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Hayden -- Cellulite or Bad Light?

10/24/2007 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the picture that launched a killer argument in the TMZ newsroom this morning -- Hayden Panettiere, cottage cheese-leader?!

Watch the debate unfold in the video below, then vote in our two polls -- and let TMZ know what you think!


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It looks like she just got out of a car or something. Sometimes i have marks on the back of my legs and thighs after getting up from sitting on a couch, and they are present for some time.

Still hit it though.

2494 days ago


for all we know that could be the inpressions of a seat she had just been sitting in... even if it's not... then cellulite might be a natural part of life (what do i know - i'm only 20).

2494 days ago


No.........................No................she is to young for cottage cheese legs. She must wait until she is a least 30 and has had kids!!!!!!!!

2494 days ago

Ya Heard    

There should be another option on the poll called "Great Photo." Shes fine.....

2494 days ago


You guys suck for putting that up. She's 18, can't you be a little bit nice. I mean, that isn't even news! Seriously, cellulite is NOT news. This was Perez Hilton low.

2494 days ago

grossed out    

TMZ..this is bottom of pile tacky..cheezy ghetto style tacky..I bet you photogs at TMZ don't even take guys are nasty

2494 days ago


Squishy leg cheese like that comes from sitting around inbetween binge and purge sessions. Is that cottage cheese or what!

2494 days ago


and of course if had to be a man to point out that she possibly has cellulite. Sometimes it doesn't matter how skinny you are everyone has it. And to the Eddie Munster look a like at TMZ holding up the pic you probably go home and whack off to her after work on on daily basis.

2494 days ago

nice marmot    

It's obviously cellulite. I'm 20lbs underweight for my height, have always been extremely slender with a low body fat percentage, and I've had cellulite down the backs of my legs since I was 13. It's often a genetic issue - lots of skinny, beautiful women have cellulite. Who the hell cares? She's still a beautiful girl.

2494 days ago


She is packing her saddle bags! No muscle tone... just floppy cheese.

2494 days ago

Go Away    

Thats Her! LOL~

2494 days ago


Let's hear it for TMZ: inspiring eating disorders world wide.

2494 days ago


your fat hayden.

maybe britney needs a new assistant

2494 days ago

Go Away    

Is she spent a little less time whoring herself out to the media and a little bit more in the gym she wouldnt have so much cheese on her back side.

2494 days ago


PLEASE!!! This is hardly cellulite! This is not even fat! And we wonder why Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate, and thousands of young girls are anorexic! Let's see how self conscious we can make her about her weight...then when she starts starving herself, let's post pictures about how bad she looks skinny! Come on TMZ!

I agree with Jac. I think TMZ is hands down, number 1 when it comes to scooping EVERYBODY on the big stories...the exclusives, the sources close to the celebs, the videos, etc. that make this a legitimate source (in myopinion). And that is why I visit this site. But silly, mean spirited stuff like this is more along the lines of Perez Hilton and other tabloid trash blogs. Let them do this, and you do what you do best.

2494 days ago
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