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Gabrielle vs. Winona

Who'd You Rather?

10/28/2007 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bring It On" hottie Gabrielle Union turns 35 on Monday, while Winona Horowitz (aka Winona Ryder) turns 36.

Who'd you rather?
The question is ...


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I'm a bit surprised by this outcome. Sometimes I think it has to do with who's in the limelight more at the moment. Anyway, Ryder is FAR from flat-chested and I think she has a pretty face; beautiful soulful eyes. Gabrielle is pretty, but to me, there's no contest. Winona all the way.

2559 days ago


Are you guys sure that that's not Anne Hathaway in the second picture?

2559 days ago


My cousin wants to know if Ms. Union is dating sexy Hill Harper of CSI:NY. The rumor is: she is but is it true. Does TMZ have the dirt on this. Enquiring minds want to know.

2559 days ago

O J Simpson    

Gabrielle will yell and scram rape years later and bitch and moan and complain and try to be a matyr for a "rape" her entire life.
HELL NO to a whiny bitch whore

2559 days ago


To #28, grow up! If it was your mom, aunt or some woman you care about that had that happen to them, you wouldn't be saying that. Then again, maybe you would. Your issue I guess.

To #29, this is 2007, not 1887. You say that in public but if you had the chance to screw that "ugly" black woman without your skin head buddies knowing it, you probably would.

There are a lot of young "peanut gallery" fools on here.

2558 days ago



I dare you write such politically incorrect words. You should have a permanent ban status applied to your beige color toothpick peckerwood. Your choice can consist of your liking, but it does not give you the right to debase someone based on their ethnic composition. Besides, the only reason you want Winona is because you know that she would do anything for a designer knockoff.

2558 days ago


Ummm.... Helloooooo? It's Tuesday and no new birthdays? Wasn't anyone famous born today? Or, are you just saving this space for more crappy Britany Spears news???

2558 days ago


By the way, to #29, that wasn't to you. It was to Sandman earlier who thought it was cool to make statements with a racial overtone in them. Guess TMZ agreed because his post isn't there now.

2558 days ago

johnny blue    

My choice is Winona!

2558 days ago


I don't agree with the racial discrimination comments but #34 you don't have to bash Winona.

2557 days ago


My choice is Winona TOO.

2557 days ago


reply #34,37: “Politically Correct”? What may or may not have been so 10-years ago probably didn’t stand the test of time as is the case so often. What saddens me more with your need for Political Correctness is your dishonesty? If kidding yourself helps you sleep at night more power to you. We may disagree on any number of things; I would rather know what people are thinking and why they do, then whether they were simply trying to appease the masses. Many of my thoughts are removed and of course that pleases you. Why has the site in the last half-dozen instances put a black woman up against a white woman asking for a vote? Why do they do that? I’m not surprised that black trumps white in the vote tallies. Look it up; in each case black scores higher than white. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe the sites audience is a higher percent black, or whose sexual preference knows no bounds? Tyra Banks? Whitney Houston? Beautiful Women. Sexually? Not attracted to them that way, but very beautiful. Personally; not attracted (sexually) to black woman. I don’t even like tans. Different strokes and I don’t have a problem with that (you do). Your (politically correct) dream world (the land of make believe) isn’t real. It may make you feel better, it may be all you are prepared to handle, but it only makes you weak. I would rather surround myself with people who are honest, than with sheep who are more concerned with what others think than being honest. Forbid someone with an honest idea or feeling to express it, and your little glass world comes crashing down around you…Thank you…

2557 days ago
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