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Paul -- Heather's Lost It, I Want the Kid

11/5/2007 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After Heather Mills' high-profile histrionics last week, claiming suicidal thoughts and other life-risking behavior, her ex-husband, that guy Sir Paul McCartney, wants their 4-year old daughter with him -- all the time.

The UK's News of the World reports that Macca has told friends that he's "deeply worried" that Heather has lost it and is already talking to his lawyers about getting full custody of Beatrice. Mills talked to various TV outlets about fearing "hit men" and "an underground movement" as well.

Ozzy Calls Sting Op Sheriff "Lazy"

Ozzy Osbourne is going totally bats**t after a sheriff in North Dakota used his name to stage a sting operation.

Ozzy says that Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney is "lazy" and "should be apologizing" to him, after Laney promoted a "party" last week to corral more than 30 people who had outstanding warrants. "It is insulting to me and to my audience and it shows how lazy this particular sheriff is when it comes to doing his job," said Osbourne in a statement.

Laney says that he meant "no disrespect" to Osbourne.

Party Favors: Naomi – No More Phones ... Angelina "Shy" About "Beowulf" Nudity ... Kylie Minogue Cancels Tour

Naomi Campbell may finally have learned how not to get herself into trouble. As Page Six reports, the Blackberry-basher told a beauty biz crowd at an event, "I've learned many lessons, like no more phones." ... Angelina Jolie says that even though it really isn't her in the new animated fantasy film, "Beowulf," she still was shy about nude scenes and had to call Brad to "explain" that the movie was "a little different that [what] we expected," reports People. ... Kylie Minogue has canceled her upcoming world tour on the advice of her doctors, reports the Daily Mail.


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To #26    

For some reason people think Sir Paul is a God. He is not, and he's a mediocre musician as well.

Obviously, you know little about Paul McCartney. Besides being one of the most prolific composers in modern times, he, John and George are responsible for many of the technological improvements that have been made in music over the past 40 or so years. He's also a wonderful live performer -- great with an audience.

2519 days ago


You talk about HEather, like you know her on a personal level. You don’t know this woman. You know nothing about her except what you read in your trashy magazines. YOu trash HEather, but yet she is a Compassionate woman with a heart so big, she is a vegan and she promotes animal welfare. SHe donates her money and has done so much for animals. You need to look at yourselves and I can bet NONE of you losers do anything to change the world, at least not one tenth of what Heather has done the last decades, yes even before she met Paul.

So how about you stop hating and start reading real news and see how the world really is before you talk about vanity and how poor Paul will feel sorry for losing a couple of millions to HEather.

ANd so what if she is indeed a golddigger. You ******* would just love to do the same if given the chance. Who would be the ****** to say no to marrying a billionare????

Dumb losers, yet don’t think of it. Such great luck of having a wealthy man marry you only comes to those who deserve it.

Keep hating, and keep feeding on trash and reading trash, after all that is what you all are.


2519 days ago

This case is a very public disgrace...    

looks like Heather Mills really screwed herself this time. Then again, she still gets the millions AND gets out of her responsibilities. Free with no baggage(child) and rich. Yeah, she's all for charity.

2543 days ago

Lenn K.    

That one-legged piece of crap is a huge liar, one doesn't talk about ending ones life you just do it. She know that her fibbing ass can smell all that money she has con-ed out of Paul. Lying piece gutter rat. Whore!!!

2543 days ago


You know it is possible people are to quick to judge this woman. IF indeed there was "something" that she seems to believe happened due to Pauls behavior in there marriage which she seemed to indicate last week he should say so. If she is "imagining" it all then it would seem he has concerns about his daughter making Heather to look like an unstable woman. This is what he is doing. Very sad. I pray the truth will come out whatever that truth may be.

2543 days ago

MM Smith    

Cry baby cry.

2543 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Mills is like a Jack Russell Terrier..Taking on bigger and badder dogs!!

2543 days ago


Good for Paul.

This is a total con job on her part. She always tries to manipulate everyone with melodramatic stories which are total fabrication and where she is made to look like the victim.

She should crawl under a rock and disappear.

2543 days ago


People think about suicide after a break-up....fact....Heather even said, "then she could be with her father.".....that says to me she want's Beatrice with her father....EXCEPT in the end it's ALWAYS mom who cares enough about the kids welfare and cares enough to get them out of trouble....Dad's don't give a s**t, in the end it's the mom who cares.

2543 days ago


Heather Mill looks good...someone saw her profile with hot photos on a joke made by someone? but who cares. It's said Charlie Sheen has found his perfect match there. Maybe sometimes they really need a soul mate rather than a rich buddy.

2543 days ago


1.paul mccartney is a jerk and his music sucks he caused all this crap with heather no pre nup for some reason poeple think hes god. what ever you dont give a 4 year old to a 60 year old moron to raise its all about ego. i brlieve shes had death threats proble from his duaghter stella!heather is no saint but i garentee beatrice will hate him for not defending her mother to the world what a selfish little man. 2.ozzy should be pissed!!!!!!!!

2543 days ago


If Paul and his other family members would leave her alone she may be able to enjoy her life. It wouldnt surprise me if he did have hit men after her. He is an abusive SOB!!! He will never get "the kid" How nice that he put it that way!!!

2543 days ago


Sounds like the court should consider removing the child from her custody until she stabilizes herself. Divorce is difficult, particularly high-profile divorces. However, it would seem that the Macca is handling his personal life and the pressures of the press in a more stable and mature fashion.

2543 days ago


A 65 year old man has a 4 year old daughter! McCartney is a selfish jerk. No wonder his lyrics were always so childish and on par with that purple Barney character.

2543 days ago


Heather Mills: LOL ROFL - Should've waited a wee bit longer to allow her paranoid schizophrenia to surface - but, then again, who really has control over their mental illnesses?!? LOL ROFL - Hope HE gets the kid, and she gets zip, 0, nada.
Ozzy Osborne: Agree with the Oz. Very funn story.
Naomi Campbell: If she can develop self-control AND and sense of humor about herself, she will be just fine.
Angelina: Could NOT care any less for that twit.
Kylie Minogue: I sure hope her cancer has not come back! Feel sad for her. Hope she can get herself well.

2543 days ago
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