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Judge to Rita Cosby -- Something Fishy

11/6/2007 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge has ruled that there's a lot of evidence that former MSNBC anchor turned author Rita Cosby crossed the line in writing her tell-all book about Anna Nicole Smith.

Howard K. Stern is suing Cosby, claiming she defamed him in the book by saying there are witnesses -- two nannies -- who say Anna Nicole had a video of Stern and Larry Birkhead having sex.

A federal judge in the Southern District of New York issued an order today in the wake of Stern's allegation that Cosby "sought to tamper with two witnesses by offering to pay them thousands of dollars for their testimony." The judge allowed Stern to probe the allegation, concluding he has "presented substantial -- indeed troubling -- evidence that Cosby has sought to improperly influence witnesses..."

In a statement to TMZ, Rita Cosby said <"I am pleased that the Court will get to the bottom of these unfounded allegations. I trust that when all the facts come out that a very different picture will be shown."


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Greedy Lawyers Suck    

I am soooooooo sick and tired of coming on to blog and constantly bombarded by John O'Quinns people...................

He must be getting desperate for the Marshall Money...............

2504 days ago


There is no way UNEMPLOYED Stern could afford paying all his pack of bulldog lawyers when doesn't even holds a job. NO WAY! What do you think about this???

"Howard" has never paid for anything; Anna and DL continue to "foot" his bills.

2504 days ago


Larry has used that child for his own financial gain since he was given parental rights. Moe tells us about Larrys addictions. This man needs to go to rehab. He should not have custody of a dog. It would be better if the State took custody of DL. In the Spring Paramount and Et are planning this opportunists reality show Diaper Duty. This child will be used just like Anna Nicole was. Love he doesn't know what that is. Allows the man who enabled his daughters Mother to maintain her addictions. during her pregnancy . This allowed the addiction of DL. She will suffer the consiquences the rest of her life. Larry now embraces this man . Larry embraces the Doc who supplied the drugs, The Knock Out Program which took Annas life. He does not love his child he uses this child.

2504 days ago


Yes the Gold Club Members of Sterns Goon Team threw aways a very avid supporter of Howard. Havana, Rose , Art Harris. did not appreciate the extensive research Jane had done. They selfishly took advantage of her and then kicked her to the curb. Typical of what Gold Members of the Stern Gooon Team do.

2504 days ago

Steven Segall PIMP # 1    

Elaine 27.........

Me thinks you doth protest too much! What are you talking about "Gay Alliance?"
You are seriously ignorant. Maybe a catholic lesbian with guilt issues? Whatever your issue is, has nothing to do with your theory about these Judges being gay. Are they on a Gay Judge list?

I hope you weren't one of those protesters from that church of 75 members that was just fined eleven million dollars for disgracing the funeral of a 23 year old soldier from Iraq.

Learn some tolerance. God did not appoint you judge, hate to break that news to you.

2504 days ago

Steven Segall PIMP # 1    

238. ...anna killed anna. it doesn't matter who stern or birkhead were/are doing, that has absolutely no bearing on any legal issue at hand.

everyone skips the posts that are typed in screaming caps, it looks idiotic and it's annoying.

ahem, "any questions," i'm sure the flying-spaghetti-monster will reap revenge on everyone who disagrees with you, and i'm sure that this same omnipresent being will also set things straight for poor anna and daniel. btw, i'm glad you only posted once, under that nic anyway, right? ;-) ...

Posted at 9:47PM on Nov 7th 2007 by malvolio


I agree 100%!

Well said.

2504 days ago

Steven Segall PIMP # 1    

The alleged tape doesn't exist! If it did, where is it?

All the players in this story are loving this!

We are feeding into this by buying the magazines, etc.

I, for one am not buying into the so called payoff to keep this "tape" a secret.

If Larry and Howard were lovers, who cares? I seriously doubt they were.

At any rate, again who cares? Is this story ever going to end? Hopefully with the Inquest.

Then again, some of you will believe that LB was part of this so called plot to get the Marshall $$$.

Dannielynn did not ask to be born into this mess. This is her life, not for your entertainment.

Please leave her alone. Instead of boycotting the Bahamas, boycott the Magazines that Larry is allowing to exploit her.

RIP Daniel W. Smith and Anna Nicole.

2504 days ago


To all you bashers of Rita: Do you even know her? No. You don't know her, but yet someone calls her a bitch and other derogatory names and think you know everything about her. Let me pose this question to you: Do you think Rita would throw away over 20 years of journalism and just throw out some made up story if she didn't have all the facts, just to sell a few books? No. Rita has said on air, and even to me in emails, that she gets a story, she checks sources, checks the validity of the sources and the story, and re-checks everything before she puts it out there. From all that I have heard, and seen in the media coverage, the two nannies went to Lincoln Bain to get hold of Rita. Bain has turned it around and said that Rita offered the nannies money to say stuff against Stern. Even Rita's attorney, Wendy Murphy, stated on Fox News Live one Saturday afternoon last month, that Lincoln Bain's story has changed several times.....Rita's story hasn't changed once.

