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Security Tight for Britney Spears Custody Hearing

10/25/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and BritneyThe custody battle between Britney Spears and K-Fed heats up tomorrow morning, and the court isn't taking any chances, y'all.

According to court officials:

"A second weapons screen station will be set up on the eighth floor tomorrow between the elevators and Department 88. Cell phones, recording devices and cameras will not be permitted past the weapons screen or in Department 88. Reporters are urged to make other arrangements for their cell phones. Anyone who has a cell phone with them when they go through the weapons screen on the eighth floor must give it to the deputies before they will be allowed past. Deputies will then provide a claim slip, or receipt, to retrieve the phone later. Individuals who do not have business in the courtrooms on the eighth floor and do not have a seat in Department 88 will not be allowed to congregate in the hallway."

No phones?! What is Britney going to do?!


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19, and 22 - so right you are. You do not see Kevin taking Shar Jackson to court trying to get those kids (granted I'm sure Shar is a good mother). They don't have a golden ticket like Jayden James and Sean Preston.

2523 days ago


lol now this is funny!!!!!!!!!!

2523 days ago


lol now this is funny!!!!!!!!!!

2523 days ago


Too bad commissioner Gordon isn't able to order Britney to love and give her children tender care.
My guess is that no cell phones are allowed because a lot of them are camera phones, now-a-days. Recording devices have not been allowed in court, as long as I can remember. It has to be OK'd by the judge. Divorces and custody hearings are usually considered to be private matters between the parties involved. Murder cases eg; OJ Simpson, can be seen by the public.
Some people have mentioned that it took them a lot longer to get their cases heard. My divorce ran over seven years, and there wasn't any custody issues involved. Although, our family corporation, was. I guess you have to be a celebrity to get swift justice.

2523 days ago


I hope she loses those kids for good. And I mean GOOD

2523 days ago

Chief Gary    

It is going to be a Zoo with the Media

2523 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I am totally confused. I think EVERYONE on this board is psychotic. If you go to tmz's earlier post (today @ 1:25: Britney & Kfart Got Along Well) and start at post #108, certain posters purport to have information that Kshiit and his attorney are looking for big $s (millions) to just hand the kids back to Britney and walk out of their lives. Read all of the posts from that point on (unless they've all been removed by now). The majority was agreeing that was Kshiit's intention. So basicaly, he is holding his kids randsom - what a great dad!!! Will to walk away from them for big bucks, but, oh, yes ... he is smart - he isn't selling those kids cheap. If he doesn't get the millions, they supposedly have a tier system in place. More custoday/more $. BUT he really wants those children, doesn't he?

Now I check this board and it is mainly Britney bashing again and what a great person kdouch is.

Is everyone nuts????

Take a stand people. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... he is a slimy, ignorent, drug addicted, alcoholic, pathetic, egotistical, ugly, immoral, womanizing, cheating, baby mama ditching, kidnapping (his own for randsom), low life, blood sucking, sleeze bag...

He drove Britney to the point she is at now. And I don't want to hear about the 48 hour marriange. She loved this shiithead and I believe still does. She tried be a family with him and even included his illegit kids from his previous relationship - the one HE CHOSE to walk away from - it is obvious that Britney can't make him do anything that he doesn't want to do. She notified him of the divorce by blackberry b/c he was never home - most of the time he wouldn't even take her calls.

Drug test kturd - have a monitor spend time at his house - have the paps follow him 24/7 - see how fast his gives those kids up. He is the LAST PERSON ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH THAT I WOULD WANT INFLUENCING MY SON!!!

Don't give in to him Britney. If the Commissioner is a human being (and you have a decent lawyer - which I would DAMN WELL MAKE SURE I HAD), it won't be long before he sees through this louse!

If those posts are correct and he is willing to walk away for millions,

2523 days ago


Why is there security at all? Why are my tax dollars being used to provide "security" for a media whore & a no-talent wanna be rapper? Why are my tax dollars being wasted to make a couple of immature, inbred, hillbilly morons "secure" at a custody hearing? No one else gets this kind of "security"; what do these incredibly self centered children merit this?

This just goes to show how LA county sucks up to celebrities, and how officials there deserve to be dragged onto the carpet, to answer for their pro celebrity bias & special favors. Enough already; stop wasting my tax dollars. If they want to be celebrities, then they have to deal with the people & problems their celebrity creates; they should have to deal with that, not me. No more extra "security", extra armed police, police escorts, etc. Quit making me pay for their media whoring & fame chasing; I don't pay taxes for that.

2523 days ago


Britney is an alcoholic, drug-taking, kid ignoring, self centered, lip pumping, cheeto eating, crotch baring, mess of trailer house trash!
We could all care less about her.

2523 days ago


# 46 You are really twisted talking about Shar. She was abandoned while pregnant and
selfish/heartless Brit could care less. Both are to blame but Britney will never hold a candle to Shar. She didn't go off the deep end even though she had every reason to. Watching these two parade around while she was pregnant and she also had another baby as well She has come through this mess and has taken care of herself. Your cheap shots are disgusting. Obviously you have no morals...just like Brit.

2523 days ago


oh for all the scholars out there.... I meant to say "kick people when they're DOWN"... not done so have fun with that

2523 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#53 You are right. K-Loser and his shyster lawyers will hand over the kids to Britney for lots and lots and lots of money. Of course, Britney has to pay the shyster lawyers fees, too. This sham has been in the works for a long time. No wonder Britney is so "out to lunch". Imagine knowing your husband always just wanted your money - since the day he met you. And he will lie and steal to make sure he gets it. K-Fed a good father?? Don't make me laugh. I think he is a criminal. He knows he has no skills and can't earn a living. So, he gets Britney's money and lives on easy street the rest of his life. He's a world class BUM.

2523 days ago

sicko Lambert    


2523 days ago


Shouldn't we all be predicting tommorow's outcome by now?

I'll take the first shot. I predict that Kevin will have full custody, and Britney will have monitored visitation rights. There is no money involved. Just if you are right or wrong.

2523 days ago


Am I the only one who is getting really tired of every Britney comment ending with y'all? Come on's getting real old.

2523 days ago
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