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Samba-dy Help! Osmond Collapses on "Dancing"

10/22/2007 9:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just moments after Marie Osmond busted out an intense samba routine, she hit the dance floor even harder -- passing out cold on tonight's live broadcast of "Dancing with the Stars."

As the judges stared in shock, host Tom Bergeron kept his composure and quickly threw to commercial while Osmond was sprawled out on the floor.

But all concerns were eased after the break, when Marie was up and moving around backstage. According to Bergeron, the first thing Marie said when she came to was, "Oh crap."

Osmond then explained her breakdown on camera, saying, "Once in a while it happens to me ... I stop breathing. I'm so sorry." Uh, might wanna get that checked out.

No sympathy points from the judges -- Osmond only scored 21 out of a possible 30 points.


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I missed Marie's dance tonight and I'm glad..I would have hated to see her faint and hit that hard floor..

I do hope that she is ok..not a fake...a lovely, lovely lady .

2526 days ago


Beefcake, I totally agree. I am a female in my 20's, no kids, etc, and it cracks me up whenever I hear these 40 and 50+ women saying, OH I STILL LOOK YOUNG or funnier yet, saying, MY SONS FRIEND CALLED ME A MILF. Hate to break it to you, but ALL teenage boys fantasize about screwing one of their friends mothers. Just because you're the best looking troll out of the bunch means nothing.

2526 days ago


I think Marie is charming . . . and a great dancer ! Hope she' s feelng better and starts taking care of herself. Keep up the good work girl !

2526 days ago


my friend kept passing out, then fine for a month or so.
Doctor told her she was having anxiety attacks and gave her some medication. She passed out holding her chest one day, We called ambulance.
Total collapsed right coronary artery. It was that all along, it was blocked! not anxiety at all. She had 4 stents and is fine now.
Maria should go in the hospital and let them do some simple test.

2526 days ago


it is so sad when humanity loses it's most primary emotion, just by reading some of this so call comments that are more criticts and down insults, to a person doing something that if not of the liking of all of us, at least she is not abusing or damaging someone else.

I just feel bad that she had to go throug that and hope she gets check out and get to feel better.

2526 days ago


my first reaction even as a judge would be to at least stand lol they dont budge , how do people do that!
glad she is ok.

2526 days ago

You know WHO!    

Just in case any of you are not living in the area, Los Angeles is under clouds of smoke. I noticed that Marie couldn't get enough air by the way she was breathing, and it could be a result of the smoke that Los Angeles is under. People are having all sorts of respitory problems today. So, be mature, and give the lady a break.

2526 days ago


Does anyone know what Mark Cuban said in his little pre-dance intro before he was cut off? Was that a glitch or did he say something bad?

Poor Marie! How embarrassing, ugh...

2526 days ago

NY Mom    

I'm glad she's alright. Now in my early 40's, Marie was a teen idol of my day. She along with Valerie Bertinelli were two girls I looked up to. I've often told my teenage daughter that her generation needs someone like them. They were talented, smart, pretty, and though very successful, they were well grounded. The so-called idols of today could learn a few things from these ladies.

2526 days ago


I thought Marie Osmond's dancing was getting better and better each week. She is a real trooper - - -she's trying to lose weight, practise, entertain, etc. She performs with her brothers in concert, sells dolls on QVC and is a mother to 8 children. At her age, she is amazing and I'm glad she's o.k. We love you, Marie!!!!

2526 days ago


TMZ why the need to be so catty in your reporting of this incident.? It was an alarming thing to happen to anyone, especially to a mother of eight, one would think a little compassion wouldn't be out of place.
Maria is doing awesome! Hang in there girl!

2526 days ago


Hey teeks, I hate to break it to you, but time isn't standing still for you. You won't be eternally in your 20's (although you IQ may be), and there will be a time when some smug nitwit in thier 20's tries to bring you down, because apparently having pride in yourself is a crime if you are over 30. Your "troll" days will come, and faster than you think.

But thank you for not having any kids.

Oh, and Marie Rocks!

2526 days ago


I just wonder if she was on something, she was laughing a little bit too eratically it seemed before she bit the dust......

2526 days ago




2526 days ago


I really hope she is ok. I mean she seems a little non-chalant about this which really doesnt make sense to me.

2526 days ago
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