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Copperfield Reportedly Investigated for Rape

10/19/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FOX News Channel is reporting that a Seattle woman is alleging magician David Copperfield raped her.

The woman told Seattle police the magician raped her while she was in the Bahamas in July. Because the alleged incident happened abroad and the woman did not report the incident until she returned to the United States, Seattle authorities turned the case over to the FBI. We're told that no rape kit was done on the alleged victim in the Bahamas, which could make prosecution difficult.

As we reported yesterday, FBI agents "stormed the warehouse," and seized a computer hard drive, a digital camera system and nearly $2 million in cash.

David Chesnoff, Copperfield's lawyer, told TMZ, "We understand there is an investigation, we are in touch with the investigators, and are respecting the confidentiality of the investigation."


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I heard that he has been sawing women in half for years! and there have been many unexplained disapperances where ever he goes.

(sorry I couldnt resist LOL)

2526 days ago



2526 days ago


Confiscation all monies and valuables is completely normal and usual in this type of search and investigation, - nothing more to it than just that.

2526 days ago


When you are RAPED you get a "rape test"at the hospital closes to you. You don't take the time to come back to the U.S.A. to talk to the F.B.I. As fare as the $2,000,000, That is small change for him. All the F.B.I. did is help her find the money for the out of court settlement. The F.B.I. is over worked trying to protect the U.S.A. She should be charged with filing a false police report and wasting the time of the F.B.I. if it turns out that she is looking to magically have bank account increase by say $2,000,000. Good Luck Daved

2526 days ago


Posted at 1:33PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Jessica B.- While this is, of course, a consideration, how about the consideration that there are FAR more FALSE accusations of sex-crimes (later dropped) than there are of ACTUAL unreported ones. Get it straight.
I stand by my comments. And I do have my facts straight. You are incorrect.
Thanks for your input. Have a great day!

2526 days ago


Michael, Duly noted.
However, If I may correct you: "she need feel no shame because she was a victim". By simply all the nasty, cruel, catty and venomous comments posted here on this can understand how much courage it takes to speak up.

2526 days ago


74. Posted at 1:33PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Jessica B.- While this is, of course, a consideration, how about the consideration that there are FAR more FALSE accusations of sex-crimes (later dropped) than there are of ACTUAL unreported ones. Get it straight.
I stand by my comments. And I do have my facts straight. You are incorrect.
Thanks for your input. Have a great day!

Posted at 2:11PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Camilleclaudel


Dearie, you are permitted to stand by anything you wish, but if you think your "facts" are correct, you are a complete, self-serving, fool.

Have a great day in la-la land.

2526 days ago


For everyone that has posted mentioning, for instance:
"I know a LOT of guys who've been the recipient of various forms of legal punishments (accusations, charges, jail, etc.) who were LATER proven innocent, - I also know of many women who are proud of these types of actions and use it as a "weapon of choice"."
Who in the world are you people associating with?! False accusations...this may be a reality in your world, but not ours.

More often than not, there are very good police officers, attorneys, prosecutors, social workers, judges that are doing a fine job and are working very hard.

2526 days ago


Wow! You aren't bitter.

2526 days ago


Hard to believe when we all know the guy is a closet GAY!!!

2526 days ago


It is wrong to assume that if you were truly raped you would come forward immediately

As we saw with Arnand Alexander - many many women DID NOT come forward right away for a number of reasons and now the guy has 59 sexual battery counts against him . . . and he isnt even that famous!

Are all of these women lying for money or fame??????

Celebrities can be criminals too. Many women put themselves in precarious situations because they falsly LOOK up to the celebrity. I am not sayiny that there are not equally as many people out there that make up crap about them to get in the media - but it goes BOTH ways.

No one knows this woman or her story and it is absolutely ludicrous to make an assumption or judgment either way about either party

2526 days ago


hey, "Camille", you self-righteous prig, what about the men who have to live will the shame of baseless and false accusations? You only seem to be concerned when the "victim" is female. With people of your obvious low integrity, it's a wonder there's any justice at all.

2526 days ago


"Camille" is obviously one-sided and completely uninterested in the "whole picture" of sexual accusation, sexual crime, and the blatant and epidemic misuse of the legal system to maliciiously ruin people. False sexual-crimes reported by females are at an all time high. The entire way the judicial system presumes a "victim" when a sex-crime is alleged needs to be completely revamped so that NO unequal considerations are given until it's clear just WHO the actual "victim" is, - and the previous poster is 100% correct when saying that there must be SEVERE charges filed against filing maliciously false accusations of a sex-crime nature. After all, fair is fair.

2526 days ago


First lets start by referencing the Duke University case...choose your accusations wisely. Consensual sex that you regret is not rape. For the simple fact that this media hungry bimbo waited to report the "rape" tells a little about her character. She was an adult. She was of sound mind and body, supposedly. She knew it was wrong for him to have sex with her if she was an unwilling participant. BUT she wasnt competent enough to make the claims as soon as possible. I smell something and it aint david's pyrotechnics! This guy is famous (granted hes like a d lists celeb) but he had access to Claudia Schiffer. He has dated and had sex with many beautiful women. There are chicks out there that would do whatever it took to get into the industry even if it means sleeping with a has been magic man. If she got her foot in the door she wouldnt have cried rape. She realized that she might have made a better choice by sleeping with Criss Angel instead. We have to chalk this up to bad judgment. I doubt he will see a day behind bars. I hope he plans a civil suit for slander, defamation of character and a libel suit seeking millions in compensation. HA!

2526 days ago


It's disgusting how all you 'experts' get together here and drag David through the mud and present your vicious opinions as facts.

I personally know David and this is what I KNOW:

He's NOT GAY. I'm a woman and I've had the pleasure of spending several nights with him over the years.

He's also NOT A RAPIST, he was completely respectful and didn't push it when I didn't want to have sex with him the first time I stayed over in his suite.

David is NOT INTO DRUGS. He won't even drink a glass of wine.

He's NOT INTO CHILD PORN or underage girls. He likes beautiful women and models because of his insecurity. It makes him feel validated when beautiful women are attracted to him.

He's VERY NICE, CHARMING, CHARISMATIC, HANDSOME and there are a lot of women who find him extremely appealing. He is absolutely not the type of person who would rape anyone, nor would he have to. Women are pretty much throwing themselves at David.

The accusations are either false and based on the possibility of making some easy money, or there's a lot more to the story than we know at this point.

2526 days ago
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