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O'Reilly In Am-Bush League of His Own with Rosie

10/30/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly hasn't been able to get Rosie O'Donnell on his show, so he brought the show to her!

The FOX News host sent a cameraman and a producer to a Long Island book signing O'Donnell was doing this weekend, to ask Rosie why she wouldn't come on his program. She told O'Reilly's people, "If Bill wants me, he should phone me himself. He's a big boy."

But then the conversation turned to 9/11 and how Bill feels that Rosie mangled the truth by claiming it was "an inside job." Rosie responded, "I didn't say that, he's quoting the wrong people." Someone on TV got something wrong?! Get out!

As the conversation became more heated, one of Rosie's handlers started to shove the camera guy, but Rosie told him not to because, "That's what they want."

The whole incident subsided, and on last night's show, O'Reilly reiterated his invitation for Rosie to appear. He shouldn't hold his breath!


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Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

I wish the dirty bastard would hold his breath permanently along
withHannity, Coulter, Limbaugh and all the rest of the hate
mongeringright wing turds!

2529 days ago

death on a cracker    

28. it's damn true...Lets hope someone like you does not reproduce.

Posted at 12:20PM on Oct 30th 2007 by Janice

any why is that??? becuase im not a sheep and dont follow the masses... Becuse i Actually do research on a topic before i post... of becuase im not like you and just assume the truth is what they tell us?

Why shouldnt i reproduce Janice....? you need to let me know why you think that becuase right now you look like an Idiot.

2529 days ago


Why are so many ready to blast Bill O when he tries so hard to bring truth of the good & bad of mankind to us? Rosie is in serious need of help ....and we should pray for her along with some of the other misguided Hollywood folks.
Why feed the terrorist when so many of our American men are dying to keep us safe over here in the USA? I have a grandson over there & I resent our Americans lack of integrity. Go there & live if you don't like it here. Bye Rosie...and Thank God that Bill O'Reilly speaks for the good people of the world.

2529 days ago


Rosie ...Oh poor rosie....NOT! People like her should be shut out of america and made to live in iraq for ...Hmmm 30 day's? All those celeb's who run their mouth about bush and O'reilly being anti american...making little quick tours over seas and then come back to their big fancy homes and cars...Sick! No one cares about what they think. They get on tv and act like they really care about what's going on in the world. All they know is what is going on in their bank statement and next fashion or awards show. Hollywood was once a wonderful place full of talent. Now it's just actors and their kids making dull movies and remakes that don't even come close to what hollywood once was...No wonder the industry is losing money.

2529 days ago


its damn true----Your spelling, grammar and overall mentality answers the question.

2529 days ago


its damn true, You are a certified nutjob. THAT is the reason you should never have children. This world already has enough loonies.

2529 days ago


My husband works right next to the Pentagon, and he was there when the airplane hit the building. Idiots. Tell that to our friends and colleagues who died that day.

2529 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

@ #13...

I think your tin foil hat is on a little too tight!

Do you honestly think celebrities are Gods? What do you think they did BEFORE they became celebrities? Answer, they are/were average every day people like you and me (well, maybe more like me! LOL) Anyway, their JOB is to ACT. The fact that they have convinced you that there is some conspiracy regarding 9/11 means they are very good at their craft.

Guess what?! We also landed on the moon, and fluoride in drinking water does NOT cause cancer.

The more you know.

2529 days ago


Was he trying to provoke her into a rant? What an A**!.

Why do The Donald and Bill O have such a facination with Rosie. Leave her alone!

2529 days ago


Mr. O Reilly is nauseating and has got to be the most irritating person on T.V.

He needs to find a plastic surgeon that will hook him up with some balls.

2529 days ago


Rosie wants to spew her crazy thoughts unopposed by anyone. She is a coward!

2529 days ago

death on a cracker    

My husband works right next to the Pentagon, and he was there when the airplane hit the building. Idiots. Tell that to our friends and colleagues who died that day.

wheres your proof???????? i have mine.... im not just going to believe what you say just becuase you "say your husband works there) i have video with NO plane..... idiots.

2529 days ago


Bill O'Reilly is WRONG!!!! He has completely mis quoted Rosie and twisted her words.. I can't even STAND to watch him because he LIES!!! Anyone... ANYONE who believes this liar is wrong. Rosie is not a bad person and I think it was horrible what he did to her.

2529 days ago


Your point is valid? Why? Because YOU say so? lol Your ridiculous. You wouldn't know validity if it hit you in the face. And spelling tells a lot about one's intelligence.

2529 days ago


Planes do go poof!! When full of jet fuel and goin a million miles an hour LOL! There were traces of the plane left at the pentagon and the twin towers you goof! My's clear to me that the majority of messages here that are anti bush/bill or american are from people who maybe never finished school or paid attention in science class? Did you really expect there to be an entire plane left at any of the crashes? Look at the twin towers...God bless them. Anyway so much jet fuel and the force of both planes took them down. How is that hard for anyone to conceive? The structures were man made..Not made by god. So why is it so hard to think that they couldn't come down by two giant planes that exploded with force none of us could even imagine? Anyway this entire deal here isn't about's about rosie being an @ss and bill oreilly calling her out! From now on i'm staying on the subject and the rest of ya can go hide in your basement's with tin foil on your heads and talk about how aliens control bushe's mind...LMFAO!!!

2529 days ago
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