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Sinead Sneaks a Smoke

11/2/2007 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It is well-nigh two decades since Sinead O'Connor had her last hit record, "Nothing Compares 2 U," but the public pope-pic-ripper looks pretty much exactly as she did back in 1990. Mandinka!

TMZ snapped the singer in a park in the West Village, looking as surprised as anyone that she's still recognizable to cameramen -- who were wearing short pants when she was topping the charts. Nothing compares to that trademark buzz cut!

Thus surprised, Sinead tried to conceal her cancer stick, but to no avail.


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I don't even like Sinead ...but seriously...why are we supposed to care if she's seen smoking a cigarette? Good grief, all these celebs doing illegal drugs, driving drunk, shooting people, beating people up (not that some of those folks, especially the papparazi didn't deserve what they got)...and we have to report on Sinead smoking a stupid cigarette, and isn't even pregnant? I mean, I thought we hit an all time low when we started "outing" pregnant celebs who smoke, but now we're harping about those who aren't even pregnant? Give me a break!!

2509 days ago


Yes, let's take a cigarette break, Midgey. LOL
Got mine ready, you comin' ?

2509 days ago


I don't know Athena...the press might be watching... LMBO

2509 days ago


ROFL no kidding ooooooh we might get "CAUGHT" and make "NEWS" LOL

2509 days ago


UGH, no my statement is not wrong. I said that your child is more likely to be molested by a teacher than a priest and I stand by that statement. Most of the victims of child molestion by priests were over the age of 12. The situations aren't exactly comparable. I beg to differ. If you can't trust your children's teachers, who can you trust. LOSER!!!!

2509 days ago

Debra Disney-Dior    

Sinead is a great talent and a beautiful person inside and out. Sinead has the voice of an angel. A lot of intelligent, artistic people are misunderstood. Sinead suffered a great deal during her childhood and early years. Even now, being bipolar, takes a toll on her. Sinead is honest, true to her convictions and is a hard working mother and entertainer. I admire her. I believe the reason she looks so shocked, in the photo, is because she wasn't expecting to be paid attention to and she wasn't dressed for the occasion. She was just out and about, like most of us are. I can imagine, if any one of us, would be horrified if we were "snapped" while out enjoying a refreshment. I wonder what our photos' would be like if we were captured, unawarely, by a TMZ photographer and then have our images displayed for the world to see without the luxury of selecting the photos' we liked?
Being famous doesn't mean, you can't san makeup and fashion when you're on "your time." I think it's a difficult life, mostly because you're being judged 100% of the time.

2509 days ago


Hiding a cigarette? Um, no. She just smoked on Oprah (an interview in her Dublin home) like 3 weeks ago.

2509 days ago


Doesn't anyone notice that the boy sitting across from her is flipping the bird. He does it discreetly at first (scratching his head) but then holds it right out.

2508 days ago


Maybe she's freaked because her kid is present and the stalkerazzi have shown up?

While I loved her passion and music, I feel for her kids. An uneducated, former runaway with bipolar disorder? Not exactly a recipe for good parenting. Show me anyone with a manic depressive parent who had anything resembling a normal childhood. Not!

2508 days ago


she looks like a mental patient on a day out.....kinda hiding her ciggie!!!

2508 days ago


I had written her off..except I still loved her music...she is an incredible artist...then I saw her on TV during an interview and she told us how she had battled I am back liking her. In fact I tried to go to her concert, but it was sold out and everyone who went said she was absolute fantastic and really gave to the audience...she could be the best looking women out there if she just put a little lipstick on...all that stuff...

2508 days ago



2508 days ago


remember how great she looked back then,,,geez aging is not fun...

2508 days ago

Does she still hate the Pope

2508 days ago

Cathy from Alberta    

Sinead was on Oprah fairly recently and she was dealing with mental illness when she ripped up the picture of the pope. We all have done stupid things whether we've had mental illness or not. I think that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You go girl - Sinead!!!!!!! Thanks for letting us know more about you on Oprah!

2507 days ago
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