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Fabio to Clooney:

I Can't Believe

It's Your Finger

11/7/2007 7:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney and Fabio got into a little scuffle in a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend, and TMZ has the blow-by-blow!

George Clooney, Fabio
TMZ obtained photos taken at Madeo's, where Clooney and Fabio later got into a shoving match. Sources inside tell us that several women who had won a dinner with Fabio were sitting at his table snapping photos of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" hunk, when Clooney apparently thought they were shooting pix of him -- and gave them the finger! When George questioned the group about shooting pics of him in a private restaurant, Fabio came to their defense -- and allegedly, it got a little physical.

Don't mess with Fabio!


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I love George Clooney....That was EXCELLENT!!!

2549 days ago


same thing happened to me in a restaurant a few months ago. i was snappin' pics of my gf and a hells angel was sitting behind her and he thought i was taking pics of him.

he grabbed the cam and stepped on it. needless to say i didn't press charges.

2549 days ago


Clooney really has a high regard for himself ,dont he ?
Wayyyyy classey there Georgie boy ....

2549 days ago


Honest to God, Fabio, time to cut the hair already!

2549 days ago


TMZ and other website that show this crap need to go away! If I was out to dinner in a Resturaunt and people started taking pictures of me or towards me (last time I checked they better ask first or Im going to react the same way) just because he might be famous does not give anyone the right to take his picture. how would you all feel if someone took a picture of your child at the school he goes to givng the finger to another kid and posting it on the web! and or some other crap online site. this is my first and Last post enough said. I love this sick world we live in!

2549 days ago


Fabio who??????????????????? wasnt he really just a face to look at about 15 years ago? he hasnt done anything, he just "used to look good" now he is just another nothing...

2549 days ago


doesn't this self-absorbed pompous ass know what side his bread is buttered on? Even if they were sneaking shots of him instead of or along with fabio, they were fans. The fans could turn on a dime on him, yet he gives them the finger, nice move dcikhead! If you don't want to be photographed in public, don't go out in public...Fabio should have gave this little beatch a good a$$ whooping and make him go home crying for mommy lol .I find him and his movies annoying, I refuse to spend my hard earned cash on someone who has not only has no talent, but can't even be gracious to the people who put him where he's at today....good night and good luck jerkoff!

2549 days ago


Excuse me but doesn't this picture prove that Clooney was right when he complained that the Fabio party was taking pictures of him and his companion? Seems like Fabio et al just proved Clooney right to me.

2549 days ago


I think some of Fabios fans actually did take some fotos of Clooney. The foto does not have Fabio centered, but to the left, suggesting this fan had two intentions, to take a pic of beefy boy AND Georgiepoo. I have a feeling this person was doing the ol snap one of Fabio and snap one of Batboy all night, trying to be inconspicous, and Georgio got wind of it and got his panties tied in a knot. That is still silly, to flip the bird to a fan. Silly Clooney, silly boy.

2549 days ago


Oh, Fabio, what happened to your blonde locks? Dark hair doesn't become you, in my humble opinion!! Where's the bleach, please!!

2549 days ago


I always said Clooney was full of himself........and he showed it again.......the world doesn't rotate around you George....

2549 days ago


It looks to me like the photographer was trying to take a picture of Clooney instead of he is not centered in the photo nor even looking at the camera. Get off Clooney's case. You never hear about him being rude to anyone so if he got agitated, I'm willing to guess the pictures were way more than excessive. Celebrity or not, you are entittled to enjoy a meal without someone snapping photos of you the entire time. Fabio probably just needed the cheap publicity and wanted to photos.

2549 days ago


TEAM FABIO !! He has the BALLS to stand up to that wuss Clooney.

2549 days ago


Okay let's see if I have this right- Fabio and George Clooney are in
a restaurant and we are supposed to believe the women were ONLY
interested in getting pictures of Fabio?! I'm with George on this
one, he doesn't need cameras going off at the next table while he's
trying to eat.
Fabio's fifteen minutes are up, he needs to stay away from bothering
real celebs. Unless he sells that Thor cartoon

2549 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I have been a huge fan of Fabio for years. I met him once at a book signing and he is an enormous man. He has a 54 inch chest. He's tall and has huge arms. He let me hug him and it was like hugging a man made out of cement. George is lucky we wasn't beaten to death. Why would Fabio want a picture of George anyway. I am very disappointed in George, but glad that Fabio controlled himself. George is lucky. Period!

2549 days ago
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