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Connolly vs. The Bandarazzi: Who's the Douche?

11/2/2007 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Connolly tried to point out how stupid the kids following him with a giant radio were, but he was the one who came across like a douche.

The "Entourage" star was signing an autograph for a fan, when three kids (who had no problem getting Nick Carter to pose with them) came up behind him with their "ghetto blaster" in hand. Connolly didn't take too kindly to them, calling their routine "the dumbest f**king thing I've seen in my life." Oh, the radio wasn't actually playing any music.

Apparently, these kids are trying to get as many celebs to pose with them as possible for some kind of music video. One kid tries to give Connolly their website, to which he shot back, "Yeah, shut up."


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Well, apparently TMZ took down comment #32. I'm glad that they worked it out. But some of you should try to look at it from Kevin's perspective. Imagine you are walking down the street with Paparazzi following you, snapping your pic, throwing out whatever comments they can think of to see what kind of reaction they can get out of you, then at the same time fans are following you, trying to talk to you, trying to get you to sign something and pose for a pic. Some of them are coming up behind you with something large. This would all be daunting and frustrating to anyone. I'm sure he wasn't trying to be rude or obnoxious. From what I gather they were approaching him from all around and suddenly starting to film this video that he knew nothing about. I don't blame him for reacting that way.
Do you stop and talk to all strangers or sales people who approach you on the street?

2493 days ago

Ryan Seacrest and Kristy Lee Cook    

I just saw the unabridged version of this video on Kevin Connolly's page on and he turns around when he gets to his car and says "good bit" to the band. He was playing along for the cameras. TMZ edited the footage for its website and cut out that part. This confirms what the band said about how he was really nice when they got to the car and talked to them. Check it out if you get a chance:

2491 days ago


Do celebrities actually forget who puts the bread and butter on their table???
WE the fans!
So get your head out of your A$$ and freakin pose with a couple of kids being funny! That's what kids do...act dumb!
Kevin Connolly is a douche bag!

2512 days ago



2512 days ago


LC - I agree!!!

2512 days ago

College Grad    

@TMZ what about the radio makes it a "ghetto blaster" ..I'm a little confused!

2512 days ago


I've had the (dis)pleasure of meeting Kevin a couple of times...and he is a certified a**shole in person.
No worries though, he'll be back to being a nobody in a couple years.

2512 days ago

Shop Girl    

What a petulant little man.

2512 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

#4 It's been called a getto blaster since the 70's

2512 days ago


gay much kevin? one kid sure got your panties all in a bunch.

obviously he's a field mouse! otherwise why pick on a kid who's out there having some harmless fun. you're a coward connolly.

2512 days ago

Judge Myers    

What a freakin dwarf. I never understood just why he landed the E-character on Entourage, because Kevin Connolly clearly is the most boring, annyoing character without any appeal. He is a red-haired little midget who for some odd reason happens to play E. Especially in contrast to Johnny Drama, who is the funniest character ever to hit television, laid-back Vince and easy-going-Turtle, E just is the guy you would like to punch right in the face and dismiss him from the show.
Hard to believe that midget at some time dated Nicky Hilton !!

2512 days ago


The dude is entitled to his privacy. Most people would act the same way if strangers ran up behind them and did the same thing. I sure as hell would, haha.

2512 days ago


Connolly's good at beating down kids; however, because of his small stature and his requirement to look up to adults; he must call everyone sir or mam or risk getting pounded....brave man smarting off to kids

2512 days ago


I disagree, I like his character on Entourage. After Piven he is the best actor on the show. His character is the moral conscience BITCH.
I do think he was over reacting a bit but I think he just felt like the kids were making fun of him.

2512 days ago

RUN Bandarazzi    

It's not these kids fault that they are taller than him. So Kevin's own societal SHORT comings are actaully making fun of him. Not these boys fault. Does anyone know who these kids are though? Where can I hear their music, cuz I couldn't hear it on the tape? Are they any good? what kinda music?

2512 days ago
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