Dog Dissed by Chris Just a Few Months Back

11/6/2007 7:08 PM PST
In a conversation with TMZ, Christopher Hecht vigorously defended his dad, Duane "Dog" Chapman, against charges of racism. But just a few months ago, Chris was barking about the Dog, and it wasn't too kind.

Hecht called in to the Lewis and Floorwax show on Denver's 103.5 FM The Fox back in June, and made some serious allegations about Dog, mainly relating to drug use. "He knows I know the secrets," said Chris. "I'll put him in check."

But today, in his exclusive sit-down with TMZ, Hecht was singing a different tune, telling us that his father "is not this monster that people think" and explaining what happened between Dog and his younger brother. What's more, Chris, who served prison time, admitted that he had been previously paid by the National Enquirer interview.