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Kid Rock Rockin' Someone Else's Tune?

10/24/2007 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kid rock and maurice foremanTMZ has learned a man named Maurice Foreman, straight from the hills of Kentucky, claims it's no coincidence that his song "Slow Death" is similar to Kid Rock's hit "So Hott" -- and he's suit filin' mad!

Foreman sought Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden's help in finding legal representation, claiming that he has the copyright to his song written in 1997. Foreman claims that Rock sings "so hot" three times, just like he sang "slow death," and says that the lead guitar notes are identical.

Unfortunately, Maurice tells Hayden, he's "a poor guy who works in a factory so I don't have a lot of money," which has made it hard for him to find a lawyer, but if he does have a case, thar's money in them thar hills!

TMZ called Rock's reps for comment, but haven't yet heard back.

Does he have a case? Listen to both tunes and vote!


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Kid rock is very talented and you would see that if you ever attended one of his show's. The songs are totally different one is sooo hottt and the other one just plain sucks!! Besides this is just some guy trying to get paid by doing absolutly nothing... Kid Rock has busted his ass for years on making his music and damn good music I might add and this guy is trying to get a free ride. It will never work out for him the judge will throw that crap right out!! Keep On Rocking Kid!!!!

2479 days ago


That's HOT

2519 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

This one is a tuff call - they are a lot a like. I would be curious what the distribution was on the "Slow Death" record. Its sounds pretty much like a basement tape, and therefore unlikely the Kid heard it.

On the other hand the Kid has lifted a lot of other tunes so it is tuff to say.

Truth be told, neither one seems worth stealing.

I say Kid Rock hired his inbred cousin to play the country bumkin as part of a badly needed publicity stunt to prop up his ailing career and record sales.

2519 days ago

Marlb Man    

This isnt the first time Kid Crock has been accused of pilfering other people's music. He is really a no talent thief! Herpes ridden drunken white trash is all he is and will ever be.

2519 days ago

He's Boring now    

Kid needs to stay out of the Waffle Houses and quit running with Hicks. He's a suburban guy not city nor country nor Hollywood. The further he gets from his roots it seems the more trouble he creates. Getting into fights, marrying Hollywood headcases, and getting sued by every guy he ever met.

2519 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Foreman=money grubbing, lawsuit happy, thief! Pretty hard to sing a two word verse like that and not have some similarities. Music is full of stolen ideas, but I seriously doubt even Kid R. would have to stoop this low to dig up yet another crappy song.

2519 days ago


In regards to Inspector Gadget, In case you don't know, Kid Rock's album shot to number one it's first week out. Also, a lot of artists sample other peoples music, including Kid Rock, but he isn't the first and certainly won't be the last.
Personally, I don't think they sound anything alike

2519 days ago


Although both songs really suck I side with Kid Rock on this one. The two songs (even as similar as they may be) are distinctly different from each other.

2519 days ago


The songs have a couple simularities but come on its only a two word courus. The beat is close. The words are not even close. To the guys puttin down the kid... SHUT UP! Dont get mad just cause hes got more talent ,money and women. Aspire to be close.

2519 days ago

dirty white boy.    

Kid in da house..

2519 days ago


I don't think they sound anything alike, Kid Rock don't have to steal anyones songs do you know how meany people send him songs and music all the time gosh why don't they just leave him alone already. I like his new CD. Its rock n roll people Sex, Drugs and Rock n roll.

2519 days ago

Garth fan    

I liked the Kid Rock song, who in the crap is Maurice and what is he saying?

2519 days ago


maurice better be careful when he accusses kid rock of ripping him off, or didn't anybody else pick up on the fact that 1997's "slow death" is nothing but a faster version of tom petty's "refugee" which was released around 1980...hmmmmmmm?'ve been served!

2519 days ago

Marlb Man    

Oh, OK Pevo. You sound a little trashy yourself!

2519 days ago
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