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Brit in Distress, Back in Hotel Hiding

10/23/2007 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A blue-eyed Britney Spears hit yet another photographer with her car yesterday -- and the incident left Spears an apologizing, nervous wreck.

Cameras caught Spears on her way out of Beverly Connection on Monday, where she accidentally ran into a pap with her Benz. Though the photog kept saying it was his fault, Spears repeatedly apologized, at one point looking as if she were about to cry. Of course, she could still have pink eye.

Spears then took refuge at at the Beverly Wilshire hotel with her latest assistant.


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aww- I actually felt sorry for her in this video. It almost made me cry. Usually I just call her an idiot & don't feel ANY sympathy towards her but this time she looked like she was REALLY sorry & as if her world were falling around all around her... aww! Poor girl!

2502 days ago

Mother of 6 sons    

Those 2 little boys look so sad, it breaks your heart. Jusge needs to step in and give them some stability which they clearly don't get from their mother.
God bless them.
They need help more than their mother does.

2502 days ago

Get over it    

She needs to get her car hooked up by the gangsters in the movie Grease. Balmudo can hook her rims up to shoot out spikes. That way when she rolls past the paps she will shred their shins to pieces. Bet they wont stand close to her car again after that.

2502 days ago


if you ask me, they deserve to be hit by her car!! get the f#@$ out of her way!!!......everybodys acting like she has so many problems, when actually she would be fine if they would leave her the hell alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2502 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Why does she keep covering her mouth?

Why can't she ride with her windows rolled up and the top up?

Attention seeker galore!

I do feel sorry for her where alllllll of the paps are concerned. They need to back up a bit. They seem to need each other.

How sad :(

2502 days ago


Will TMZ put this one's underwear/boxers up on ebay for sale perhaps?


Britney spears hits photog #2 boxers, one poop stain on the back, one sort of yellowish stain on the front. proceeds benefit the firefighters fighting the wildfires in so cal. (and don't think that i'm making fun of the firefighters, if tmz would give to another cause, this would be a good one to go with, those are all brave people)

2502 days ago





2502 days ago

Michelle LL    

Can you imagine trying to drive a car with all those flashes going off. Brit loves the paps and TMZ loves Brit, so it's not going to stop anytime soon.

2502 days ago


I can't even imagine having a swarm paps with camaras stuck in my face, and every where else, everytime I went out. It absolutely ridiculous the way she is hounded and a total invasion of personal space and privacy. And for what, just to make a stupid blurb about the color of her contact lens. I feel so sorry for her. Could ya just leave her alone for a while??? Huh?

2502 days ago


#46 - she did have the top up & her windows were rolled up but had to put them down to punch her ticket from the parking garage & to apologize to the Pap.

2502 days ago

Triple Play    

She doesn't want to bel eft alone. she begsfor the ttention That is he only way that she can get ay pub.She is s washed up and out of shape. Maybe she shoul try rehab, running away or suicide

2502 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

Britney needs to be proclaimed a public menace and taken off the streets NOW. To quote a famous line from the movie "Blues Brothers:"
"The use of unnecessary brutality in the apprehension of Britney Spears has been approved."
Get out your night sticks, mace and lead-lined saps boys, and go get her!

2502 days ago

honey ya think the photogs get too close?? Give her some room for Christs sake. If I were her, I would just keep driving, "get out of my way, or get hit" would be my mantra!! Every time you people block her way out, you are holding her hostage. Kidnapped in her own car!! I've said all this and I don't even like BS but I like you guys even less than her!

2502 days ago


Britney, honey, listen to me, STAY HOME! The pap's are not gonna lay off because they haven't got a whole brain between them and you're just gonna keep on hitting them until one of them get's seriously injured. I'm sure it's upsetting but enough is enough hon, stay home and chill for a while. If you really miss the Starbucks buy a machine. You've given them enough publicity they owe you at least some free coffee.

2502 days ago


This girl's a trainwreck. It's too damn bad that she doesn't have
someone in her life who has the 'nads to tell her to snap out of it!
It's hard to be that honest with the one who pays the bills.

2502 days ago
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