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K-Fed Wants Brit Caught on Tape -- Commissioner Rules

10/26/2007 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Britney AM hearing is over -- it was all about videotaping Brit's deposition.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told the judge he wanted to videotape Spears' depo, because the way Britney speaks is as important as what she says.

Sources tell us that during Britney's last court appearance, her words to the Commissioner sounded sincere but they were dripping with sarcasm.

Spears' lawyer, Thomas Dunlap, argued that there have been tons of leaks and he didn't want the videotape ending up on

The Commish said he was not concerned about Britney being videotaped because she seems to court all that with the media. He said, "Your client's concern on paper makes sense, but the ongoing pattern with the media and with the kids doesn't square."

Parent Crap -- click to launchBut ultimately, Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled he would not allow a video because he was concerned about the content leaking to the media.

As for TMZ getting the story as to what was in the parenting coach's report, Commissioner Gordon said, "I am deeply impressed by the investigative work of the media, although I think it's a little stretch of their talent." Aw, shucks!


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Well if I'm a paid blogger by K-Fed You must be paid by Britney This is the problem.
Again you're lacking in judgement. The blind leading the blind.

2518 days ago


DOUBLE STANDARDS may know what "double standards" means, but doesn't know proper grammar nor correct spelling. Now go away.

2518 days ago


The family court has already made a decision to keep much of these proceedings sealed. Presumably that would include content in a deposition from either party or other involved persons about issues of parenting and child care. Concern about a video leak of such court proceedings is understandable. The court proceedings are formal, legal matters. Being photographed or filmed while out in the public eye is quite different. It seems the commissioner here has a bias against Spears that just oozes out in comments he makes. This surprising bias may be in important in future, if there should happen to be an appeal.

2518 days ago


This is so sad for those babies. Those babies need to know their mother and father and need to spend equal time with both parents. It would be a real shame if the kids get taken from their mother over money. What has this world or should I say this country come to? This country's justice system is shameful.

2518 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

To those who keep harping that K-Fed 'just wants her money', you must be reflecting your own greed to put that on him. They are his kids, and he loves them dearly, and is taking the actions necessary to keep them safe. Do you think they are safe with her as she is now?!
You act as though he would have no feelings for them as their father. Maybe YOU would be focused on the money, but you can not speak for HIM. You're projecting.

2518 days ago


good idea give the kids to britney's mom
she did SUCH a good job raising her OWN kid.

Who would you rather..............have watch your kids while out on a dinner date:
1. Britney Spears
2. K-Fed
3. Your 16 year old neighbor girl on the honors socieity.
4. Judge Judy

And for all you who think Britney should get her kids back, well, would you trust YOUR kids with her??

2518 days ago

just wondering    

.K.N.......6 kids?...I thought 2 with Shar and those cute little kids...where r the other 2 from?

2518 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

You people defending gold digging K-Dud are as nasty as he is. How do you know he is a good father? We never see them with him. The paps don't follow him around 24/7 like they do wih Britney. K-DUD JUST WANTS MORE MONEY. If Britney didn't have any money, K-Dud wouldn't give a hoot about getting custody of her kids.

2518 days ago


i do agree that the judge is a loser.he should do his job without the media influence.and am a bit suprised that people are seeing k-fed as the role model dad.have you all forgotten how this guy left a pregnant gfriend and a child for britany''s short is everybody's memory.he used to smoke weed when britany was pregnant in the house and he was all over in vegas while britany was pregnant.i don't think britany is all that bad ,yes she needs to get somethings right in her life.i.e her kids!!.britany was not this crazy until she met k-fed.for me the question is why is k-fed fighting brittany over the kids,he must know in his heart that she is not a bad mum,or is it because she will stop paying him in november and the child support money will take over from alimony.make up your mind people.

2518 days ago


heh heh heh... Girlfriend has to put herself in front of Commissioner Gordon today, after she publicly dissed him. heh heh heh

2518 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#52 K-Dud supports all four of Shar's illegit children - with Britney's money, of course. Guess the father of her first two is a slimeball like K-Dud

2518 days ago


#54, there is no proof Brit publicy dissed the Judge. It's all hear say from TMZ. Oh that's right, TMZ is never wrong, they tell the truth. Don't always believe what this site or any gossip sight writes unless you are there to see it yourself, first hand. Just my opinion.

2518 days ago


Kevin Federline doesn't want any "more money". He wants primary custody of the children, and he wants Britney Spears to be a better mother. Agree?

2518 days ago

just wondering    

...Geez....I didn't know Shar had 4!!!!!.......and VICTORIA...he wants full custody because lots more $'s come with that!!...he isn't going to get more that 50/50 all this is fruitless in the end!!...but it is drama that will go on forever because he will be dragging her back in to court everytime she does something he doesn't like...just to keep trying to get to the almighty dollar!!!...very pathetic...all of this..and these kids r the only 2 who will suffer in the end...what a life they have ahead of them!!!!...I have posted many times....MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL..

2518 days ago


Does anyone doubt that the judges and prosecutors are as out of control as th paps?

Put the entire system in California under Federal supervision now.

2518 days ago
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