Samba-dy Help! Osmond Collapses on "Dancing"

10/22/2007 9:47 PM PDT

Samba-dy Help! Osmond Collapses on "Dancing"

Just moments after Marie Osmond busted out an intense samba routine, she hit the dance floor even harder -- passing out cold on tonight's live broadcast of "Dancing with the Stars."

As the judges stared in shock, host Tom Bergeron kept his composure and quickly threw to commercial while Osmond was sprawled out on the floor.

But all concerns were eased after the break, when Marie was up and moving around backstage. According to Bergeron, the first thing Marie said when she came to was, "Oh crap."

Osmond then explained her breakdown on camera, saying, "Once in a while it happens to me ... I stop breathing. I'm so sorry." Uh, might wanna get that checked out.

No sympathy points from the judges -- Osmond only scored 21 out of a possible 30 points.