So, to all you naysayers, I say this, Rita is a credible person and she checked her facts before she went to the publisher. She has even stated on The O'Reilly Factor, that she knew this was a damning story towards them and was in contact with attorneys before the book was released. Does Stern and Birkhead have anything to hide? Maybe...maybe not, but most, if not all the denials are from Howard K. Stern. I don't trust either Birkhead or Stern! Both are sleazy at best. Don't forget, Howard K. Stern is a lawyer, and can come up with all sorts of BS to tell a judge to try and discredit Rita and make the judge question her motives. Rita would never stoop that low to sell a book.

My name is Chuck............and I DO know Rita, and I'm proud to defend her, and can call her my friend!

2503 days ago

Deb H    

Chuck....Perhaps you missed this. IMO, Rita spun her little web with alot of the spiders in this saga and well, Rita got stuck in it! Rita should go to jail for what she has done IMO...she will not, IMO, spin her way out of this. You know what I mean? Rita would like for everyone to believe she is innocent until proven guilty, yet she does not grant that same consideration to HKS! In fact, she has embarked on a path to destroy another human being. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Here are RTIA'S WORDS!

COSBY: The only reason I'm mentioning this is that what I might be able to do is that, if
it ever comes out that I paid, what I might be able to do is pay Liz, you see what
I'm saying? And give you guys the, you know, the three thousand. Do you know
what I mean?
BAIN: Uh-huh.
COSBY: Pay Liz, if she can give me a bill saying that it has to do with, like, you know,
preparation for the affidavit, because that would make sense, because it’s directly
applied to my case and my book.
COSBY: Do you see what I'm saying?
BAIN: Yeah.
. . .
BAIN: When you say three thousand, what do you mean?
COSBY: What I'm saying is for the meeting with her and with the nannies. So even a
brief meeting, you know?
BAIN: No. You were saying that they were paying three thousand an hour?
COSBY: Correct.
. . .
COSBY: But, but, but now, Lincoln, I cannot do much more because then it would look
outrageous. You know what I mean? Because the problem is now that I'm dealing
with the court thing, you have to understand, my thought’s it's going to come
back. Do you know what I'm saying?
BAIN: Mm-hmm.
COSBY: Do you understand that?
BAIN: Yeah. I understand that.
COSBY: And I can't do much more because it is going to look like -- you know what I
BAIN: Yeah.
COSBY: This doesn't mean that down the road I can't do more. Do you know what I
. . .
COSBY: (INAUDIBLE) I actually spoke to my attorney this morning.
COSBY: And he said, he said as long as she would do it, he said he would do it, then you
know, he is a very ethical attorney. He said, I would do it in a heartbeat. He said,
he said, he said if you, if you can get her to state that, you know, whatever we’re
talking and obviously it can’t be some huge amount about something and go oh,
you know what I mean? Then it looks fishy.
BAIN: Yeah.
COSBY: If I can get her, if she gives me a bill saying, you know, that it's for
consultation, investigation (INAUDIBLE) however you phrase it, consultation,
investigation, preparation, execution of the affidavit for the nannies relating to,
you know, whatever, the sex tape or however we want to phrase it, you know, or
this affidavit that that way. And then she can send copies of the affidavit. Then I
wouldn’t, you know, I don’t see that taking up a lot of her time or a lot of the
nannies' time.
COSBY: You know?
BAIN: Yeah.
. . .
COSBY: And then, and then I think its legitimized, because my problem is, Lincoln,
they'll kill me if I get out there and if they get out there, they're honest, they’re all
honest people. And if for some reason they, you know, at the inquest, if someone
says, hey, did you ever get paid? You know?
BAIN: Yeah.
. . .
COSBY: Oh, no, no, to Liz, what I was gonna say, the only thing I would need is -- from
Liz is to get just a bill from her, you know, that it was, so it went towards the
preparation of the affidavit or something like that. You know what I mean?
BAIN: Uh-huh.
COSBY: See cause then if it ever comes back that I, that I gave any money, it could be,
appear to be a legitimate expense, you know what I mean?
BAIN: Yeah.
COSBY: And then she can do whatever she wants with the money, you know what I
BAIN: Yeah.
COSBY: Then, you guys can do whatever you guys want, you know what I mean?
COSBY: So I think that way everybody is covered and I think that that is a win-win.
And that way so if it ever comes out, yeah I paid her, I'll say, I paid her cause
these guys prepared the affidavit and that is a bona fide expense.
BAIN: Yeah.
. . .
COSBY: You know, and then, and then you know no one ever has to know whatever,
wherever it goes. You know what I mean?
BAIN: Yeah, yeah.
COSBY: So it’s a win-win, do you know what I mean? That way it doesn't make
anybody look bad, you know what I mean? And it doesn't make them look bad
either, you know?
BAIN: Yeah, yeah.
COSBY: So it is good for them and it is good for me, you know what I mean?
. . .
COSBY: And that way if it ever comes out -- you know, and you know and hopefully it
never would, but you know if it ever did, then it was a legitimate expense.

