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Sean Penn

Loses Trailer in Malibu Fire

10/23/2007 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the past three days, Malibu -- playground to the stars -- has been ablaze. TMZ cameras filmed Sean Penn's trailer, completely destroyed just hours after the fire began. It's not clear if the actor was in town on Sunday.

Dozens of celebrities were evacuated when the unpredictable fire got too close, including Olivia Newton-John's family, country music star Tanya Tucker's daughter and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Jane Seymour.

Celebrity rehab Promises was also evacuated as a precautionary measure. Not so lucky was the LG Summer party house -- its deck completely collapsed when fire hit the property. Castle Kashan and its memorabilia, owned by socialite Lilly Lawrence, burned to the ground.

L.A. County Fire Department told TMZ that right now, there are no active fires in Malibu, but evacuations are still in effect due to ember activity. The winds have abated, but firefighters remain on full alert. 4,400 acres have burned in Malibu, with fire destroying the Presbyterian Church, six homes and one commercial building. There is not yet a final count on the number vehicles burned. Officials expect the fire to be fully contained in the next couple of days -- if the weather cooperates.


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Hearing all this psycho-rage drivel about Sean Penn makes me almost feel sorry now for Madonna - something that wasn't in me at all before, because Madonna is a tramp and much, much, much worse.

2565 days ago


the other part of this story......

in 1993 Penn lost his house on this property in another fire. The trailer is all that was left.

2565 days ago


Sean Penn is awesome! Sorry about your trailer!!

2565 days ago

He's Boring now    

Is he going to get a rowboat and a shotgun and patrol and film the devastation as well as film himself as he did when Katrina hit?

It amazes me that people like him claiming to be so liberal and free thinking and open minded are so closed minded and down right Hateful when it comes to people who still love this Country and try and show respect for its elected leaders.

While on patrol Sean, please dont Shoot to Kill those who might disagree with you.

Stick to acting and leave the leadership to those who have dedicated their lives to it. Now go home and get your shinebox, I mean your burned out trailer.

2565 days ago

BOEING 787    

It's amazing that if you disagree with with someone your house should be burned.

American right-wing conservatives are pathetic.

2565 days ago


just looking around, Sorry about the fires in Ca. that is a real tradgedy, and real losses to many many people.

Was just reading on some of the Anna Nicole Smith and found many references to" trailer trash," so I guess we can now say Penn is (was ) also "trailer trash"

2565 days ago

judy alsop    

oh poor sooky sean penn lost his trailer this might be a good time to run over to big daddy chavus becuase nobody in any services is helping him i recently saw an oprah show with him on and she was pathetic falling all over this slimebag piss off penn and take your bestnew friend tim robbins and alec baldwin and that bag of a woman joy behar with you welcome to venuzela the lot of you ungrateful overpaid despots

2565 days ago

Go Away    

Too bad he wasnt in it.

2565 days ago

blah blah blah    

For the last time, TMZ is a celebrity gossip site. the reason that tmz isnt writing abt the everyday folks, is because THEY ARE NOT CEELBRITIES!! Go to a more legit news site if you want those kind of facts. I hate it when ppl come here and say "gee, you know, there is a war in iraq you could write on." sorry folks, doesnt fall under celeb news. ugh.

and then all the disrespect to someone who lost something. I hope no one disagrees with me on anything because apparently that means its okay, not a big deal, deserved, etc when something of mine burns down.

Hope you all are out of danger...otherwise ppl can point and laugh at you on CNN when you lose something..

2565 days ago


Hey dude! The smoke didn't bother you at Ridgemont High, for sure man.

2565 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I heard Hugo Chavez came running out of the trailer with his pants around his ankles...true story.

2565 days ago


Honestly.... People in Malibu can AFFORD to rebuild. Wha about San Diego and New Orleans when Katrina hit.
Sorry but I have no sympathy for these people making multimillions...
I feel badly sure.. but God they will be OK. While the poor as usual will suffer.

2565 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I love how compassionate conservatives love to blast people they don't agree with when said people lose their homes in a devastating fire. It sure tells us a lot about what sort of person you are!

2565 days ago


Penn is nothing but trailer trash himself -- too bad he didn't burn up with it !

2565 days ago

Pat Missell    

He is the smart one. Its easier to replace a trailor than a trillion dollar useless mansion. Why do people build in areas that have all these problems. I feel bad for the hardworking Joe out there that lost his HOME.

2565 days ago
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