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Paris Goes Postal

Caught on Tape

11/1/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't piss off Paris Hilton! She'll get you!

TMZ obtained this exclusive surveillance video of Paris gettin' royally miffed in a Toronto porn shop, after spying a cardboard cutout of herself -- hawking her sex tape!

Watch the entire clip here, showing a skeleton-hoodied Hilton demanding to talk to a manager, threatening to sue -- and then ripping down a display before leaving the store.

Hilton's manager tells TMZ that the store voluntarily gave her the cutouts.


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Can the U.S keep this whore & her diseases out of Canada??? We hate her anywhere near us. Bitch.

2516 days ago


silly idea at the end of the day..

Posted at 11:03PM on Nov 1st 2007 by jr

And the award for best comment so far goes toooooo jr!!!

That ending comment is classic!! That should be her "new" catch phrase!

2516 days ago


haha...she is such a complete dumbass...I would have handed her the phone and asked if she needed me to dial it for her...told her to call her lawyer..what a whiny bitch..NOTE to paris,dont video yourself having sex and stuff like that wont happen..did she honestly think it would stay private?What a piece of work,her parents must be so proud..
That store owner should have asked her to autograph them just to piss her off.I suggest that he put up a big poster so next time,it will really 'disgust' her.I am glad to know that seeing herself disgusts her almost as it does the rest of america!!

2516 days ago
49. Is a BETTER adult store chain. I feel sorry for all those LOSER Detroit, MI shoppers who have to (((settle))) for far, far inferrior Lover's Lane. Whenever I see those ads on Detroit locals (WJBK, WDIV, WXYZ, etc.), I feel sorry for them.

2516 days ago

Geisha Yeast    

ah, leave the poor kid alone. She's harmless, and you predators are shameless, picking on a no-count, when you should be directing your considerable resources to other, more important matters, such as Britney's latest courtroom fiasco.

2516 days ago


I am glad to know that seeing herself disgusts her almost as it does the rest of america!!

Posted at 11:12PM on Nov 1st 2007 by so sick of stars whining

I like this final statement too!!! Ohhhh how to choose best post? This really is a classic tape - whoever owns it has a gem!

2516 days ago

Always Curious    

I'm bored, but even that video is boring to me.

2516 days ago


She wasn't ranting like the press has said (Perez & TMZ included). Seemed pretty calm to me.

2515 days ago


wow, Just when I thought Paris couldn't top herself anymore.... I was just thinking that Hilton, along with Jacko and Courtney Love, are masters at self-promotion, then along comes this.

Parasite arguing at a porn store over her porn video....dressed in a bag of bones. LOL Perfect cartoon.

2515 days ago


Paris get over it...You are trash. You shouldn't have opened your legs for all to see and video tape it. I thought u were Miss Smart Business Woman. U should have known better.

2515 days ago

Mitchell Parker    

Now TMZ, I love you guys and gals.....but after viewing that video on your TV show and twice here on your site, I really don't see Paris going "postal" in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I think she handled the matter quite courteously and was very civil. And, she has the right to request her image be removed if it was not authorized. See, when you say "Paris Goes Postal" most people will believe it without even looking at the video, and that's really doing a disservice to Ms. Hilton. This is just another case of the media trying to make something out of nothing.

2515 days ago

Roy Smith    

I don't understand,Canada is supposed to be cracking down on allowing Americans with DUI convictions from entering Canada,yet Paris Hilton,a known person convicted of a DUI & in fact spent time in jail,is allowed into Toronto? Can anybody explain how Joe Average American Citizen can be stopped at the border & forbidden entry for a past DUI conviction,no matter how long ago the conviction was,but Paris can run around Toronto,& don't tell me its because she wore a skeleton costume & nobody recognized her?

2515 days ago


hahahaha when she bends to get something out of her purse i think its a mirror to see how she looks in her costume Paris you just cant help it you are a true loser.

2515 days ago


The skeleton video beats out her sex tape.

2515 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Costume? What costume?

2515 days ago
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