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Sinead Sneaks a Smoke

11/2/2007 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It is well-nigh two decades since Sinead O'Connor had her last hit record, "Nothing Compares 2 U," but the public pope-pic-ripper looks pretty much exactly as she did back in 1990. Mandinka!

TMZ snapped the singer in a park in the West Village, looking as surprised as anyone that she's still recognizable to cameramen -- who were wearing short pants when she was topping the charts. Nothing compares to that trademark buzz cut!

Thus surprised, Sinead tried to conceal her cancer stick, but to no avail.


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I'm sorry, but what is the big deal about her smoking? Is she pregnant? If not, the last time I checked, smoking was still legal (barely) in this country as well as many others!

2490 days ago


So she had a smoke, BIG DEAL!!!!! Mind you own business. Paparazzi are vultures and no-life losers.

2490 days ago


People view smoking these days as though someone just smoked crack. Get a grip people. Unlike the rest of the yuppie populace, I personally don't think smoking is the worst thing in the world you could do. And lordy, did she eat a jelly doughnut too??? Heaven forbid she should gain a few pounds. Get a grip people! Just worry about the crack, heroin and alcohol out there and you will have enough to preach about.

2490 days ago

E Raymond    

She was right on to tear up the pope's picture! Someone should tear up the current one's photos too. He's much worse.

The church's resaon for being to to consoidate power and money for men and to use fear and guilt to keep its members in line. Christ and the bible are the biggest, most successful PR job in the history of the world.

2490 days ago

MaryJane Parker    

Uh .... so WHAT? Half the celebs are shooting heroin. Are you nuts to condem her for smoking? - she is OUTSIDE too. I am not a smoker but it's ridiculous that smoking should carry some black mark with it now that categorizes a smoker in such a negative light. Leave the girl alone...

2490 days ago

Deb Hayes    

Take a look at Risen Magazine, The Spiritual Edge of Pop Culture. Great interview with her.

2490 days ago


If she actually is smoking, he bitch needs to think of more than just herself and grow the hell up...damn irresponsible, self centered, weak, thoughtless coward...

2490 days ago


And this is news ....HOW?

2490 days ago


Kudos to your headline writters ... 99% of the time the headline is worth way more than your ("na na na na na's") .... stories .... ......... pure trash ...

2490 days ago


Must have been a slow news day huh? Who cares if she's smoking a cigarette, it wasn't crack or a joint and even then I really wouldn't care as long as she's not driving. We've become a pretty pathetic society if we're interested in whether or not "celebrities" are smoking. Why don't you all get a life, then you wouldn't have time to stick you nose in everyone elses business.

2490 days ago


I only read the article because aol seems to deem smokers newsworthy especially if their pregnant or moms. I smoke, I wish I didn't. I don't smoke on top of my kids and they never needed tubes in their ears or suffered any type of smoking related issues.
I think the only celebrity mom I have ever read and were pregnant at the same time (I have a 15 year old and a 4 year old) is Courtney Love who shot up heroin while pregnant. And I don't remember if thats allegedly or not.
When I think of all the kids out there who aren't children of celebrities who's parents abuse them, neglect them, constantly fight in front of them (if both parents are in the house) who are chemically abusive that's newsworthy as well action needs to be taken. I think even with Britney Spears who could stay home a little more, does love her children, and if we were all watched like she was who knows what society would find about us!

2490 days ago


So she had a cigarette,,,,,,,,,,,,,whopeeeeeeeeeeee

2490 days ago


who cares? So she is smoking a cigarette. Big deal. I think its time the public stop looking at cigarette smokers as lepers. the fact is, it is far more dangerous to have a few drinks and drive around! No one seems to be attacking or, excuse me, TAXING the hell out of the alcohol industry, AND to boot, they get all the advertising they want, especially at sporting events. I mean geez, you can take your kids to a baseball game and sit in the stands and drink beers all day if you wanted to, KNOW ONE tries to stop that! But Joe Camel is a threat? Come one. I think the alcohol industry donates a LOT of money to politics, thats why they don't get bothered. Just my opinion.

2490 days ago

obvious guy    

She used to be hot but now she's a dog.

2490 days ago


Who really cares about Sinead. What a waste of reportersand photogs time. Get a life.

2490 days ago
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