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"Dancing" -- The Curse Of Tom Bergeron

11/6/2007 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is there a "Dancing With the Stars" curse? Tragedy seems to have befallen several cast members recently
Dancing composite
Just last week Marie Osmond infamously fainted during a live broadcast last month, and today word came that she sadly lost her father, George Osmond, patriarch of the singing Osmond clan. And Jane Seymour's mother passed away last month.

Jane SeymourThese unfortunate incidents are just a few of the woes faced by these women since joining the show, Jane also had to skip an episode due to food poisoning and very nearly lost her home in the Malibu fires last month.

Marie and Jane haven't been the only ones to endure The Curse: Sara Evans left the show during a painful divorce, Stacy Keibler suffered a seizure while promoting the show and -- worst of all -- the unfortunate bout of tanorexia suffered by "Dancing" staple Cheryl Burke.

Make it stop, Tom Bergeron!

Star Slaps Back -- No, You Did NOT Pay Me!

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to Star's manager who laid it out for us, on the record. According to her manager, this was a straightforward business agreement for Star to speak at the Health and Beauty Expo -- nothing more. The contract was breached, so Star did not appear. Had Star known she would be speaking for charity, her fee would have been substantially reduced or eliminated and she would have been there to speak.

Star Jones is giving the big girls she allegedly dissed in Detroit a big fat you-know-what, saying that they were the ones who breached the contract, not her. And yesterday, on her Court TV show, she called allegations that she bailed out of her appearance "a nasty shakedown."

In a lengthy dossier including her own blow-by-blow of what went down with Full and Fabulous, Star says that though she got $10,000 from the group before her scheduled performance, she never got $15K more that she was owed. What's more, Star claims that she didn't get "the level" hotel that she requested when she went to stay in Detroit, nor was any ground transportation provided.

Star Jones - Click to launchStar says that she and husband Al Reynolds paid for their Super Bowl weekend "at our own expense" and that she's still never received any loot for the appearance.

Dog's Other Son -- Dad's Not a Racist!

Christopher Hecht: Click to watchOne kid sold him out, but another of Duane "Dog" Chapman's pups tells TMZ that the bounty hunter is not a racist.

TMZ got an exclusive interview with Dog's oldest son, Christopher -- one of Duane's litter of nine -- who defends his dad regardless of the hate-filled rant. Dog Chapman came under fire last week after an N-word tirade was leaked to the National Enquirer by another son, Tucker Like Father, Like Son -- Click to launch-- who probably has a new first letter for his name.

For more of the interview with Christopher, watch TMZ TV tonight. Check local listings.

J.Lo: Baby Got Front

For once, the largest, roundest, protrusion on Jennifer Lopez's body isn't her ass!
Jennifer Lopez
Clad in a tent dress and looking mommalicious, the 38-year-old former Fly Girl revealed a glimpse of her growing wombmate at a Miami baseball game on Monday.

While everyone and their tour outfit designer has confirmed her pregnancy, Jennifer officially continues to keep mum on becoming a mom. But the muumuus don't lie!


No Avatar


why blame Bergeron? this is life....these moms and dads have lived a full life and
enjoyed their families always around. Sure it hurts, always does. God Bless the
Osmond family at this time. Our prayers.

2453 days ago

Phyllis Kunz    

Marie Osmand was awesome last night.

Max, as always, was awesome as was his partner last night too. Max is t he best dancer on the planet.

Phyllis Kunz

2453 days ago


Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant in her pregnancy. I don't know her but I think she and Marc will be smart and responsible parents in the Hollywood environment.

2453 days ago


I don't think it is funny or tasteful to turn the tragic losses of Jane Seymour and Marie Osmond into a joke about Tom Burgeron....but then again this is TMZ.....Silly me for thinking any of your writers might have some class.

2453 days ago


I think that Star Jones looks HORRENDOUS now!!! She was much nicer and nicer looking larger.

2453 days ago

Baby Kisses    


2453 days ago


TMZ.....This is the lowest you have sunk!

2453 days ago


Sorry to hear of the loss of Mr Osmond. Thoughts and prayers to the whole family! And, Marie, YOU GO GIRL!!!

2453 days ago


Star says that though she got $10,000 from the group before her scheduled performance, she never got $15K more that she was owed. Star says that she and husband Al Reynolds paid for their Super Bowl weekend "at our own expense" and that she's still never received any loot for the appearance. Am I stupid? I copied and pasted from the above article and the sentences are conflicting. ??????? Jean

2453 days ago

van scheurich    

Star Jones screwed these kids from Detroit.....They tried their best to get the money for this lady to make an appearance, came up short and still Jones and her significant other flew first class to the super bowel in Detroit using the proceeds, never made an appearance, partied and then left. She did not return any of the money... What a piece of work this woman is.......Please do not come back to our town......P.S. There is a court ordered judgement to pay this money back Jones.............are you? V.S., Michigan

2453 days ago

Richard Ott    

Now, just a banana peel slipping minute. Tom Burgeron may
be alot of things, but he's no curse. I guess all those 18 years
of watching America's Funniest Home Videos have finally done
you in. This is a former Hollywood Squares 2K host you're
talking about. How dare you people at TMZ refer to him as
"Evil", although he may be in the sence that every dancer on
Dancing With The Stars I chose in the last 4 seasons has
been voted off the show, but that beside the point. So, some
mishaps might accur here and there on DWTS, but just because
they happen, that doesn't make the dance competition,
Tom Burgeron, or even The Osmond Brothers a curse. Sheesh!

2453 days ago


Sweet little Tommy did not curse Dancing with the Starz my condolences to Marie and her family, also to Jane, Dancing with the Starz is one of the better shows on TV today!!!!
I am not in Star Jone's pocket but I believe she did not get the perks, Detroit is a depressed town, I happen to come from there and its a Ghost Town compared to earlier years. They probably did not have the cash, or raise the cash or whatever. Jennifer is lovely as usual and whoever DOG is if you are raising kids and saying things that are slurs ............ shame on you!!!! TMZ I agree you need to lighten up on the bad........lets see some happiness.........

2453 days ago

John Smithey    

Tom Bergeron is a TURD!

2453 days ago


Why would we believe anything Star Jones says at this point. Look how she hedged all over the place about how she lost weight. "Medical Intervention"....geez....we were all born yesterday and what about her wedding, didn't she demand all the services for free, if she mentioned their name?....The topper for me was..her saying she had to have a train longer than Princess Diana....Star, my dear, you only rule in your own little imaginary universe......

2453 days ago


There is NO curse!!! That is nutso!!! Geez, be REAL! Bad stuff happens, it's all in the course of life!
Maries dad was OLD & ready to go anytime,
this all is pure sensationalism, and it REEKS

2453 days ago
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