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Britney - "Immune" to Getting Knocked Up?

11/2/2007 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears doesn't want another "adorable mistake" to join Sean and Jayden just yet, but it looks like she's been rolling the dice with her birth control for a while.

Life & Style reports that Brit-Brit was getting Depo-Provera injections every three months as a contraceptive, but thought it was making her gain weight, so she went on the pill. Problem is, "She's constantly forgetting where she put them," says an insider, "She seems to find it amusing -- she laughs at how scattered she is."

But some alleged hookups with "pals" Sam Lufti and JR Rotem could lead to yet more little Brits. Says a friend, "She seems to think that just because she isn't in a formal relationship, she's somehow immune to getting pregnant." Where do them little booboos come from, y'all?

Did Dog's Kid Sell Him Out for $15K?

Could the pup have thrown the Dog to the wolves? Duane "Dog" Chapman's lawyer says that it was Tucker Chapman -- the object of Dog's racist invective that was just revealed by the National Enquirer -- that sold the tape of his father's voicemail to the tabloid, for $15,000.

Brook Hart tells the AP that Tucker was pissed at his dad for his angry rant, and went to the Enquirer with the tape , just as Dog feared he might. Dog apologized to his son and his girlfriend, and learned how the tape got leaked. Wonder what his bark sounded like then.

Santana's Marriage Not So Smooth

Guitar hero Carlos Santana and wife Deborah have filed for divorce after 34 years, according to court docs.

Deborah filed for divorce in Marin County Superior Court on Oct. 19, citing irreconcilable differences, and she's alleged in the past that Carlos has been unfaithful. Even Carlos has admitted mistakes; he has said, "I sincerely apologized to her and to my kids when I wasn't in my right mind and did something hurtful."

The Santanas have three children, ages 17, 22 and 23.

Party Favors: Winehouse Will Appeal Pot Possession Fine ... Zeppelin Reunion Delayed by Jimmy Page's Busted Finger

Amy Winehouse's lawyer says that she didn't know that paying a fine for a marijuana bust in Norway was the same as a guilty plea, the latter of which could create problems for Winehouse working in the U.S. So, reports People, she's going to appeal the $714 fine. ... That big Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London on Nov. 26? Not happening until Dec. 10, because Jimmy Page fractured his finger, says FOX News.


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I agree. He just markedly cut the families earning potential - for a mere $15K. He must have been jones'n for drug money. He didn't even negotiate well. Only an idiot destroys his family. What the Dog said was HORRIBLE, but keep it in the family.

2511 days ago

Old School    

tMz whats up with your censoring bloggers??

2511 days ago


Dog was really wrong for his racial remarrks, but his sone was equally as bad for selling him out, This entire story is really sad.

2511 days ago


To much information on Britney. No need to know what type of birth control she uses!

2511 days ago


Hey Dog, I see that when you give your life to Jesus, you are saved but then the pressures start for you to drop your old life-flesh and start working and living for Christ, all this trsh talk, trouble in Mexico is a wake up call direct to you from God, listen, heed the warnings, the loving touch from God. God does not condem like the world, he rebukes you with conviction not condemnation.
God has great things and a great life in store for you, drop the anger, the macho act and live for Christ.

2511 days ago


TMZ is seriously dropping the ball on what is and is not acceptable to report. Invading Britney Spear's privacy about the type of birth control she uses, and whether or not she takes it, is outrageous! I can't imagine how anyone would feel after that is being released to the public, and with Ms. Spears in up to her chin in problems right now, that's honestly the last thing she needs. Stop kicking people when they're already down. Enough is enough! Find some REAL topics to report on!

2511 days ago


Dog I have to say.... MAHALO!!!

2511 days ago


Dog's son is dumber than a box of rocks if he really sold that tape for only $15,000. I thought it would go for at least $500,000.

2511 days ago


Chapman was sentenced to five years in a Texas prison in 1977 after a conviction on
charges of the first degree murder of Jeremy Oliver.

DOB: 02/02/1953

In Pampa, Texas on February 28, 1976, Chapman was charged with DWI. On 3/29/76 he was
sentenced to six months probation.

Also in Pampa, Texas on September 16, 1976 he was charged with Homicide. On August
18, 1977 he began serving a five-year sentence and paroled on January 31, 1979. His
parole was terminated on December 20, 1980.

No mention is made in his Texas criminal record of arrest or convictions for armed
robbery though Chapman claims to have been arrested 18 times for armed robbery.
However, he does have two more DWI?s, Burglary (2 year jail sentence) and Possession
of Burglar Tools.

On 3-5-98 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property (case number 98GS915487) and
entered a not guilty plea. No disposition listed.

In the Denver County Court on 5-18-88 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property
(case number 88GS723787). Not guilty plea entered. No disposition listed.

Also in the Denver County Court on 9-12-88 a complaint was filed against Chapman for
Disturbing The Peace (case number 88GS883457). He entered a not guilty plea; the case
was continued without a finding.

In the same court on 10-10-88 complaints were filed for Disturbing The Peace,
Disorderly Intoxification and Impersonating An Officer. He received a fine of $91.00.

