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Prince, Record Label Go Crazy over Dancing Baby

10/27/2007 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the battle between record companies and Internet users over copyright issues, an 18-month-old baby dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" finds himself smack in the middle.

Stephanie Lenz posted a 29-second video clip of her son dancing to the Prince track back in February, according to ABC News. In June, she received an email from YouTube saying that her video had been removed at the request of Universal Music Publishing Group, and that she could have her YouTube account canceled in the event of any future copyright infringements.

In response to Universal's "takedown notice," Lenz filed a "counter-notice" and her video was restored six weeks later. For its part, YouTube told ABC that they are bound by provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to honor all takedown and counter-notices.

In a statement released to ABC, Universal said, "Prince believes it is wrong for YouTube, or any user-generated site, to appropriate his music without his consent ... It's simply a matter of principle."

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Give me a break

2522 days ago


Copyright infringement????? I think Prince - or whatever he's calling himself these days - needs to get over it! If anything, he should be grateful some people are still listening to his music. What a moron!

2522 days ago


ok, that was so DUMB!

2522 days ago


prince is a little has been bitch! Grow's not about your stupid's about a funny clip of someone's little boy. Celebrities make me sick!!!!

2522 days ago


It's a 29 second clip of a baby dancing! OMG!

2522 days ago

nonny henny    

That is ridiculous.

2522 days ago


This is FREAKING PATHETIC! I'm a mom to two little boys...if I could con them into dancing like that...I'd certainly be breaking out the video camera! Who cares that its Prince's song...he should be happy anyone is listening to his music in the first place...and its an 18 month old is the only one who likes it!!!! Stephanie you have a beautiful little boy! Keep taking movies of him dancing...just not to Prince songs any more.

2522 days ago

Big Frank    

Does this mean we have to edit out any of his music from our wedding video? Or should I ask PRINCE for permission to keep it in.

2522 days ago


Here come all the cackle hatchery women to say it's get a life to Prince.

It's You Tube Policy and she violated it you morons.

2522 days ago

Big Fella    

Universal, greedy bastards. Prince, delusional cross dresser.

2522 days ago


Oh Please! how stupid..... Now people needs his consent to listen to his music and dance to it? I've alway thought Prince was some type of weirdo....

2522 days ago


I guess the only thing more stupid than that is the fact I'm commenting on it. :0) Go Cowboys!

2522 days ago

little momma    

Do you know how many times I have recorded one of my 4 kids dancing to a song??? About a million times. It is funny to watch your kids dance. I think that is taking it to far, copywriting......Oh Please!!! Prince should be grateful that someone is still dancing, or evening listening to his stuff!!!!

2522 days ago

nonny henny    

That is ridiculous.

2522 days ago


are you kidding me????? Seriously the mom was having a good time with her children and she had the music on to entertain them?? what is illegal and no principal about that?? I mean the point of him selling his music so others can enjoy? so it happens the mom was taping her kids dancing to the music he sells for US TO HEAR AND DANCE what does he want us to do buy the C.D and never listen to it!! seriously Prince your music is good but not the good get over it!!!

2522 days ago
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