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Jada Pinkett Smith Butches Up

10/25/2007 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, she's not reprising her role in "Set It Off," but Jada Pinkett Smith is still seriously trying to play up her thug life. Those Beverly Hills streets are rough, yo!
Jada Pinkett Smith
The 36-year-old celebuwife -- and wannabe hardcore rocker -- didn't wear one of her designer gowns or any borrowed Harry Winston jewels in these ridiculous pics, taken after performing with her metal band, Wicked Wisdom. Strike a pose!

Finally, there's something more preposterous than Will Smith's rap career. Switch!


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2524 days ago


Oh puh-leeze! She looks absolutely ridiculous, she's too old for this shiz (have some self-respect, girl, and act like the mother and WOMAN of your age that you are!!). Geez, and they give K-Fed so much grief for being a poseur-wanna be.....what's SHE?!! (and no, I'm not defending K-Fed, I'm just sayin'.........) Like someone else said, what the h*ll is wrong with just being a wealthy celebrity that all of a sudden you have to get some street cred or whatever?! LMAO, it's stooooopid. She grosses me out.

2524 days ago

Boston Kate    

I like Jada. I like Will. They come across as decent, caring people, in general, and as devoted, caring parents, in particullar. Jada is currently doing a radio spot regarding how to teach children to keep themselves safe from predators, etc.

2524 days ago


I know someone who works for her and she is bi, no big mystery there, but this look I don't get it doesn't suit her whatsoever. I like metal but I wouldn't be caught looking like, this much less making those faces and gestures, its absurd. She has that hardcore look about her so when she dresses feminine it softens her up a bit. The fact that she is so petite this looks even more stupid.

2524 days ago


THIS BAND ROCKS!!! SHE'S NO JOKE! You just need to check her out.

2524 days ago


Why is it so hard to believe she likes metal? You know black people actually like metal and hardcore punk - and we didn't just start liking it either. Stop trying to put her into a box!
And why is it that when a woman is strong she is labeled a lesbian or butch?! Grow up!

2524 days ago


Gross!!!!!!! Her index finger is twice the length of her pinky, reaally nasty and skinny looking fingers - hide those things

2523 days ago


What a poser!She looks like a crack head...

2523 days ago


Jada is awesome! Great mom..give back to the community and seems to be in love with her husband. I think she is just having fun and getting the most out of her life.

You can ride a horse and be in movies and nice ball gowns = Bo Derek
You can be Hollywood, straight, a great actress and refuse the conventional life = Katherine Hepburn
You can be beautiful and kick ass = Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry (Catwoman) and Jennifer Garner

She is just having fun and doing what she wants to do...there is no age limit on that!

You go look fabulous!!!!!

2523 days ago

richard g    

i like her band! they are a good hardcore group!..and im a big fan of NAPALM DEATH!....TRY ATTENDING A NAPALM DEATH OR WICKED WISDOM SHOW AND GO TO THE FRONT OF THE STAGE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

2523 days ago

Chace Daggers    

Greetings ~Jada Pinkett Smith~:
Greetings ~In The Zone@TMZ~

You all remember the song by Madonna "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". So let her
be a little abstract, she will never be as abstract as I am.

Distinguishing Thug Attire from American Traditional Dress. How is that done?

One Love:

2520 days ago


The only thingTMZ and the other News Media can relate to is Britney Spears showing her nasty ass or Lindsey and Paris breaking the law and getting away with it. Jada should have gave the Fu_k you sign!

2519 days ago


Everyone that says she is ugly is a damned lie. Jada is an attractive woman. Have you taken a good hard look around? Most folks are frumpy and homely. Especially you fat a$$es being critical on the computer!

Media tried to convince us that Darryl Hannah, the Red headed chick from Sex and the City, and various other folks are BEAUTIFUL. And most of you jump on the band wagon. Give me a break and think for yourself.

STOP putting people in boxes! If she wants to rock out let her! Why do you care.

2519 days ago


i wander how will and the kids feel about this

2519 days ago
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