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Original Temptation Ain't Too Proud to Sue

10/29/2007 7:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Otis Williams, the only surviving member of the original Temptations, is suing three former members of the band for using the name "Temptations" -- which he claims they don't have the right to do.
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In a lawsuit filed on Friday, Williams alleges that he is the only person with rights to the name "The Temptations," but Glenn Leonard, Ali Woodson and Barrington Henderson -- former members of the group -- have been performing under the name "Legendary Lead Singers of the Temptations" and/or "The Temptations Reunion Show" since 2004.

Williams claims they are infringing upon his ownership of the name -- and that by accepting lesser billing at certain shows, they are hurting his reputation. He also claims that they are accepting fees "considerably lower" than the standard fees charged by Williams for performances by the Temptations.

According to court documents, Williams is also suing managers who worked with the "Legendary Lead Singers of the Temptations," as well as venues which promoted them. He claims that advertising used to promote the band was deceiving and hurt his ability to work as the Temptations.

Williams is seeking the maximum amount of damages under the law, as well as interest on all damages awarded, legal fees, and -- get this! -- any properties and assets obtained by the profits of the defendants' infringing activity. Get ready, cause here he comes!

SBE Entertainment, one of the defendants in the case, had no comment. Another defendant, Nick Scully, had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment. Attempts to contact Glenn Leonard, Ali Woodson, Barrington Henderson and the other defendants named in the case were unsuccessful.


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For those of you that added disrespect to this web site, you are ovious not children of the Temp. era. Did your mother not raise you to be polite and keep negitive thoughts and comments to youself. In the 60's and 70's my dears the Temptations was loved by all. After Berry Gordy their mananger was Shelley who was white man that helped push thier career to be loved by all. It is a shame that it is still racist people like some of you around and it is a shame that you are most likely raising your children to think like you. If Otis has done something personal to you then thats a horse of a different color, but the way that some of you talk you can tell that you are even making comments and don't know what you are talking about. Otis you are the greatest and the Temps were the greatest. May God continue to bless you.

Lady Dee

2488 days ago

just a follower    


2515 days ago

Ew, scuzzy old Black guy named "Otis". lol

2515 days ago


Getting money on others hard work ... only because you were an original.. work damm it!!!

2515 days ago


i know a boy named sue

2515 days ago


Otis deserves whatever he sues for. He is an original and should control the name. Given the choice of seeing Otis or one of the newer guys it would be otis all the way. And you with the racist comment are just a lowlife.

2515 days ago


If you own something and someone uses it they should pay you for it. I agree with OTIS, and am a true fan of the TEMPS! Otis is the only living original member left. I would collect on my groups name. For the person that said he should go to work.HE PUT IN THE WORK LONG TIME AGO. They are cashing in on his work.....

2515 days ago


Seriously ae you so young or uninformed that you don't know the Temptations? Otis is the founding and only suviving member he is not taking money from other's hard work he created the Temps and hs been performng as a Temp for more that 40 years and these slackers who sang back up in a random recording session in he 80's are calling themselves Tempations and putting on some half assed show in crappy clubs and usng the name Temptations and disappinting fans.

2515 days ago


1 boy does not make the Temptations - this low IQ low class jerkweed approach will probably send him back to jail where he belongs.

2515 days ago


Lock up all the Temtations - that is where those boys belong ..."just my 'magination..."

2515 days ago


otis sucks, he wasn't even a temptation imo he just stood in the background. as far as im concerned they are all already dead, but their music will live on. he trying to live off of songs ruffin, blue, paul, and eddie made famous

2515 days ago


I thought Barry Gordy owned ALL the rights to the GREAT Motown artist. Much love and respect to Otis(but seriously- i thought he passed away years ago)

2515 days ago


What is wrong with you punks the Temptations deserve respect. There is not a artist or group performing now that was is some way influenced by Motown.Comments that the Temptations deserve to be in prison are just plain ignorant.

2515 days ago


Wonder why the 4 of them could not work it out then rake in $100M or so on tours?

2515 days ago


He has every right to sue! Thats like a group of guys getting together and calling themselves Motley Crew or the Legends of Rolling Stone and leaving the ORGINAL group members out of the profits

2515 days ago
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