Again in the same court on 8-15-90 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property and
Disturbance By Use Of Phone (case number 90GS012017). He requested a jury trial. No
disposition listed.

On 10-09-97 Mr. Chapman was complained against for Disturbing The Peace and Assault.
He pled not guilty. No disposition listed.

In the Jefferson County, Colorado Court on 12-21-97 Mr. Chapman was charged with
Failure To Present Proof Of Insurance, Use Of Vehicle Without Registration and
Driving With License Expired (case number 1997T 015610). On 7-29-98 he pled not
guilty to the failure to present proof of insurance, then changed his plea to guilty
and received a fine. He pled not guilty on the remaining two complaints and the DA
ultimately dismissed them.

In Jefferson County, Colorado on 10-9-98 he was charged with Forcible Entry and
Detainer (case number 1998C 011706). Not guilty plea entered; DA dismissed the case
on 1-15-99.

On 04-04-99, Chapman was charged with Domestic Violence in Nenana, Alaska under case
# 4NE-99-00003CI. The Plaintiff was Lyssa Rae Bargas. The case was dismissed on

In the Denver County Court, Colorado, on 5-28-99 he was charged with a Seat Belt
Violation. He pled guilty and paid a fine totaling $68.11, inclusive of court costs,

In Denver County Court on 8-25-99 he was charged with Violation of Court Orders (case
number 99GS807757). He then posted a $500.00 bond and was released. On 9-10-99 he
FAILED TO APPEAR. He pleaded not guilty and the case is closed without additional

On January 25, 2000 in the Denver County Court he was charged with Disturbing the
Peace and Assault (case number 00GS933296); both cases dismissed on 5-15-02.

In Adams County, Colorado, on August 20, 2002, in case number 2002M 003004, Chapman
pleaded not guilty to Obstructing A Peace Officer. On 12/12/02 the District Attorney
dismissed the case. On the same date he was also charged with Disorderly Conduct and
Unreasonable Noise. No disposition listed.

On June 18, 2003 Chapman was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico on charges
of Criminal Deprivation of Liberty (kidnapping) and Conspiracy. He was released on
$1,450.00 bail under a condition that he reports to the court every Monday. On July
7, 2003, he failed to appear. On July 8, 2003, Judge Jose Jesus de Pineda issued a
warrant for Bail Jumping.

Duane Chapman's previous relationships
Debbie White

Debbie White, was not married to Duane, gave birth to their son Christopher Michael
Hecht in 1969 . [26]

La Fonda Sue Honeycutt

Chapman married La Fonda Sue Honeycutt April 1, 1972 in Texas; [26] they divorced in
1977 while he was in prison. They had two children, Duane Lee Chapman and Leland

Anne M. Tegnell

Chapman married Anne M. Tegnell on August 22, 1979 in Colorado. The marriage also
ended in divorce. They had three children. Zebediah Duane Chapman, Wesley Chapman,
and J.R. Chapman

Lyssa Rae Brittian

Chapman married Lyssa Rae Brittain on June 22, 1982. They were divorced on November
20, 1991. They had three children, Barbara-Katie Chapman, Tucker

2511 days ago


Very scary and tragic thought that Ms. Spears could bring another child into this world in her present party swinging lifestyle. I pray it doesn't happen!

2511 days ago

Jane Doe    

A&E would be better off finically were they to let the audience determine if Dog the Bounty Hunter is to remain on the air, instead of "civil rights" leaders with an obvious agenda-one of which is NOT to clean up their own backyard.

I listened to the conversation that was released. There is much more to this story. Obviously Tucker's girlfriend threatened to record Beth and release it to the public and a huge brew-ha-ha- broke out and Dog said it's either her or us. Well, Tucker chose the sex and not the blood.

For $15,000 and some vengeance the kid sold out his Father and siblings. It was not only his Father hurt by this ultimate act of betrayal. This bounty hunter seems very loyal to family, despite their problems. But hopefully he won't be so quick to forgive this boy when he comes running back-and he will come running back.

This is family business. He does not portray any racist tones or attitudes on his show. I see this "civil rights leaders" demanding he be removed from the television for these comments he never intended for publication. Where are the demands for removal of those that do, such as the rappers, actors, etc?

The public is getting VERY tired of the blatant hypocrisy. The public is getting VERY tired of the thought police.

This boy chose to make a private conversation public. Sobeit. It's a reflection on him - not his father.

I will now be watching the show.

2511 days ago



2511 days ago

Team Jon    

Dog Chapman's is a racist bastered

2511 days ago


Reality check on the Britney birth control. Unless you already have an incurable disease, who is going to bang her without at least 2 condoms. Personally I'd tie a Rottweiler to the end of it before raiding that tomb.

2511 days ago


Dog's son did not "sell out" his father. Dog sold out his son by backing him into a corner the way he did. Can you imagine the anger the son must have had after hearing his father talk about his G/F that way? Dog got what any parent has coming to them when they treat there offspring so horrendously. A&E needs to let his show go.

Carlos Santana has had severe anger issues for years and has been in therapy. I guess he stopped therapy and his wife couldn't take it.

2511 days ago
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