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Britney: "I Just Want My Starbucks, Y'all!"

10/21/2007 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Starbucks-obsessed Britney Spears and her tag-along pal Sam Lufti went for some coffee in the Valley, where she had to learn from the paparazzi that her single is number one on the charts -- or at least on iTunes. You learn something new every day, y'all!

As Spears waited for Sam to deliver her caffeinated treat, she chatted up the paps -- all while keeping her lips covered. One photog tried to joke with her by asking, "What do you think about Britney Spears?" -- to which she responded, "That's mean!" A pap tried to blame the stupid question on TMZ, but for the record -- it wasn't us!

Since Lufti was taking his sweet time, Britney had to endure more questions -- about her new music video, what her kids are going to be for Halloween (pumpkins!) and expressed worry for her fire-endangered Malibu home, saying, "I don't think it's touched my house."

Good to see she's on top of the situation.


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Skank You, Y'all    

Hey snowbird ~ you have a point. I was thinking the same thing the other day. When was the last time she was seen at a club?

2555 days ago

nunya biz    

She probably covers her mouth because she has a outbreak. She should stayhome instead of covering her lips which god only knows what they have for her to be covering them

2555 days ago


Did you ever think she did express concern for her neighbors but TMZ only posted her remarks concerning her home? TMZ only posts negative things regarding Brit, always leaves out the rest of the story, they post half truths. We really do not know what she said about the fire, this reporter only posted what Brit said about her home. So before accusing her as being self absorbed & selfish, think before you write because we all know this site/TMZ (Harvey & his gang) are anti-Brit, always have been. JMO.

2555 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

I would have agreed with you. But I just checked out the X17 website, and they have a couple pic's (that look like Brit posed for) of her and her new lips (sans outbreak).
Check it out.

2555 days ago


Britney is an idiot: she has no concept that the paps are talking to her like she's a developmentally delayed 6-year old child. Most people would be humiliated. This was so sad I couldn't finish watching it.

2555 days ago

Get a life Brit    

Hey what is wrong with staying home and being a mom............You tant. the paps everyday for celeb stat but your kids are what are real. Who on gods green earth would get gas and coffee out eveyday. Don't you have a coffee pot or an exprosso machine? And how do you expend that much gas? Where are you driving?

2555 days ago


# 66 Another excuse maker, blaming every body but Brit for the stupid stuff she pulls. This film was not just on TMZ but other sites too. She only talks about HER HOUSE, no one else's. Did all the other sites edit it too?? Maybe Brit is just the self centered bitch she appears to be. And maybe you should find another idol to worship. I really don't think she's worth your trouble to defend..

2555 days ago


#69, I am not a Brit fan, only someone stating an opinion. If you're talking about the "other" sites, could it be perez hilton's? It's the same video this site has (haven't seen any other sites having any video of her). I am not making an excuses for her, I don't even know the woman. Like I said, I am only stating my opinion; @ least I don't stoop @ a low leverl & call her nasty names like some of you have (it's childish if you ask me but yet, it's my opinion).

2555 days ago


OMG, she did literally say "I just want my Starbucks, y'all".


And TMZ, get rid of all those annoying pop ups ASAP before you don't have any more traffic on this site. We will click on an advertiser if we choose to, not when it's forced on us.

2555 days ago


I seen a shoe hanging from her rear view mirror. I hope one of the kids werent hanging there and fell out.

2555 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

This messed up Ho is one nasty A$$ sperm burper !!!

2555 days ago



2555 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

I would just LOVE for both Brit and K-f'up to appear on just one show-Jerry Springer ( if that show is still running). I'm sure that Parisite, LoHo, and K. Kabuttian would love to get on there with them too. Let 'em all fight it out with 'whitlin' knives and willow sticks'! I'd actually watch that- I think?

2555 days ago

stop the madness    

I whant a Britney pop up of her humping a star bucks

2555 days ago


Yawn, wake me up when you stop all of this Britney nonsense. It seems like Britney loves the attention and TMZ loves to give her the attention.

2555 days ago
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