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Brit Under Investigation by LAPD

11/2/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD is conducting an investigation into a traffic mishap Friday, when Britney Spears ran over an L.A. County Sheriff deputy's foot.
Britney Spears
We're told the "traffic collision complaint" was filed by the Sheriff's Department and the LAPD is conducting an "active investigation." We're told the LAPD is looking at the possibility of hit and run.

The incident occurred as Brit was leaving the L.A. County Courthouse after her custody hearing.

UPDATE: The LAPD tells TMZ "The LAPD is aware that Britney Spears was leaving the courthouse. We are also aware that a deputy was injured. The LAPD is unable to confirm the details on the deputy's injury because the investigation is in its initial stage."


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Yes she gets into alot of trouble while she's out driving her car, that's because the mobs of paparazzi around her obstructing her way. Instead of blaming Britney for what's clearly the media's fault why don't you guys petition your lawmakers and have them do something about creating new laws to keep paparazzi away from moving vehicles and some distance away from people walking in and out of places and down the street. Change the law out there, its up to you people!

2544 days ago


Won't the LAPD look like total morons if they file charges. I'd hate to have to drive surrounded by a hoard of people like she is. Of course she will end up driving over people's feet.....they keep putting them in front of her tires! Idiots!

2544 days ago

Chris E    

To those of you making comments she ought to get a driver, you'd be saying, "Oh what, the girl can't even drive her own car?" Yeah, you all need lives.

2544 days ago


When britney hit someone's car she didn't stop to leave a note or look at the other car's damage, just her car.
When Britney ran over a pap she didn't stop to make sure he was ok.
Now when Britney ran over a cop she didn't care to stop either.

Is anyone else seeing a pattern? The girl only cares about herself!

2544 days ago


Come on guys, she knows what kind of attention she brings, anytime, so especially on a day of such importance you would think that she would snap... and do "something" remotely "responsible"... dont you think? Gosh, i dont know, i just keep thinking that a light bulb is going to come on anytime.
She has just got to start snapping...

2544 days ago

just me    

The LAPD is looking at the possibility of hit and run?

I suspect that will be a difficult case to prosecute since the driver would first have to have knowledge of the "hit" and second "run" with the intent to avoid punishment and claim for damage. One might even blame the cop for causing her injury the same as an injured jaywalker would be at fault. The cop was too close to the moving vehicle. Does TMZ think people are too ignorant to know that? But then, some people obviously are!

2544 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Ma'am. Please, PUT THE STEERING WHEEL DOWN! I won't shoot you, even though I want to, I won't, just put the steering wheel down....

"Ding dang, y'all got such big feet out here."

2544 days ago


okay... you try to drive away with 100 idiots standing around your car... like I said before "Move the hell out of the way!!"

2544 days ago


He should have know that Britney has a foot fetish.

He shoulda moved on back.

2544 days ago


Would you people jump into a mob of flashing lights and people grabing at you? How do you know she knew she ran over the cops foot, so many people are bumping into her car just to get a picture of her thru the front windshield. Looks like so many stars are revolting against paparazzi shots right now more now than ever before it's obviously getting overwhelming for alot of people. Change the laws!

2544 days ago


Why on earth do police need to be deployed to protect this bimbo? Let her fend for herself. I resent tax payor money going towards security, in the form of police protection for her. As for the people who say it's the fault of the paparazzi, it's not. It's Britney's own fault for conducting her life like a train wreck.

2544 days ago

Semper Fi    

iPOD cell phone..............$400.00
Carribean Cruise............$1300.00
2008 Hummer II..............$58000.00
Britney Spears running over a cops foot......Priceless

I think I'll go buy her CD so she can get richer.

2544 days ago

britney fan    

Leave her alone c mon look at all those people around her, she cant control the people and they should get away from her car of they dont want to be ran over.

2544 days ago


She is so yesterday

2544 days ago

too bad    

Like any unfit, selfish, bitter single mom Britney thought she could get back at Kevin for leaving her(after she kicked him out) by abusing and neglecting his children. Then, like any spoiled, self-absorbed slut she decided to get back at her Mom because her Mom probably told her how to raise her kids, so then she prohibits her Mother from seeing her grandkids. But, guess what Britney??? California is NOT Louisiana. Unlike her hick town, where slutty, spoiled & ignorant twits get away with this kind of repulsive behavior, in California there is a HUGE family court system set up to protect innocent children from their parents who are too immature to get over a divorce. She is so screwed and it keeps getting worse, because she has no idea of how her life will forever be embedded in the CA family court system. Once the court is involved, your private life, famous or not ,is now the courts business. She really screwed herself and all she had to was not party around her children and attend to their needs. Of course, she is too immature and jealous to keep a good nanny around so putting herself in charge of her children was her worst mistake. She will forever pay the price for her immaturity. forever. The investigations & lawsuits that we see now are just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing this, her family has an obligation to intervene , yes, her family. Where are her parents? They should have had her committed along time ago...but appear to be more interested in selling her next album.

2544 days ago
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