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Dennis Cole Busted. Wait -- Who's Dennis Cole?

11/2/2007 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Cole was busted in Florida yesterday. Who?
Dennis Cole
The former husband of "Charlie's Angels" star and K-Mart shmata seller Jaclyn Smith had a major run-in with Fort Lauderdale Police, who went to Cole's home to serve him with a domestic violence injunction -- but police say he locked himself in a room. Cops were eventually able to open the door -- and Cole was promptly arrested on one count of obstructing justice. He was released on $100 bond early Friday.

It's unlikely that you remember Cole for his roles on "Fantasy Island" and "Murder She Wrote." Cole was married to Smith for almost three years.


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Geez people, the man is 67 years old. You are only talking about how badly he aged? I say not bad looking for someone 67 years old!!!

2491 days ago


His only child, Joey, was murdered during a robbery attempt in 1991. The case was never solved. So sad.

2491 days ago


His son, Joe Cole, was the author of Planet Joe and best friend of Henry Rollins. He was an amazing guy whose untimely death was the inspiration of Sonic Youth's JC. He was brutally murdered in 1991 and his senseless murder is still unsolved. Dennis Cole was most recently working as a real estate agent and investor in Florida. Very hard times have fallen on the Florida real estate market in the last 2 years. Joe Cole was the best thing this guy ever had anything to do with and it's no wonder he looks so tragic!

2491 days ago


i know he aged, but he really looks different. wouldn't have recognized him at all.

sad story. i had a mini-crush on him!

2491 days ago


and we care why?

2491 days ago

M'lissa Cassidy    

Jeez, I hope I look that good at 67. What do you think happened to him........ He got older like all of us...........

2491 days ago

alkaline alison    

How about you also report that the poor man's son was brutally murdered, a crime that remains unsolved, and from which he's never recovered. He may not have been a mega-star and may not have any note-worthy roles behind him but then again, neither does Paris Whoreton and look at the coverage she gets.

2491 days ago


He also used to be on "The Young & The Restless."

2491 days ago

Jaye Kean    

I remember him. He used to be good looking, with chiseled features. He did a lot of episodic tv in the "Magnum PI" type of macho guy mold. Those mug shots are never flattering anyway, in all fairness. Just go to the smoking gum website and view some of those celebrity mugshots. Pretty bad.

2491 days ago


He was an Adonis in his day.
Look kiddies at what hard living will do to you.

2491 days ago

Jaye Kean    

I meant to write smoking gun, not gum. PS: He was a model before he was an actor..

2491 days ago


Did he use to play on 'The Young & The Restless" around the same time as David Hasslehoff?

2491 days ago


Remember him well from 60's and 70's TV shows. He was also on the cover of every gossip magazine around 1971. Only the young would not know who he is (was). He used to be a hunk. Hard to recognize now.
Warning to young ones — this will happen to you when you hit 50. You'll be looking at aged photos of stars you thought everyone knew (Zac Efron, Britney, Lindsey, etc.). In the year 2030, your kids will be saying "Dude, who's that old F@@&^?"

2491 days ago

Jaye Kean    

Yes,he played Lance on the "Young and the restless." My Mom used to watch that soap.

2491 days ago

jim ault    

jimmy sez- My how the petals have fallen off the rose. We all remember what a hottie he was back then. I bet him and Jackie had some good sexual times. Thanks Harvey, I haven't heard about this guy since the early 80's. Find Lee Majors 4 me.

2491 days ago
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