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Copperfield to Promoters: This Was YOUR Fault, Not Mine!

11/8/2007 7:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Copperfield did not cancel his overseas tour because of the sexual assault investigation. His lawyer, David Chesnoff, gave TMZ the following statement:

"David Copperfield canceled his overseas tour because promoters did not honor their contractual commitments, including failing to make a contractual payment of more than $1 million and canceling a segment of the tour without Mr. Copperfield's consent. The cancellations had nothing to do with the investigation into allegations by an unidentified woman."

The statement continues:

Four days before David Copperfield was scheduled to depart for Southeast Asia, the tour promoter admitted that his company had breached its contractual agreement. On Oct. 16, Mark Zurevinsky of MAZ Concerts Inc., wrote an email to Albert A. Rettig, an attorney who represents Mr. Copperfield, that began: "I need to bring to your immediate attention the fact that I have been recently informed that a major issue has arisen in the market of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. which requires us to reschedule the performance dates from December 3-9, 2007 to a mutually agreeable time period in 2008... I am sure that this last minute turn of events comes as a surprise to you." Mr. Zurevinsky added in his email: "According to our agreement, I am aware that the artist has the right to cancel the entire contracted tour including the Southeast Asia (SEA) tour leg." Zurevinsky continued, "As you are aware, a further deposit is due tomorrow for the tour. However, in light of your contractual right to cancel, and the monetary settlement and arrangements which would follow from such event under our contract, it seems more appropriate for you to first determine and then notify us in writing whether you wish to cancel..."

David Copperfield, who was ready and able to perform, decided to cancel the tour after the promoters committed a number of breaches, including failure to pay a deposit of more than $1 million, as required by their contractual agreement.

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Brock Landers    

The more i read about this guy the more I think he's becoming my personal hero.

2481 days ago

clint eastwood    

Looks like hes having a harder time making this problem disappear than the statue of liberty

2481 days ago


Wow... it just keeps getting worse. maybe he should disapperate

2481 days ago


None of this has anything to do with alleged rape by the young woman in the state of Washington---when is the Grand Jury there going to announce their decision whether to file charges against Copperfield? Since the lawsuit about canceling the show was in Southeast Asia, we will never fully know the truth-- as all we have is Copperfield's lawyers statements and the tour managers words. Where is the contract that says 'right to cancel'?

2481 days ago


even with the photo just posted here he looks guilty!!!

2481 days ago


Watch your career disappear!

2481 days ago


David's cancellation had nothing to do with the alleged rape, but I would bet the overseas promotors of the tour 'didn't honor their contractual commitments' because of the a) creepy way he uses his show to pick up girls and b) the alledged rape. Just trying to unspin the lawyer's spin....

2481 days ago


I guess the overseas scorpions are safe for now...

2481 days ago


Oh I'm sure TMZ will make sure we know the "truth" (at least as they see it).

Some of you posters on here need to clean up your foul vulgar mouths. You are absolutely disgusting. HELLO TMZ-- MAYBE A LITTLE CENSORSHIP ON SOME OF THE FILTH!!!! Wouldn't your Moms be proud of the disgusting things you say (ie: Wicked & PDiddy). Such sad pathetic juvenile rants.

2480 days ago


I see you deleted the posts in question. Maybe there's hope after all. Thanks again!

2480 days ago

yirmine snipe    

Will someone please explain why a woman who claims she was raped in the Bahamas is trying to file charges in Oregon? I mean come on people, if I get robbed in New York I don't go to the police in Moscow.

2480 days ago

Olde Grfeywoolf    

Look, even if the allegations of his girl hunting techniques are true - and I am not convinced that they are - they are NOT illegal. Sleazy and a bit creepy, yes - IF TRUE! But are they any more sleazy than the techniques guys use to pick up women in a bar? The wing man routine, the good guy, bad guy gambit, etc. ??

It's all the same BS, isn't. Has the same goal. His method, if it IS his method, is just more refined and elaborate. No woman is forced to do anything and any one can say NO.

Besides, it doesn't make sense. With his looks, fame and money he would have to beat them back with a stick! Does NOT compute!

2480 days ago


Did you hear they conducted a rape kit on the alleged victim???

They found a dove, 3 rabbits and 14 silver coins.

2480 days ago


Run away.. Run away! The Evil Magician is coming!

2480 days ago

He's Boring now    

Pull that Scropio stunt in SE Asia with the wrong woman and they'll sever something off your body.

Better he cancel as justice there works a bit more swiftly than our own. Wonder if he's still using that form and clipboard routine in his current shows. Is he even performing right now still at MGM?

2480 days ago
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