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Laura Bush: Abu Dhabi Do-Gooder

10/24/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Laura Bush is waging a war of her own in the Middle East -- against breast cancer!
Laura Bush
The 60-year-old, who had a cancerous growth removed from her leg last year, met with breast cancer survivors in the United Arab Emirates this week. Mrs. Bush chatted with the ladies, clad in their little black burkas, at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.

Laura's helping launch the U.S.-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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Why don't you idiots leave Mrs. Bush alone. She is intelligent, beautiful and does a great job at being a first lady. She brings respect to the White House.

Why don't you morans go and bash on fat and ugly Hilary Rodham Clinton!

All of you idiots who are criticizing Mrs. Bush - go and eat $hit!

2526 days ago


show respect by covering her head? are you crazy? these people are murderers and she shouldn't give a rats a$$ whether they live or die.

2526 days ago


I think Laura already beat you to the "Grim Reaper" comment earlier in the thread Vintage. lol

2526 days ago


Laura Bush is a sub human and she has laser eyes. I think a body snatcher is actually inhabiting her body.

2526 days ago


I think her cause is good. She should have worn dark stocking to keep her ankles hidden out of respect, but not the hair. That is accepted there from outsiders, skin is not. I would much rather see her do something to educate americans about their health issues. I mean people have no insurance, and are dying because they can't be treated. We have so many homeless people that would likely want to know where a fre clinic is, she could help advise them. Granted, I have no issue with helping other countries, but I don't think she does a lot for folks here (except some children). CHARITY STARTS AT HOME!!! With so many health issues and concerns in America, I do not understand her making the health issues and concerns of another county seem more important than the issues and concerns of our own country!

2526 days ago


For those who choose to concentrate on appearance, different sociatal beliefs, etc. - I would hope that you could - for one minute - focus on the fact that Laura Bush is there to bring light to a disease that has not been recognized in that country in the same way it has been recognized in ours. It's a good thing.

I'm amazed at some of the idiots that insist on posting their "opinions", but it's America so - be an idiot if you need to be, you are only proving that to the rest of us.

2526 days ago

Miss Mottin    

Talk about feeling "under-dressed."
Gives NEW meaning to the expression "a marshmallow in a mudpie." LOL LOL LOL
Wow. Wow. Wow.

2526 days ago


Laura Bush is a total loss of womanhood. She had nothing to say about her husbands coacaine, alcohol, cop of of national guard and has still not apologized for his drunken rages and abuse of his family position. She killed a man, she has not apologized. Her daughters are sluts and she does not have control over them. She totally hates her mother-in-law yet she claims the big fat white silver fox swims 50 laps a day in the pool.. What pool?
Laura wants to save face so she now is pretending to have been in the white house for the past three years.Where was she for this regime? Laura is now being paid to SAVE FACE>

2526 days ago

Tired of War    

The garments worn by the non-Bush ladies aren't burqas. Burqas aren't worn in Abu Dhabi, or in the Middle East, but in Central Asia. This many years after the invasion of Afghanistan (which brought the term burqa (or burka) into American usage, you'd think TMZ would get it straight. Head coverings by different names are worn by women in many countries, including most Muslim majority countries.

2526 days ago


Why should she wear a burka which is a sign of oppression of women? I am not her biggest fan, but it truly impresses me how she stands her ground. You go Laura. And thanks for standing up for women's rights in this way.

2526 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

"Head coverings by different names are worn by women in many countries, including most Muslim majority countries."

WHO CARES? Do you think that knowing the right name for the rags they wear to cover their faces will make those rags any less disgusting?

Talk about being blind.......

2526 days ago


The wife of a murderer and liar...

All the breast cancer photo op's in the world won't ever clear her conscious.

2526 days ago


Bless her heart, she tries ... but she's saddled with George ya know, what can she do ?
She did get him to pretend to actually read books when she was promoting literacy, (nobody believes he really did) , but he's still a moron & she can't fix that. She married him for his money (for better or worse) and they'd both be nicer if they got decently 'layed'.

2526 days ago


why does EVERYTHING have to turn into politics and/or religion with some of you people? it DOESNT. i, for one, support laura bush in this. i lost my mother to cancer when i was 10 and my father raised me as a single parent. before you start bitching and moaning THINK for a minute and realize that cancer can and does affect everyone. that's what is important here. simple, what don't you people get

2526 days ago


How sad that a woman will defend a useless husband and a devastater of this earth, just to look like a nice innocent wife. This is beyond belief. She has been a useless mother, an enabler of alcoholic husband, and an unapologetic killer of a teenager. WHY wasn't she IN JaiL?
She is not any woman's ideal. She is a user, abuser and a useless wife and mother.NOW she wants to be thought of as a total woman - it will NEVER HAPPEN>

2526 days ago
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