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Brit Under Investigation by LAPD

11/2/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD is conducting an investigation into a traffic mishap Friday, when Britney Spears ran over an L.A. County Sheriff deputy's foot.
Britney Spears
We're told the "traffic collision complaint" was filed by the Sheriff's Department and the LAPD is conducting an "active investigation." We're told the LAPD is looking at the possibility of hit and run.

The incident occurred as Brit was leaving the L.A. County Courthouse after her custody hearing.

UPDATE: The LAPD tells TMZ "The LAPD is aware that Britney Spears was leaving the courthouse. We are also aware that a deputy was injured. The LAPD is unable to confirm the details on the deputy's injury because the investigation is in its initial stage."


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Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Ok, guys - do you see what has happened? tmz hasn't posted an "article" about Britney since this one that was posted on on 11/2/07 at 3:13 p.m. x17 has posted two articles since then (including one which includes pictures of her with her children and "the monitor"). Since we all seem to need our Britney fixes, we all keep posting to this last article written about her - I think this will be post #560 (and that doesn't count the ones that tmzurd has removed). And, as we know, this is by far NOT the most titillating article that tmz has posted deserving this many comments.

So, what's up? (1) Has tmz been court ordered to stop harrassing Britney? I think not. (2) Has tmz finally decided to give the girl a break and stop reporting on her every move as most(?) of the people on this board have requested? I think not. (3) Has Britney decided to say home and out of the limelight? I certainly hope so. (4) Is tmzurd proving to us that we really DON'T want them to stop posting about Britney?????

What do you think? I doubt it is the looming writer's strike (enough said there). So, my conclusion is that for all of us yelling to LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE, "we" really don't want tmz or any other site to leave her alone. Therefore, we can all hold ourselves responsible (including me), along with tmz, for pushing this girl to her final limit. I know that I'm ashamed of myself - how about all of you? Just wondering.

2545 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To: #564, All The Answers: Duh, watch the video!! (1) That will confirm the FACT that was not only the deptuy who got her foot run over also bumped into a fellow officer who was also standing to close to the car just before she got her foot run over. LAPD - crowd control, PLEASE - your deputies/officers were getting crushed by the paps - who is in charge in these situtions in LA - the LAPD or the paps????? (2) TMZ is partly responsibe for her behavior or the perception of her behavior b/c they are constantly in her face with camers for every move she makes AND then they print misleading headlines which causes crazed posters to go nuts!

2545 days ago


C'mon people give the girl a break. She's had enough problems and most of them lately have been because of the press. They mob her every time she steps outside. With that kind of mob surrounding her all the time, how could she possibly know she had run over anyone's foot? The press needs to back off and let her get her life together!

2545 days ago


this silly bitch will not be happy until she's safely tucked into a body bag! somewhere there is a blank toe-tag just waiting for old Brit. What a shame! Talented (if her clap-trap music is your thing), attactive (if your into trailer-trash boff meat),and rich (but not for long at the rate she spends her dough). "Moma's, don't let yer daughter 's grow up to be Britneys"! And puleeze, tell her to keep her draws on in public!

2545 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Brit is awsome = she commands more attention than anyone except for Princess Di. CA and the rest of the states need to wake up and make some laws about blocking the streets and sidewalks and stalking (waiting outside) for pics. I thought that was called loitering but nothing is ever done?

2544 days ago



2544 days ago


I am not sure why Brittney has not driven her car into the swarms constantly around her car. If you don't want to get run over then get away from her car.

2544 days ago


When are you people going to move on and leave her alone, I don't really like her but enough is enough....Why would any of you not see that with all the people around her (including you)with her every move is that you are creating all of this crap...runinng over someones foot, is bound to happen...good LORD, move guys wouldn't have a job any where if it wasn't for the meanless crap that you put out there...and you other idiots believe this meanless can tell this all comes from men that haven't a clue on mothehood or the very real side that this could be medical....this poor child has no one on her side to see if this could be postpardon inbalance...get another poor have run this to the ground...

2544 days ago

brit hater    

I find Brit to be a disaster and a waste of film but I think this whole OMG She ren over my foot too crap to be rediculous. MOVE BACK FROM THE VEHICLE DUMBASS!!! Didn't your momma ever teach you to look out for cars? I try to give myself more than ample room to let a car pass by rather than risk serious bodily injury for a shot of Brit with what? Another Starbucks! SOOO WHAT!!! SEEN IT!!! BORED BY IT !!! Find something more interesting to shoot. I'm sick of the same shots of Brit over and over. Be a little unique, and find something with a little soul to put on film, not the same ol' same ol'. Surprise us.

2544 days ago


I have to say I defend britney alot. But I am thinking she should hire a driver instead of driving herself. It is so caotic and crazy when she does. SO Britney hire yourself a driver and a personal assitant to do your unimportant errands. This way you will save a few headaches for yourself.

2543 days ago


Video of Britney Spear's accident is on

2540 days ago


Well, I'll be honest, I attribute a lot of the accidents, etc to crazy paparrazi idiots, including TMZ.

These clowns relentlessly pursue these people giving them no peace at all. Everyone needs some time to themselves.

I really think that the parazzi, the sleezy tabloids, sleezy celeb websites, etc. do everything that they can to try and get the celebs to mistep, etc.

I really don't see how the celebs keep there cool like they do. I would be prone to give the stupid paparazzi, etc. a good ole fashioned a--- whoppin. That's what most of them need.

These clowns are responsible for deaths, mishaps, etc.

2540 days ago


OMG! This WIG WEARING MEDIA WHORE is a billion times better
than Britney or Chris Crocker. This is awesome. WATCH IT NOW.

OMG! This WIG WEARING MEDIA WHORE is a billion times better
than Britney or Chris Crocker. This is awesome. WATCH IT NOW.

OMG! This WIG WEARING MEDIA WHORE is a billion times better
than Britney or Chris Crocker. This is awesome. WATCH IT NOW.

2538 days ago
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