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Brit Has Left the Courtroom -- For a Moment

10/26/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ just watched as Britney Spears, with her hair down, walked out of her custody hearing, escorted by a handful of Sheriff's deputies and her lawyer. As she walked out, she looked agitated and upset.

Then, two minutes later, she walked back into the courtroom, with her hair now on top of her head. Hair and makeup!

One note, her lips are ENORMOUS. You cannot make out the shape of her upper lip.

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2553 days ago

ay ay ay    

The article says "her lips are huge. You couldn't make out the shape of her top lip." Am I the only one wondering if she burned it on a crack pipe given her months long downward, spiralling plummet?

2553 days ago


I think we're all forgetting that this case is about parenting, not who did who wrong before, during and after the marriage. The judge doesn't care about their sexual escapades as long as they don't affect the children. Something if way off with Britney, though. I don't think she knows how to be a caregiver. Hiring nannies is not an excuse for lack of parenting skills. They're babysitters, not substitute parents.

2553 days ago


Mr. Lee - great - the difference between your sister and Britney is that your sister got help. Britney refuses help from ANYBODY. And you took your sister's children away from her. This is exactly what needs to happen to Britney.

And you continue to make women look like helpless azzes by implying that so many women only consider their self worth what they get from a man. Typical rhetoric from a male. If that is the case, then it is the male species that continues to disallow a woman to be a self person.

You can only see things from a males point of view. And we all know that Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

2553 days ago

just me    

One can only hope that the bad karma TMZ projects toward this unfortunate woman in peril will return to plague them tenfold. How dreadful the mean-spirited comments are inserted into reports disguised as journalism!

2553 days ago


sanityrules--just shut the hell up, will you? Man, you are weird.

2553 days ago

Julie G.    

#23 comment post, Maybe her mother has had been busy writing a parenting book Pop Culture MOM! I think Lynne Spear is using her for her meal ticket! Probably that is why Britney doesnt understand how important to be a mom to her boys while continue complaining about herself. Her mother is also a self- adorbed mother as well, Why did she would wanted to write a book about her daughter during all of this? Something wrong in this family!

2553 days ago

ann from nc    

She is a walking time bolb to herself. It's a wonder she hasn't hurt the kids by accidental carelessness. She is everywhere ever second changing clothes hair make up SOMETHING IS WRONG with her.
She needs meds bad but only the right kind. You can get things to fake negative pee test.
Please actions are everything. She didn't even respond to the kids when they were with her. More changes of hiar clothes. poo poo and everything else.
Money or no money that comes with the kids he is more stable for now you don't see the
kids in cars eating Wends happy meals 24/7 at all hours of the night also these kids are too old for a passy. Sher thinks in her looney mind that being seen with the kids is a good motherly thing. WRONG If K fed (not that I like him really but hey he did finally have to get out of Dodge too. He didin't get alot of money.) Why isn'
t he on the cover with the kids and storys for money. It's just a observation. Like her music or what ever she is not a package deal

2553 days ago


They call her bat- bat masterson!

2553 days ago


i usually don't comment on stupid stuff like the britany but i am so sick of her and if people would just stop listen or watching everything about her maybe she would just go away. she is a lost cause and there are just to many important things out there for us to worry and care about. she cares for no one including her two sons or anyone else in her life for that matter. but everytime i turn on the tv, open a mag, or liaten to the radio guess who? it's all in your face, maybe if we had a channel that handled strictly smut the rest of the world could just move on to things that matter and whoever liked to watch someone so stupid self destruct could wallow in the dirt with her.

2552 days ago


Wow, what's up with her lip? PSI 50 lbs? Yikes!

2552 days ago


Either Brittney is putting on a super act, or she has totally lost it.

2552 days ago


Mr. Lee... It's great to see honest, intelligent people on this site. I don't come to expect that much coming on here to see what crazy stuff TMZ is "reporting" (and I use that term lightly). I diagree with sanityrules that you are making it out like women just depend on men. I understood your post, loud and clear. Some people are more dependent than others. And when they are so dependent and they lose that person... it is quite likely that their world would go into a tailspin. I'm not saying that is definitely what Britney is going through.. because how could I possibly know that... but that's also why I choose not to bash her or hate on her. Because I don't know what she's been through. AND all this information that people are insulting this person about, is GOSSIP. So... that helps too. I suppose maybe I come off a little more soft hearted because I am someone that was extremely dependent on a man, and allowed him to basically tear me apart and it in turn tore my life apart. It is AMAZING what something like that can do to you... to the point where you no longer recognize yourself... it is terrifying. I myself, did not result to drugs, and I do not have children. But I do know exactly what it is like to "lose yourself" in all different sorts of ways, though, I did get myself help and removed myself from the situation.... It's just not right, for people to be attacking her the way they do. It's sickening actually. Because you never really know what someone is going through. people act like she is this serial whore/serial murderer that deserves to be killed... I mean... REALLY!!!!

2550 days ago
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