2502 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

236. THE GAY TAPE EXISTS!- The nannies said that loud repeatedly and another well known attorney heard it 5 times.

The problem was that THE NANIES AND MR CONTROVERSY got upset because Rita didn't interviewed the nannies first and paid them big for the story. It was obvious Mr controversy was surprise when Rita offered to pay only $1,000 for the interview, he didn't like one bit!. If Rita offer more money it would have turned out different with freaky looking mrcontroversy. SPOKESMAN for the nannies.


PAYING for stories is nothing new it happens all the time. Rita just put the carriage before the horse instead of the other way around.
Posted at 9:03PM on Nov 7th 2007 by AFRAID LIN WOOD ALREADY PAID BIG TO THE NANNIES....


This is really the only version that makes sense! It is ALL about money!!!

2502 days ago

Jill from Western Australia    

COSBY IS DESPICABLE as are her "cohorts" "DOPEY & ARTHUR...I call the three the "BITCHES OF BIRKWICK!!" all greedy for MONEY!
Sadly I hold HKS & Khristine RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF ANS...sure she was a "TRAIN WRECK" BUT I FEEL THAT HK$ FED HER THE DRUGS!!! {Probably at her request...but if he "CARED FOR HER" then he would have "LOOKED OUT FOR HER!"} HK$ could have avoided the death of ANS...he chose NOT TO!!!

2502 days ago

charlotte quibodeaux    

I use t owatch her on foxs news , but no more. I think she is money hungry,she is in for the money any lies donot matter she is greedy for the public to here her on tv so she can cash in. cq

2502 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

303. I use t owatch her on foxs news , but no more. I think she is money hungry,she is in for the money any lies donot matter she is greedy for the public to here her on tv so she can cash in. cq

Posted at 4:00AM on Nov 11th 2007 by charlotte quibodeaux

charlotte, your language skills are atrocious.

2502 days ago


Truth is Grand- I've heard that tape played by Lincoln Bain on Fox News last month on Fox News Live, and when te tape was played, it didn't even remotely sound like Rita at all. It sounded like Lincoln Bain hired some person to impersonate her...poorly at that, and then recorded the conversation and put it out there for all to hear and some people take the bait like a dumb halibut. I still say that Rita would not throw away over 20 years of journalism to come up with some salacious BS just to sell a few books. Like I stated in my previous post, Rita has stated both on air when she was at Fox or MSNBC, and even in emails to me, that when she gets a story, she checks the validity of the story, checks with her sources, double checks her sources and the story and re-checks everything before she even goes with the story. That's what a responsible journalist does. Most of the so called journalists out there just do tabloid journalism....not all journalists, but a good portion of them. There are still some good journalists out there.

I'm just saying that with all the comments I have read here on this story, a great portion of you like to bash Rita and say things about her like if you knew her. I've been emailing her for about 5 years now and have met her in person, and she isn't anything like what you people are saying about her. She is actually a very nice person and has a good head on her shoulders. I'm just saying, we all have opinions, but before you start bashing someone just because you don't like the sound of their voice or some stupid stuff like that, get to know the person first. You might have a different opinion of that person later......unless you are already predetermined that you already hate the person, then you don't need to bother.

Like I said in my previous post, I have met Rita and I do know her and I am proud of that fact and am proud to speak up in her defense. Don't forget, Lincoln Bain's story has changed several times and Rita's story hasn't changed one iota. Rita's attorney, Wendy Murphy, said on Fox News Live last month, that the two nannies asked Lincoln Bain to get in touch with Rita to give their side of this and not the other way around. Wendy has played that tape on Fox News Live as well where Lincoln Bain stated several times that the nannies expressely asked him to get in touch with her, and there was no mention of money being offered to them.

Anyway....that's all I need to say right now. I'm just coming ot her defense since there's not too many people here that are doing that. If there is a trial about this, Rita's side will be heard there in the court room, and that's where it counts.

2502 days ago

looise sanders    

Howahd is the only one who truly loved anna he has got a bum deal. Cosby is a liar & a bitch, & the 2 nannues should have their tales in jail for lying in the first place.

2502 days ago
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