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Renee Might Want to Consider Peoria

10/27/2007 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Renee Zellweger recently told People magazine that she was moving to New York to avoid paparazzi. Well, so far, it hasn't worked.

Zellweger was in New York to shill for her new film, "Bee Movie," and was greeted by a snapstorm of shutters as she arrived at her Midtown hotel, and again when she left to go to attend the premiere. Despite her misgivings, she actually posed sweetly for cameras.

Elsewhere in NYC, Ciara celebrated her birthday at Nikki Beach ... just the first of many soirees, so she told us. And Petra Nemcova did her best to play hide and seek with the cams, but we still managed to spot her.


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act as a shill; "The shill bid for the expensive carpet during the auction in order to drive the price up"
a decoy who acts as an enthusiastic customer in order to stimulate the participation of others. So you are saying Renee's a con and crook?

2532 days ago

Judge Myers    

Can anyone please tell me what it is about Renee Zellweger ? This chick is fugly as can be - is there even a single picture of her not looking like some sort of retarded child ? I mean, this woman clearly suffers from some kind of eye disease. She can hardly speak a sentence without inexplicable pauses, and her face keeps pulling oddly grimaces all the time. Someone help the girl - and whilst you´re at it, fix up that Tom Cruise geezer, too !

2532 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

ny has plenty of paps

2532 days ago


lol..i live in peoria, and there is nary a pap in sight
thanks for the shoutout tmz

2532 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

How come sometimes Renee looks really cute and then other times her face is greasy and bloated and her eyes look like little slits?

2532 days ago


Renee, sweetie, if you want to avoid the paps, get out of show biz.
It's called common sense. Get a job as a secretary and you won't have
any paps following you. Oh wait, secretaries don't make millions of dollars.
That's the problem right?

2532 days ago


hey im from peoria. i didnt know people in la even knew it existed! hha

2532 days ago


she may want to consider liposuction of the cheeks, and eye surgery to open them up! she is annoying! way overrated!

2532 days ago


She's ugly, no one wants her picture anyway.

2532 days ago


why don't you photo-leaches stay in LA...we don't want you in New might get hurt here..stick with the plastic people and palm trees...puleeeeeeeeeease

2532 days ago


the paps have gotten way out of hand...they should not be allowed to harrass people...even's not wonder celebs have accidents...I'd run you guys over if you surrounded my car as I was attempting to pull away....someone will get really hurt and that will enforce stricter laws regarding the harrassment of pushy lowlife photographers....just because someone is an actor/actress does not mean they need to constantly be followed and bombarded by these idiots with cameras...back off!

2532 days ago

brian scott miller    

Oh Renee, You shark, your as see through as Brits new underwear.

2532 days ago

firefox lover    

Renee translated: Don't forget about me, paps.

Honestly, could these celebs be any more transparent?
What Renee should have done is just mail a change of address card to the paparazzi which would have at least, been more honest.

"Despite her misgivings, she actually posed sweetly for cameras. "

gee really? who'd have thought?

2532 days ago

She's ugly, no one wants her picture anyway.

2532 days ago

oh please    

What is it about her? A radio personality in Texas said she looked like H.R. Puff and Stuff. Since I have heard that comment, the more I see of her the more the comment make sense.

2532 days ago
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