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Fishy Conversation with Hayden

11/3/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Environmental cheerleader Hayden Panettiere was in Beverly Hills yesterday, where she continued her quest to save her blowhole'd buddies with this message: "Make a change!"

The fin-loving fox recently jetted over to Japan to join ranks with the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd -- and wear a bikini -- in an effort to raise awareness about the killing of whales and dolphins by fisherman.

Hayden proclaimed, "Wherever the problem goes, I hopefully will follow." As long as she's in a bikini, so will the photogs.


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PEREZ HIVton    

I have "liked" her for years!

2546 days ago

Nice way to "blow liquid sunshine up our ass

2546 days ago

that's all    

Good for her!

I am tired of Japan. China, The Phillipines, and the Koreas, and their barbaric practices. If they are so damned hard up they need to eat dogs, cats and endangered species, they need to stop reproducing or get steralized.

2546 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Dear Hayden,

Hate to crash your party but the problem is... what they are doing is
legal in Japanese waters. The Japanese government needs to adhere to
International Fishing Laws, while they don't all you are doing is
driving them underground. Until THAT happens nothing is going to
change except -

You getting a lot of publicity over a cruelty that makes me sick to
the stomach (even more you seek to gain from it)

Organizations headed by Marine Biologists that are trying to fix the
problem through the right channels are blocked because the Japanese
Gov't think everyone is like PETA and you

PETA gets more money....but you'd know all about that. Loved the way
you dodged that silver bullet question

Love the yellow top. Dark glasses should be mandatory for the male of
the species around this one. No magician reveals the secret of their
trade do they? Blood money requires blood. Try your own for a change instead of innocent creatures. Calling Dr Bombay.

Yours sincerely,

A Dolphin and PT Australian Surfer.

P.S. Harvey kudos if this gets posted. Truth and you ??? Thought you
were gay.

2546 days ago


Ugh this girl annoys me! I'm glad she's doing something about saving Dolphins and trying to end the killing of them, but I hated how she sarcasmly talked about the issue. Instead of being more seriously about it!

2546 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Come on Harvey...Man on the Moon. If you believe there's nothing up their sleeve....OR are Your so Vain? Won't see it if you are.

2546 days ago


TMZ is full of crap. Go n CNN you can see picture on her in Wetsuit not a freak'in bikini. Are all your reporter high like the ones your feature on your TV program??

This would be great story about a young girl that’s give a crap without you blatant lies.

And hey there “A dolphin” your post makes absolutely no sense. Did you skip school to go surfing all day?? You knock her and yet agree? You'd just rather sit on your bum and do nothing. Go catch a wave dude.

2546 days ago

yeah Ellen    

WTF is with all you jerk-wad haters. The girl is trying to do something worth while and you bash her, grow up. BTW #21, there were clips of her in a bikini being interviewed, she wore the wetsuit while in the waters. You're a putz, get YOUR facts correct.

2546 days ago


Heroes is not getting canceled. stop scaring me ppl!

2546 days ago


If she could not be anymore perfect- she is a beautiful, talented actress in the early days of her career and now she is a real life hero!

And I hope that karma catches up with those evil fishermen, they don't deserve to live, for what they did to those innocent dolphins!!

2546 days ago


If Hayden really cares about living things she would become a vegetarian! Stop being a hypocrite, Hayden! Don't wear leather, don't eat animals and don't wear fur! Yes, dolphins are very intelligent mammals, but that should not be the sole reason to try and save them. All animals can think and feel and yes, reason. I have read scientific study after scientific study on the reasoning skills of animals, and not only chimpanzees. Birds, sea lions, elephants and tons of other animals have reasoning skills, it's science plain and simple. And even if they didn't, are we allowed to eat them simply because they are less inteeligent than the average human? If we use that criteria to choose what what eat, then why don't we eat retarded people?

2546 days ago


Like many of the sane and sensible commenters, I have to give major kudos to Hayden and all of the other activists who helped to bring this absolutely vile practice to light! And for those of you who think that this is an attack on Japanese culture- well why do they have to be so brutal about it in this day and age? The way that those dolphins were senselessly butchered made me totally sick to my stomach! I hate the fact that they have to kill anything at all, but if they must why can't they be more humane?? Oh yeah sorry, I forgot because it goes "against their culture"... What a stinkin bunch of BS!!..

2546 days ago


Posted by Bushwa: "Just 19 and already an annoying do-gooder. Let's hope her career crashes when "Heroes" gets yanked." Wow.. Never ceases to amaze me, how someone can find fault with a person, trying to do make a positive difference in this world. Bushwa, u & your type are truly a human virus; surely more serious than any germ, as ignorance & apathy are the most dangerous attitude / infection of all.

Hayden, you are beautiful inside & out. The likes of paris, kim kardashian, etc, could def take a page from your book. Keep fighting the good fight -- as should we all, who actually give a damn. Choose a cause u care about, & help any way possible. 'Nuff said; cuz people with a conscience already get it -- self absorbed losers never will.

2546 days ago


What she did was very brave and the way she cried broke my heart , I can not stop thanking about how awful she must feel and what a horrible thing to do to any animal.

2546 days ago


Hayden is obviously a much better person, than the rest of the young hollywood starlets of today, who she has been labelled as being one of, ain't that right Paris! Killing innocent dolphins maybe a Japanese culture but it's such a horrible one, and one which is also destroying the ecosystem!

2546 days ago
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