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Nick Hogan Rocks Hot Rod Show While Charges Loom

11/1/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan made a very public appearance with fast cars at the big SEMA car show in Las Vegas yesterday, just one day before Florida authorities say his criminal case could be moving forward -- and a short time later, Polaroid, the sponsor of his drift car, dropped him from its roster.

While his pal John Graziano, the former Marine who was critically injured in the souped-up car Hogan crashed on August 26, remains in a coma in Florida, Hogan spent the day kibbitzing with fans in the NOPI Drift Racing Booth at the show.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the case against Hogan could go to the State Attorney as soon as today.

Meanwhile, Nick's dad, Hulk Hogan, spent Tuesday night partying at the Playboy Club in The Palms Hotel.


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Why is this idiots mouth hanging open?? and why is he out and about
when his "hero" friend is in a coma?
what a loser...
His parents got exactly what they deserve.!!him

2515 days ago


this freaking loser kid just doesn't get it does he. His immature actions have left a young man, who survived Iraq in a vegetative state for the rest of his LIFE...does Nick have the brain capacity to comprehend that.. Obviously NOT. I don't think daddy's money can buy him out of this one and I'm happy about that.

2515 days ago

Sister Golden Hair    

This kid shows absolutely no remorse! His father tried to act like this was no big deal, but his friend survived 2 tours of duty in Iraq only to come home and be critically injured by this over-indulged loser. Hulk you should be ashamed of yourself. Teach your children some respect and accountability for their actions, you'll be doing us all a favor.

2515 days ago


Way to go Polaroid!!! I was wondering why they were sponsoring him in the first place. All he could talk about was that sponsorship. I am glad that he lost it. They cops should not have let him get away with speeding and reckless driving all the time and it might have never gotten this bad. The law enforcement is partially to blame for his friend.

2515 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Nick is a complete loser and deserves to be raped in jail for many years. The funnier thing though, is his sister claims to be all innocent, while she whored it up with an aquintance of mine.

2515 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Nick and Hulk out playing Halloween - while John is in limbo! But - the old saying - Money buys the best justice - I hope that is NOT the case this time. Nick is a complete moron - his sister is a dumb ass - and Hulk? a washed up wrestler! Mom? a compete moron. NONE of them seem to understand: you don't let your son drive fast cars when he has the mentality of a 2 year old!!!!The Fl. cops are as much to blame for this - too - as they let him off so many, many, many times!!!! Maybe if they'd have nailed him the FIRST time and the SECOND time and the THIRD time - John would be alive and well - not in a coma! I hope I see them in jail - ALL OF THE HOGAN'S for contributing to Nick's total stupidity!

2515 days ago

Vintage '51    

Too bad this turd can't be flushed down the toilet.Mommy and Daddy will have to stand by him "because" but he needs to be held accountable for his actions and apparent lack of remorse.Time to grow up Nick.Time after time you read about serious wrecks where the driver comes thru unscathed while their passenger (s) ends up dead or their injuries life threatening.Nick was lucky and he knows it."Stupid is as stupid does" mamma always said.Let's hope for John's family that justice will be served sooner than later.

2515 days ago

2 cute!! least Polaroid did the right thing and dropped him! Why do both kids look sooo damn old? It's weird neither of them look their age...and Nick thinks he's some kinda player. He needs to be in jail, his friend is as good as dead..and Nick is off racing. Wtg...parents, another dysfunctional famous family...gross!!

2515 days ago


how does he still have a florida state drivers license?

2515 days ago

Triple Play    

Nck Hogan is a Jerk. There is no remorse. He is so dependant on his steroid dad it makes me sick. How do you spell major loser? NICK HOGAN son af a big jerk brother to a HO

2515 days ago


in about 15 years this will be one of Britney's kids . . . .
like it or not - that's what that kind of parent produces . . . . .

2515 days ago


These are the LOSERS who are getting reality shows. Hulk's kid is a spoiled brat from hell. So are most, if not all, of the reality show brats.

2515 days ago



2515 days ago


I can't wait for the Hogans to go away for good. Hopefully Nick will go to prison, where I'm sure he will be even more popular. The Grazianos should sue the hogans for every cent they have and then I would love to watch the Hogan family deal with the REAL reality of working every day at a real job. They wouldn't last one week.

2515 days ago


His appearance there was in very poor taste. Isn't he ashamed? Why didn't his parents advise him not to publicize ANYTHING to do with cars/racing, etc... Kinda like Lindsay Lohan doing a commercial for Absolut Vodka or something...

2515 days ago
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