2526 days ago


Capemann: Courtney Cox made a million dollars an episode on the hit TV show Friends -- she flips houses too. Ellen rehabs a house and sells it and somehow she's money hungry? Granted, I can't afford that hobby, but can find no fault in it.

As for previous adoptions -- Like personal relationships, sometimes adoptions do not work no matter how much support (training, etc.) that relationship receives. I've adopted dogs from pounds and rescues only to have the dog die or be severly injured. In the case of pound adoptions, the majority of those animals had parvo and could not be saved. In the case of the rescue animal; I spent nearly a thousand dollars in vet fees because the rescued dog had been stomped by his 'foster parent.' There are no guarantees, so you continue to try.

2526 days ago


Wake Up!: ...

WAKE UP .... are you perfect ? no ... body is ..

have you ever been agressive and angry in your life so much it hurt you inside ...

can you even begin to imagine what that family feels

Read the previous posts .

2526 days ago


It is unacceptable to become violent in front of your kids. Everyone gets upset, but not everyone choses violence.

2526 days ago


Wow - - the public is harsh! This would have been awful for any pet-lover to have endured. I hope she can resolve things quickly and I'm sorry it was blown out of proportion by the media and a few harsh critics.

2526 days ago


To Wake-up (if only you could): Did anyone become physically violent? What color is your sky? Being moved, emotionally (to anger), during a heated situation is basic human nature. Throw in a mother bear protecting her cubs and you have trouble. But, again, was there physical violence? Did ANYONE become physically violent? NO --

As for contracts -- Did anyone say that only legitimate corporations could enter into binding contracts? NO. Again, what color is your sky?

Come on, Wake-up, WAKE UP!

2526 days ago

Allred Tree    

Whoopi Goldberg is in love with Michael Vick and I hope she, Ellen Degenerate, Rosie O'Donnell are locked in a cage with Elisabeth Hasselbeck for an entire day and let's see who survives!

Ellen's show and The View should be cancelled forever.

2526 days ago


Ellen in amazing and does more for people than any of you ever will. She had a break down, everyones entitled to one. She gave the dog to a great family, thats what the organiztion wants right? You guys that have posted before need to earn some respect

2526 days ago


What the heck does that mean ?

you read too many gossip magazines .....

to the previous comments, i did not hear anything about actual violence ... maybe threats , but come on , it doesnt say in her normal every day life that family was very kind. Ellen sees that person every day and knows the family well. She was giving the dog to a nice home .

People get in the way and bad things happen . poo =(

2526 days ago


All right, she should have read the fine print. But why on earth did these so-called dog rescuers have to swoop in and seize the animal like some kind of crazed SWAT team? Haven't they ever heard of a phone call? If they'd had the simple courtesy to communicate with Ellen the situation could probably have been straightened out without the tears, name-calling and recriminations. A little common sense and respect on their part would have gone a long way.

2526 days ago


She was held back by the police or she would have hit her, according to the little girl. I thought it was the father, but it doesn't matter who stopped it. The children weren't in any danger, so you're just talking out your rear end.

Take another look at what you and I wrote about contracts. Enough said, Gayle.

2526 days ago


I feel sorry for all the people who had planned for month's to see her show ; took the day off; drove all the way to Hollywood and stood in line. There are most likely others who flew in and others who planned their entire vacation around the show. Ellen should be ashamed of herself.

2526 days ago


The adoption agency broke SEVERAL LAWS, while Ellen simply slid on a clause. One she admittedly did not notice when she signed. Inadvertantly breaking a clause DOES NOT negate a contract unless proper protocalls are followed to REVOKE the contract, which were not. Also, as I've said, when the purpose of the clause is NOT violated, the clause itself is often of no contractual value, and more often than not, thrown out entirely. Contract law 101...IllEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE, however, is a big deal, highle illegal and even police are not allowed to enter a home AND take anything from that home without expressed conscent or a warrant from the court. The animal shelter broke the law by not fixing the dog prior to adoption AND several "verbal contracts" which are, by the way legally binding, such as telling Ellen her name would be added to the chip, telling the family they were there to 'look at the home' and then taking the dog, which is 'illegal search and seizure' if you do not first have a warrant, and telling the family (and those girls) they would return Iggy after they completed the adoption papers (which they did) is a breach of a verbal comtract. Ellen legally adopted the dog and, worse case scenerio, they might have had the right to insist Ellen take the dog back and THEN go through adoption procedures for the new family. The dog was not at risk, was in a happy home and the clause in the contract was there to protect the dog. Since the dog was safe and in a happy home the clause was mute. If you have ever studied Law, in contract Law 101, clauses in contracts can be diputed if the reason for the clause does not fit the facts and breaching a clause does NOT equal breaching a contract. Clauses are ALWAYS subject to dispute if found to be not relevent to the situation or if the breach does not breach the "intended purpose of that clause."
To put it simply:
Mean People suck!!!!!
And it's purely and simply MEAN to take a puppy away from a child.
That is the epitome of mean, period!!!!!!!!!
Ellen did adopt the dog, I assume she still has the paperwork, not to mention the reciepts for all the vet work she had done (which was the adoption agencies reponsibility not hers, & she spent thousands of $$$s.) Perhaps first Ellen should fight to get Iggy back as Iggy is her dog, and then go about transfering him in a different way.......
Go get him Ellen, he is yours, then proceed.
Her intentions were right and pure and as to the blogger (on her site) who said the rules are there for a reason, yeah, sure, but this situation does not fit what those reasons are. They have that clause so dogs don't end up in animal testing facility or as practice for "fight dogs." Ellen did nothing wrong. Sure there is the clause but the facts don't match the actions as Iggy ended up in a loving happy & safe home, period.
I am reminded of the wizard of Oz when the lady on the bicycle takezs ToTo away from Dorathy. That was cruel, stupid and irational, especially when she promised to return the dog, etc....
I went through the legal issues on Ellens blog. The adoption agency broke several rules, laws and "verbal contracts" which ARE LEGALLY BINDING. (not to mention ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE as the women entered the home under false pretenses, not even the police are allowed to enter a home and/or take anything from that home without either expressed concent or a's a felony!!!!!!)
And also, the dog is rightfully Ellens so perhaps "rewind", Ellen should get her dog back and, "take two" as to how you deal with the rest....
The woman who confiscated the dog entered into a "verbal contract" when she said she would "return the dog after the family filled out the adoption papers." Verbal contracts are legally binding except in Real Estate.
When a clause is in a contract that clause does not apply when the REASON for the clause is not violated. The reason for that particular clause applies only in assuring the safety and welfare of IGGY. It is not only apparent but totally obvious that Iggy was safe and in a loving home. When Ellen was told her name would be added to the chip, that was also a verbal contract, again broken by the original adoption agency.
Also, the agency did not have the dog neutered prior to adoption which is a violation on the part of the adoption agency. Ellen had the dog neutered, was told her name would be on the chip, and the family was told they would get their dog back. The adoption agency who seized the dog had violated state and county regulations (by not neutering the dog prior to adoption) and violated SEVERAL "VERBAL CONTRACTS." Add it up people, Ellen made one mistake, which she admitted to (so how dare all you people who are attacking her for not taking responsibility, shame on you. She was sincere and NOT USING HER SHOW AS A PLATFORM you heartless.....people pointing fingers) and the adoption agency not only broke verbal contracts (plur

2526 days ago


DAMN ^#*%&# I was looking forward to seeing Keith Urban.

2526 days ago
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