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TMZ on eBay -- Sock It to Us, Britney!

10/19/2007 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ is putting the sock that Britney Spears ran over on eBay. Proceeds will go to the Children's Defense Fund and the donation will be made in honor of the popwreck herself.

The eBay posting reads, "Authentic sock Britney ran over. The actual sock worn by a TMZ cameraman Thursday when Brit drove over his foot. Tire tread guaranteed authentic!"

BTW, Rick harbors no hard feelings. He wants him some more of that Britney! Click the sock to bid on eBay!
Bid on the sock


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Heidi hater    

This just makes me believe more than I do already that this idiot pap pretty much stuck his dumb foot out on purpose so Brit would run over it. What a sleazeball.

2560 days ago


"A little impatient" thats amazing when she has to sit and wait for all the paps to get the #$%^ out of the way. I guess he was "A little to slow"!

2560 days ago


The sock has been removed by EBAY

2560 days ago

john strom    

You guys stand in front of someone's car doing your "job", effectively (intentionally) holding them hostage for your photo shoot...until you consider yourselves done. YOU create the situation and then complain about the results. She's the one who should be suing you guys.

2560 days ago


How did it get from the sock that Brt squashed to a racial thing???????????
I can't figure out why Brit doesn't get a driver and sit in the back seat in a limo with BLACK windows.......... toooo easy and no attention,

2560 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I don't see the auction anymore, I bet EBay pulled the plug on that one. You can't sell a dirty sock, I don't care if the president ran over it!!

2560 days ago


I hate all of you unfunny losers at TMZ.

2560 days ago


It's about time! That's what this idiot gets for getting so close to disrupt her driving and life! Regardless of what she's going thru - there should be boundaries for the idiot paps! So, they get what they deserve when getting their asses up on the celebs! He probably put his lame ass foot in the way on purpose!

2560 days ago


LOL see something good came out of this!!!

2560 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

For all you idiots that say : Leave britney alone...
It's obvious Brit is ALSO addicted to the spotlight & the paps (along with whatever she's smokin'). How hard would it be to drive another car, don't place neon colored pumpkins across the dash, and let an assistant run to Starbucks for her liquid fixes. It would not be hard for her to step OUT of the spotlight if she really wanted to. Duh!
She lives in a gated community too, yet she's always "out & about" PUTTING HERSELF IN THE SPOTLIGHT.
C'mom Brit fans, y'all need to pull your heads out!!! She wants us to all witness her downward spiral!!!

2560 days ago


The paps need to get out of the girl's way. She can't do anything without a camra in her face. The paps are lucky they haven't got run over yet. If I was her I would have mowed a few of them down by now. I'm surprised she hasn't. She gets treated like crap by the media and the paparazzi.

2560 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

If Twitney didn't want all the attention...
She could have the windows of her car tinted black. Better yet, get a different car the paps don't recognize. She's got the money to do that.

If Twitney didn't want all the attention...
She could take away the ridiculous pumpkins lining her dashboard ~ those things are like neon lights screaming "LOOK AT ME Y'ALL, LOOK AT ME!!!"

If Twitney didn't want all the attention...
She could have adhered to the original instrutions of the court, thus eliminating the last few court appearances AND wasting tax payers money and tying up the court WHEN THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES TO DEAL WITH.

If Twitney didn't want all the attention...
She wouldn't wear a day glow pink wig. Halloween's not for almost 2 more weeks.

If Twitney didn't want all the attention...
She wouldn't go to Starbucks 3 times a day. She only goes because the paps know it's a sure thing she'll be there & she knows they'll pick up the tab IN EXCHANGE FOR PICS.

If Twitney didn't want all the attention...
Need I say more.

All you Brit defender's ~
Don't you realize if she didn't want the attention, she wouldn't put herself in the middle of it all.

2560 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Could someone please clarify:

Is Britney a "tweeker" or a "crack ho".

Inquiring mind needs to know.

2560 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Listen up all you 12 year olds that are wah-wahing about leaving Skankney alone:

If she really wanted out of the spotlight, she could pull a "Nicole Richie". Now there's someone that obviously made an effort to clean up her life and get her act together (and out of the CONSTANT spotlight). Not to mention, unlike Skankney, it appears Nicole
WANTS her child.

2560 days ago

river rat    

Oh, good grief - please tell me this is a joke!

2560 days ago
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