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Dennis Cole Busted. Wait -- Who's Dennis Cole?

11/2/2007 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Cole was busted in Florida yesterday. Who?
Dennis Cole
The former husband of "Charlie's Angels" star and K-Mart shmata seller Jaclyn Smith had a major run-in with Fort Lauderdale Police, who went to Cole's home to serve him with a domestic violence injunction -- but police say he locked himself in a room. Cops were eventually able to open the door -- and Cole was promptly arrested on one count of obstructing justice. He was released on $100 bond early Friday.

It's unlikely that you remember Cole for his roles on "Fantasy Island" and "Murder She Wrote." Cole was married to Smith for almost three years.


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At one time he was a very handsome guy.

2546 days ago


I remember him appearing on Charlie's Angels in the late 70s, and that is when he first met Jaclyn Smith. He was incredibly handsome back in the day. We all age, and the show was 30 years ago so you can't expect him to look like he did.

2546 days ago


Original MOD SQUAD guy, too, costarring w/ Peggy Lipton & Clarence Williams III.

2546 days ago


I have been looking at his website. He seems like a good guy who just ran into some trouble. I hope he gets through this OK.

2546 days ago


Good gawd, Lance, what happened to ya!! Wait....that was 34 years ago.

Just a little reminder to enjoy what you see in the mirror today because it doesn't last forever.

2546 days ago


He was very good looking when he was younger. His son was murdered quite a few years ago, his only child, and he hasn't been the same since. He was on a show last year that was trying to get new info about his son's death. He was pitiful. I think once the murder is solved he will have a great burden off his shoulders and maybe his life can get back to how it once was, if thats possible after losing a son/daughter. And, in his defense, I have never seen a beautiful mug shot of anyone that I know off. Anyone remember James Brown's mug shot from a few years back? Now that was SCARY!

2546 days ago


His life went down hill because of the murder of his son, and from what I remember, I think it went unsolved.

2546 days ago


I remember him--he was really handsome! That makes me think of another actor of his time--Jan Michael Vincent. The last I read about him he was/is homeless. He makes Dennis look like Brad Pitt! Does anyone know if Jan Michael is still alive even?

2546 days ago

No she didn't......    

Wasn't there accusations of him hitting Ms. Smith? I don't care what trauma/loss you might have, violence is never right.

2546 days ago


Dennis used to water his lawn in very little clothing, a sight for sore eyes in those days. What few people know is that he started out doing "physique" modeling for gay magazines. Actually, I believe he was known as a rather likeable guy -- sad.

2546 days ago


I remember him, and yes, he looked good back then, but, we DO get older. He has had some rough times, for sure. Hope he can find some peace.

2546 days ago

Kat Ramone    

Too bad not many remember him...Guess this just shows my age--I didn't read all the comments, but hey, this guy was married to "Angel" Jacklyn Smith, he was probably one of the most well-recognized and popular TV actors during the '70's, I remember him on many, many shows and he was on the cover of practically every teen and gossip magazine around--and tragically, his son was murdered when he was walking home with punk/hardcore legend and roommate, Henry Rollins (and puh-leeeeeeeeeze, if you don't know who Rollins is...I am just a TOTALLY OLD BAG! But hey! Rollins IS MY AGE) in LA several years back...Cole's kid was stabbed to death and as far as I know, the murderer was never caught. Rather sad...So, that's who Dennis Cole is...check IMDB to find out more.

Kat Ramone

2546 days ago


that's what drugs does to the human face

2546 days ago

WHo the frick is he?

2546 days ago

LA Confidential    

Let's see - in the 1970's he was basically banned from Paramount Studios because of his threats to actor/director Bill Bixby including his manager pulling a gun on Bixby.

Yes, there were founded allegations of his abuse of Jaclyn Smith. He was arrested for domestic battery of his then girlfriend shortly after the divorce. He was involved in a major fight with the late Chris Penn in Santa Monica in the mid 1990s that landed Dennis in the hospital.

I've had friends run into him in Florida and they say nothing has changed. He's drunk almost 24/7/365. More allegations of domestic abuse.

Where there's smoke there's fire - and in this guy's case there's more smoke than in the LA hills.

2546 days ago
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