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Laura Bush: Abu Dhabi Do-Gooder

10/24/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Laura Bush is waging a war of her own in the Middle East -- against breast cancer!
Laura Bush
The 60-year-old, who had a cancerous growth removed from her leg last year, met with breast cancer survivors in the United Arab Emirates this week. Mrs. Bush chatted with the ladies, clad in their little black burkas, at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.

Laura's helping launch the U.S.-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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el polacko    

pictures are worth a million words. one look tells you all you need to know about the superiority of western culture. what's scary is how many westerners are so mentally polluted with a p.c. ideology that they can look at this pic and see a culture that should be in any way respected. we should be calling their customs what they are : archaic and cruel.

2466 days ago


At a party for Laura the woman did not wear burkas but nice western type clothes and makeup, Why?
Because there were no men present!
I got this bit from Greta's blog site , She is with Laura Bush.
In fact maybe one of those in the pic is Greta! lol.

2466 days ago


As a Muslim Convert and wife to a Palestinian, I greatly appreciate all of the mature comments regarding these human beings that are pictured in front of you (all cancer survivors). As human beings we judge. Why? We judge what is unknown or intimidating to us. Don't judge a race or religion by a few cowardly people. Also, they are wearing Abaya's (the black dress) with niqab (face veil), not a burka (that is the Afghani dress)...if anyone cares to know. They aren't covering for their "men." They cover for God (which translates to Allah in Arabic) and culturally, they wear black and cover their face (It's mostly a Gulf thing). It's not a must to cover your face, it's more of a choice (although some may disagree). I used to live in the Gulf and to be quite honest, I feel more beautiful wearing Abaya, than my revealing clothing from my teenage years. Thanks for letting me share :). Peace.

2466 days ago

BOEING 787    

Religion IS the problem in the 21 century.

The other problem as #15 and #136 has demonstrated, is that particularly in the right,
people don't want a dialoge these days, they want to shout their opinion and state it as fact and they don't believe in conjecture with anyone.

Whatever you believe, value is not the same as fact.

We must return to dialoge in this nation and in this world or we will pay a price by which
we may never recover.

2466 days ago


Those are some of the scariest Halloween costumes I've ever seen!

2466 days ago

miss info    

those are niqabs, not burqas tmz. who needs some edumacation now??

2466 days ago


there are few pictures that you didn't see of the first lady's visit to saudi arabia. and this is an article written in the "saudi gazette" a saudi newspaper.

When US First Lady Laura Bush wanted to make her group of Saudi cancer survivors feel more comfortable, she made the logical choice: she donned a hijab.

Bush's meeting over coffee with a group of breast cancer survivors at the American Consulate on Wednesday was the last event in her extended visit to the Kingdom to boost awareness of the disease.

She said the meeting "showed the sisterhood between American and Saudi women."

The breast cancer survivors at the meeting told Bush that the disease has not only affected them but their children as well.
"And that's why women should take better care of their health," said the US First Lady who hopes to see more scanning centers in the Gulf countries and the Middle East installed, under the umbrella of the ministries of health.

Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi, an obstetrician-gynecologist who survived breast cancer, called on the new generation to break the silence by educating society about the breast cancer. She emphasized its urgency by pointing out that statistics on breast cancer do not even cover the cases in small villages and cities.

Bush rejoined by saying there are researches done by Saudis that identify the cause of the disease, and more importantly, how to beat it.

Breast cancer awareness resonates personally with Bush, whose mother is a survivor.

"In the next 25 years, 25 million women are going to be afflicted with breast cancer but a program like this can help change that," said spokeswoman Erin Walsh.

Al Hanouf Fahad Al-Khayat, a nursing student, said she was motivated to join the group by the lack of awareness of breast cancer in the Kingdom, particularly its psychological and emotional impact on patients.

Professor Asmaa Al Dabag, a senior radiologist and authority on mammography, said doctors here see "a high frequency of advanced cases, lack of public awareness on the disease, and of screening clinics."

Believing that breast cancer can shift life for the better, Lama Al Suliyman of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that her success began after she survived the disease.

"Surviving breast cancer changed how I view the world," she said.

Saudi Arabia

2466 days ago



2466 days ago


Immediately after the photo shoot the second woman from the left was taken out and killed for showing toe.

2466 days ago


why are those women all covered up ? are they really ugly ?

2466 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem you have with Islam is it's a throwback religion that trys to force it's people back to the 7th century. It's a religion of violents and women are treated like crap. Lie to yourself and say it's God's will that a women coverup, but the truth is the men are insecure and can't allow a woman to be treated like a human because they can't handle it. God don't ask any women to coverup for him and that's another lie the muslims and coverts tell others. Look at any muslim country and they can't even built a car because they are sooo violent and have sooo much hate for the Jews. The Jews are doing real well with that little land we call Israel!!!

2466 days ago


Laura is no lady. She's a MURDERER. What will it take for some of you to understand this?

2466 days ago


Something in this picture is just not right

2466 days ago

Lenn K.    

#148 Alexa, please take your medication and I hope the staff makes sure that you don't get to the computer again and lock you backup in the asylum.

2466 days ago


Here is what I don't get about Islam and the way they dress, How come the guys can wear any type of clothing they want but the women can't ? See the double standard ? It looks ridiculous to see a bunch of men in western style clothes and a bunch of black or blue ghosts floating around

2466 days ago
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