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Garrett and Wife Don't Wait "'Til Death" to Part

11/5/2007 9:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett and his wife Jill Diven have finalized their divorce of seven years, citing irreconcilable differences. Everybody doesn't love Raymond's TV bro.
Brad Garrett
According to court documents, Garrett, of "Raymond" and "'Til Death" fame, will pay $20,000 a month in child support for the couple's two kids -- Max, 9, and Hope, 7 -- the exes will split legal and physical custody.

Brad also agreed to pay $35,000 in spousal support until December 31, 2018 -- but would stop before then if Diven remarries or if either party dies. Diven also gets half of Garrett's "Everybody Loves Raymond" profit participation. That's a lotta lasagne!

The couple filed for divorce in April 2006, but managed to keep it a secret until August 2006. It helped that everything was filed under Brad's real last name -- Gerstenfeld.


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This is funny. I bet you 10 bucks, if he was still living together with her and the kis and everything was fine, they wouldn't be spending $20,000.00 a month on the kids. The kids are 7 and 9 - what can they possibly eat everyday for a month that would cost that much. Unless of course they go to private school. But private school shouldn't cost that much also. Give me a break.

2403 days ago


Divorce is expensive. When I divorce my wife she got half of all my goats and my best ox.

2454 days ago


This Frankenstein bastard cheated on his wife.

Payback's a bitch...ain't it Frankie.

2454 days ago


I hope this guy is making mega-millions per year; his ex-wife was just handed $240,000/year for the kids, and $420,000/year in spousal support, for a grand total of $660,000/year for the next 11 years! $420,000 PER YEAR IN SPOUSAL SUPPORT FOR THE NEXT 11 YEARS? What the hell is she going to do with all that excess money; nose candy? Assume she lives in a $1.5 Million house & drives a porsche, that their kids go to private school. At worst, you're talking $20k/month ($240,000/year) total in bills, tops (which is still astronomical). Do you have any idea how opulent a lifestyle $660,000/year supports? Another reason I'll never move to LA; no one has even a close sense of reality there...

2454 days ago


marriage is for suckers. men cheat on wives because they get old fat and stinky. wives cheat on their husbands for the same reasons. dont marry it wont last and it will only cost you money

2454 days ago


Wow I sooooooooooooo need to get knocked up and marry well like these people. K-Fed sighned a pre-nup but he still gets 15k soon to be more for child support. This lady gets 35k for spousal support plus 20k for child support. Seriously while I am all for paying your child support I really think this divorce business has gotten way out of hand. Like they say chepaer to keeper or in some cases him

2454 days ago

just wondering    

.....Brad must hate this being out privacy left at all anymore!!

2454 days ago


As a women, I think it is crazy that the lady gets so much money. Get a job. What the hell are you going to do with all that money? I believe in child support, but my lord, draw the line. That is a crazy amount of money for the ex. I hope she uses it towards people like us who can actually use the money.

2454 days ago


There are a few typos and omissions in this post. Divorce of seven years? Don't you mean marriage of seven years? And, is the $35,000 per month or per year? You didn't specify and it does make a big difference.

2454 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    


2454 days ago


Why should Brad's ex- get remarried, when she's probably got L.A. values? She'll never find a cash cow like Brad Garrett again. So, with that non-stop river of moolah, she'll be able to not work and be able to afford the time to rival LAX, even though she's only got one landing strip. Stupidly, that's a dream life for a lot of people.

2454 days ago


I liked him as an actor, but can't stand him as a person. Every time he is on Leno, he tries so hard to really show off and is so over the top. I don't like him at all.

2454 days ago

just wondering    

..Raymond Fan...those r the LAWS in California...why r u calling him a cash cow???..his wife gets what she gets because of the laws....and really this is just soooooooooooo not any of r business!!! least this appears to have been amicable and respectful......I'm sure they put their children first...which is rare for many divorcing couples!!..

2454 days ago


Although, while I don't know what happened between Garrett and his ex-, he's lost a lot of credibility in my book for leaving his wife and family, even if he does have to give them "the farm" in the divorce settlement.

2454 days ago


jr #15: If this isn't any of your "business," then, why are you here at all on this site AND COMMENTING, busybody? Go away, and find something more useful to do, and quit meddling into what I'm doing!

2454 days ago
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