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Rapper Juvenile's So-Called Agent Charged with Rape

10/23/2007 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A city councilman and self-proclaimed associate of rapper Juvenile has been arrested in Jeffersontown, Ky. for allegedly raping a woman in his hotel room.

According to the police report, John Cantey, Jr. was arrested after the an incident at the local Marriott Hotel. An unidentified woman told police she declined to have sex with Cantey, and he subsequently raped her. The alleged victim was able to identify him as her attacker, and gave cops the business card she said he had given her.

WLKY reports that Cantey is a City Councilman in Lumberton, N.C. and is listed as the CEO of JC Houseman Productions, a talent firm. Cantey's MySpace page is wallpapered with images of Juvenile, and says he's a booking agent for "top artists," but does not specifically name any of his "clients." It also says his income is $250,000 per year or more.

Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders said Cantey traveled with Juvenile, who was in town for a concert Saturday.


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Gee, Like am I surprised at this? NOOOOO these guys are a bunch of thugs with no values, no morality, nothing but trash so it's no surprise that rape comes into the picture, rap is crap and its the crap of society that is in that business, it is the downfall of this country and of our black youth.... the churches and community leaders need to get off their ass and start saying enough is enough and change the course for the community, cause it aint gonna change itself and Uncle Sam aint going to do it.

2535 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

Regardless of color, when will this trash ever go away?

2535 days ago


I wonder if it was a white girl..You know how they like to be down with rappers..And it was in Ky..haha

2535 days ago


I can't sympathize with these Celebrities why do they put themselves in these situations you would think they learned from prior cases. But most of all what the hell are the woman going to the Celebrities hotel rooms for a cup of tea, to borrow sugar, come on now you would think if someone gave you a business card surely he didn't have intensions on raping her investigators would know how to find him. But yes No means No!

2535 days ago


If he is guilty of this serious crime then give him what he voluntered for.

2535 days ago


All I can say is "I'm not surpised at all".

2535 days ago


If he did it I hope he is put under the jail. Any man that has to rape a woman should be locked up for life. But why is Juvenile name even in this. She didn't say he was there or had something to do with it. His name should not be in here at all. Oh I get it a rapper makes it sound so much better

2535 days ago

Just saying    

I can hear sharpton warming up right now!!

2535 days ago


@Lenn K.

This article isn't stating a rapper has committed. His AGENT committed the crime.

Read the article before typing.


2535 days ago


# 3. I see the racism has already started... lmao.. Rapist and molesters come in all races you idiots
Posted at 4:42PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by ALIA

ALIA, There were only 2 posts above yours and neither had racists comments of any kind.
Please refer by number in the future which you feel is racism if your going to accuse. We don't want generlization's now do we?

2535 days ago

who dat    

This guy will fit right in , in prison. There are plety of inmates looking for talent agents.

2534 days ago

Partially Pregnant    

You mean those were teeth?!

2534 days ago

College Grad    

IN Response to JOJO #26:

Towards the end of your post you were kinda making some sense and valid points but the beginning is just ridiculous ranting and stereotyping about a group of people who have nothing to do with ONE mans actions. By "these guys are a bunch of thugs with no values, no morality, nothing but trash" I assume you mean rappers b/c TMZ decided to put Juvenile's name in the headlline! What does this even have to do with rap, you could say HE is whatever. But the truth is you don't know the facts of the case so your just making blind judgements. If he committed the crime he should go to jail no questions asked!! But seriously alot of rapist give out business cards right!

2534 days ago

College Grad    

And oh yeah...your comment "rap is crap and its the crap of society that is in that business, it is the downfall of this country and of our black youth"

Dang all this time I thought it was things like poverty, poor schools, lack of education, dead beat fathers, no Christian faith and drug use that was the downfall of our black youth. But hey, it must be the music they listen to cause being poor has nothing to do with you wanting to sell drugs and rob people...RIGHT?

2534 days ago

R. P. McMurphy    

"Oh, you make a lot of money and work with a famous person...Let's go back to your room and have sex so I can decide afterwards if I want to file a lawsuit."

I'm on the fence here...

2534 days ago
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