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K-Fed to Brit -- Can You Pay My Bills??

11/6/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained more documents released in the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline divorce-- and now the popwreck has been ordered to pay Fed-Ex's legal bills. Gimme more!

The request was made on November 6 by Federline, seeking payment of $160,000 in attorney's fees.

The court docs state that Federline, perhaps best known as the musical genius behind "America's Most Hated," is "self-employed as a performing artist" and that "he does not earn any income."

The judge ordered Spears to pay $120,000 of those fees.


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I don't think she's as stupid as we think because else she would spend her whole mothly income every month and she would be renting instead of owning her houses. She doesn't have a fleet of cars the one doing all the spending was him, Anybody can own a Mercedes Benz and thats all she drives he's the one she bought the custom made 250,00 car for which he wasn't allowed to keep anything worth more than 6,500 so all hes has to show for it are some diamond studded earrings. He can't do like Ivanka Trump or Amy Irving he wasn't married long enough to protest that she maintane his lifestyle he is a dead beat I think he only wants those kids for money he's home less than she is.... Also to TMZ you only show negative pictures of her with her kids I went to another site and on 10/28 her and the monitor seemed to be getting along rather well together with the kids and some guy who also had 2 kids in a wagon.

2541 days ago


He is trying to mike her for every dime she's got, but remember this K-Fed...and i quote a famous man, "WHAT GOES AROUND MUST COME AROUND!!" KARMA IS A BITCH!!

2541 days ago


its says that he is self employed and doesn't earn any income and the courts want him to be the father. What type of father would he be if he can't earn money on his own. GET OF YOUR ASS KEVIN AND GET A FAHHHQING JOB YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP!!! SO MUCH FOR OUR LEGAL SYSTEM

2541 days ago


What a loser has to take the free ride I wonder how he supports his other kids & you dont see him with them very often?

2541 days ago


Este tipo es un vago, vividor y parásito que lo único que hizo fue enamorar a Britney, ya su plan estaba listo que cuando la tirara a ella a un lado lo que haría sería quitarle la custodia de los nenes para el vivir de eso. Ahora no entiendo como él dice que no tiene "income" y le pueden dejar los nenes a él si no los puede mantener.

2540 days ago

TMZ Deletes Comments They Don't Like    

Excuse me, Human Being, but there isn't the slightest similarity between a woman in a homeless shelter who is the primary caretaker being awarded legal fees and this situation.

That comparison is just absurd. K-Trash was out screwing hookers in Las Vegas when Britney filed for divorce and spending $10,000 on clothes, shoes and bodyguards. Sounds just like you, doesn't it? How fair that he should 1) employ a public relations/legal team to trash Britney in the media while he leaves his kids with underpaid nannies and still spends every dime he gets from her on hookers, clothes, and bodyguards, and 2) demand that Britney pay for his smear campaign.

2540 days ago

snow white    

I cannot believe a judge has ruled with a man to pay his bills when he has other children from another relationship and does not suppor them. He is using drugs why isnt' the judge forcing him to drug test???? Is this judge for real??? The man is a bum who has never held down a real job just lived off woman.

2540 days ago


K-Fed is the one who is a BIS LOSER because he can't even support himself and his kids, how can he afford lawyer fees?! His lawyers are just using him and the lawyers are getting the money from Britney. Britney has definitely made wrong choices, and the biggest one that almost cost her career is falling for such a big loser... i just hope she gets back on track.... she desrves to be back on her feet again and get over this loser asap.

2540 days ago


he is the one choosing to go to court every five minutes that really sucks that judge would even consider it, if i was that judge i would be asking questions to how he is supporting his two boys, kfed is just in it for the money he didnt care enough bout his first kids why are these ones any different other than an income cause he has no talent to get a real job, the court quick to tell britney she has to meet certain things maybe so but it time they ordered kfed to find a job so he can support himself and his family he gets away with living at the expense of britney no wonder she a head case
time california took a look at what he does instead of her every five minutes

2540 days ago


Good father, yeah sure right
he made over a half of a million dollars last year.

2540 days ago


Britney can spend her money however she wants its HER MONEY
Kfed made over 500,000 last year and he's loosing his alimony from Brit THIS WEEK
He supports his other kids who you never see him with, you don't see him with THESE 2 boys either,
but he pays for everything from his money from Brit including his lawyer and tactics to screw her! SOME MAN! > NOT!

2540 days ago


I really feel for this girl. No wonder she takes pills ( it's obvious) she makes one mistake by marrying a looser and she sure is paying for it. What really gets me is that yeah she is not fit right now to raise the childeren by herself, but neither is he - he as good as admits he can't support them - atleast she can afford to pay someone to help her raise them until she gets it back together. Is her lawyer nasty enough to get the job done. I don't see it. Brit get the best - nastiest lawyer available and take care of this mess. The next thing you should do after all this custody crap is cleared up is get away for about a year to get some rest and get your head on straight. The last thing I need to mention is that I know it gets lonely, but try not to MARRY another looser.

Leslie- single mom
Houston, TX

2540 days ago


They both are major losers. Brit needs to grow up and start acting like a parent, and K-Fed needs to grow up and stop living off of her and get a job. I have seen and heard more than enough of this stupid drama unfold on TV. They both need to just fade away and never to be heard from again. She makes $737,000 a month! No thats not a typo, almost three quarters of a million dollars a month! Most Americans don't make that in a lifetime!! And she thinks she is all that. I hate those kind of people!!!!!

2539 days ago


Hey, it's only fair. For decades the male has gotten messed over by the female and has had to pay her legal fees, child support, alimony, etc..... nice to see the tables turned every once and and awhile... good job!

2539 days ago
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