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Former Manager to Brit: Gimme More Money!

11/1/2007 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonny Wright -- manager of such high-powered acts as Justin Timberlake, the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC -- is suing his most famous client, Britney Spears, claiming she hasn't forked over commissions owed him from when she was actually famous for her performing.
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Wright Entertainment Group (WEG) managed Spears until February 2003, but were supposed to keep receiving commissions until February 2008 for deals they negotiated on Brit's behalf. Now WEG claims, that Spears stopped paying in December 2006. Oops!

The lawsuit, filed in Florida by attorney Clay Townsend on Monday, alludes to Spears' erratic behavior of late, saying WEG made a concerted effort to work with "the various business managers hired and fired by Spears."

WEG is seeking unspecified damages and attorney fees.


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fha secure rates    

pay her the money!

2550 days ago


Pay up bitch

2550 days ago

a guy    

"when she was actually famous for performing" that shiit was funny TMZ

2550 days ago

mickey lou    

Leave poor Brit alone! Go pick on money grubbing k-jerk

2550 days ago

fha secure rates    

she needs to get a good whooping

2550 days ago


And this manager just happens to choose NOW to bring his lawsuit? She's been acting like she's been off the rails for a YEAR!

Britney is the butt of many jokes that she has set herself up for, but this guy would seem to be taking advantage of the position she is in with her legal battles right now.

What an opportune time to be "piling on". He's afraid of how much child support K-Fed is going to get and he wants to settle his before the babies' get theirs.

I'm not really liking this guy.......

2550 days ago

mickey lou    

Make K-jerk pay!

2550 days ago


Everyones got their hand up Brittneys skirt for something. Did she actually sign a contract??? I think everyone has just figured out she really is this dumb and are all goin' for broke now. She better have some kind of money manager or she will Michael Jacksoned.

2550 days ago


A fool and their money soon part, In Britneys case, they shouldn't have gotten together in the first place.

2550 days ago

a guy    


2550 days ago

just me    

I'm a big believer in the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I think Brit messed up, probably with a lot of encouragement from her new (now former) Federline husband, when she started making career management changes. Seems she fired all the people who managed her career and who made the decisions that made her a pop star and made her rich. In just 5 short years, from 1999 to 2004, she went from being a struggling wannabe to being a mega star at the top of the pop music heap. Then at the top of the heap she decided to "fix it" and it's been "broke' ever since.

2550 days ago


all the drugs and booze this "tramp" took has fried her brain, cant blame K-fed on that one - Britney appears to do just what Britney wants .... no one including a Judge, courts etc cant tell Ms.Thing, she needs to go back into rehab and start acting like a "adult" not a spoiled child..... And whats with the lips and bug glasses - EUUUUUUU

2550 days ago

J Doe    


2550 days ago

scared victim of ugly Jocelyne    

leave poor britney alone. she already lost her kids to federline. make some k-jerk pay up the dough

2550 days ago


You people that still support Britney amaze me. You are just like her, blaming everyone else in the world for her problems. Her biggest problem is not taking responsibility for anything that happens to her. From where I stand, she has brought on every single thing that has happened to her. Only a child blames others for their "boo boo's." A lawsuit is usually the final straw when all else fails, and that is probably why it's been filed now. OR, would you rather they wait until poor Britney decides to take responsibility for her commitements? Yea, like that will ever happen. She can't take care of herself, her children and her career. I'm sure if her CD is doing well, it's because it's one of those "freak" things you just have to buy just cause it's a conversation piece. As for K-Fed, we don't know what kind of father he is to the children but at least he hasn't sunk as low as Britney. Apparently the mother of his other two children thginks he's a good father and she should know better than us. No, Britney has made a career out of nothing being her fault and I, for one, am tired of her shining like a child.......and her fans do the same thing...oh wah, leave poor Britney alone, it's not her fault" Give me a break! All of you grow up!

2550 days ago
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