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Dourdan a Conehead

10/26/2007 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every time Gary Dourdan gets near a motorized vehicle, he does something wrong.

First, he attacked our cameraman for no reason -- while next to his motorcycle, then he was pulled over for speeding and making his signature illegal U-turn in his Charger, and last month he parked the same car in a handicapped spot -- without a permit.

Last night was no different -- the "CSI" star hopped into a Ferrari (how many rides does this guy own?!) and almost immediately drove over an orange cone, getting it stuck in his tires. Someone get this guy a driver!


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Logo Designers    

cant believe he drove over a cone

2495 days ago


will you guys quit reporting on this blowhard. I am sick of his stupid car and his stupid attitude!

2553 days ago

Mike B    

I have to ask. How do these idiots get insurance? They are the reason that everyone else has to pay high premiums.

Every time you turn around one of these idiot so called stars wreck. And this guy thinks he is above the law and is going to kill some one.

2553 days ago

Geoff Straubinger    

As other's said, its a Ferrari...not a Porsche.

Brad : The 456GT doesnt have the gills behind the front wheels.

This is a Ferrari 575M Maranello. While both the 550 and 575M look similar, you can tell this is the 575M because of the rear scoups just above the back wheel.

I also agree this guy is a real tool-box.

2553 days ago

jimmy d    

this is a ferrari

2553 days ago


For a site that does investigative reporting, You would think they would know the difference between a Porsche and a Ferrari. That’s like not telling the difference between
Tara Reid and Kim Kardashian.

2553 days ago


Has he been in anything but CSI? He is such an idiot!!!

2553 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

So he hit a cone. Lock him up. Pfffft.

2553 days ago

Has he been in anything but CSI?

2553 days ago


A friend of mine works on the CSI set, and has said that everyone thinks this guy is either a heroin addict or a full blown alcoholic. He's constantly late on set, inconsiderate, is sometimes incoherent and is a total prima donna; they're looking for ways to get rid of him.

Next time you see a picture or a video of him away from the CSI set, take a look at his eyes; he's always ripped or drugged out. What a total loser; he's making millions & he can't even stay sober...

2553 days ago


who is the total loser? TMZ reports on him and you comment. Gary is the winner for the publicity.

2552 days ago


From the video you can see Douchedan is not wearing a seat beat. Isn't that against the law in CA?

2551 days ago

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